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  1. Do you feel the need to spin everything?
  2. I specifically stopped collecting POPs because the exclusives were such a pain. I think companies don't adequately account for the downside of this strategy. If I was actually into vinimates (I've only picked a few up at deep discounts) I'd be pretty upset by the Green Lantern exclusive.
  3. I agree with this. The only real obstacle I can see is important characters you want not being available and that's less a problem with minimates than most lines.
  4. I love that Cyclops gets an optic blast and I like the jacket though that's mostly my 90's comic fandom talking.
  5. I may be the only one to think it but good riddance. The extra budget is immediately recognizable in these designs. Besides preferring Constrictor with a slip-on mask these look pretty good, Ghost especially stands out.
  6. I suppose it's good news for the brand that Black Widow minimates are going to be made but after DST botched the selection of Endgame minimates so badly the prospect of further MCU minimates isn't as exciting as it used to be, the way they handled that movie (and Infinity War) has made me go from practically an MCU completist to a disinterested cherry picker. DST often does some of their best work on smaller movies though so maybe there's a chance for a few interesting figures.
  7. 100% agreed. Ivan's probably done more for minimates than anyone that actually works at DST. No other toy line has a resource that's as comprehensive and easy to use as the MMDB and I have no doubt it's driven lots of sales.
  8. I'm of two minds about this. From the perspective of executing a design DST is doing a great job. For example, the QR suits from Endgame are really well done as far as tampos and paint go, they're just not very accurate to the movie because they used concept art. As a package though I'm consistently finding current minimates disappointing. I think alternate parts and effects stands gave this line a lot of it's energy and the build-a-minimate has taken that away. Instead of wave 48, where I didn't really like the costumes but ended up loving the wave, there's 78, where I liked the costumes but ended up being indifferent to the wave and thought Multiple Man was an embarrassment. And, yes, I know a lot of collectors will disagree with me because they prioritize quantity of characters over everything. As far as DST not changing things up more, that's easy: It's just not worth it, there aren't enough of us buying them. It's wishful thinking to assume there's some sort of silver bullet that will turn minimates into a sales juggernaut.
  9. I got out and stayed out for quite a while but broke down and bought my school mascot and Venomized Daredevil because I loved the design. They're always making something tempting.
  10. I'm ordering the gray version as soon as it goes up. It's funny that ML has started doing that more while DST has cut back because of the build-a-minimate. I think my declining interest in minimates is directly related.
  11. That's funny because I just ordered some McFarlane Fortnite figures from Walgreens with in store pickup last night.
  12. stack32

    wave 79

    I'm more sad to find that I don't really care much that it's canceled. That's not about the lineup, even though the two I really wanted looked kind of mediocre, I've just given up on minimates as a whole and started thinking of them as something I used to collect.
  13. I count one good comic Taskmaster and one old one.
  14. It's a relief to see a wave I'm not interested in, the volume of Marvel Legends this year has been ridiculous.
  15. I made one that I think I posted but it didn't have the bandage. Mine was just the minimate in that costume that we have with some of the gear removed and the lower arms swapped with some from a movie Hawkeye and slightly modified so left and right were correct.
  16. If they were a little off now and then it would be one thing but they've produced a lot that are as bad as the one pictured above and very few that are really good. Obviously it's not a priority for DST.
  17. It's a bit confusing since we were originally expecting them later and then head September. My minimate enthusiasm must have dropped dramatically because those shots did nothing to get me excited for the wave.
  18. Yeah, they're probably hanging out with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
  19. I'd think 8 characters, one representing each decade, would seem like an obvious way to implement the idea. If we're discussing things that are basically impossible a set of minimates on individual vintage-styled cards would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary.
  20. I thought about picking up some of the Peanuts figures for my wife but those prices make it hard to pull the trigger.
  21. Great idea but since DST has let basically every notable Marvel anniversary pass without celebration I don't see this happening.
  22. stack32

    wave 79

    Arbitrary lineups is kind of DST's thing. I suspect a lot of it comes down to who they could do a halfway decent job of with existing parts. Most of the logic for the lineup is just working backwards from there.
  23. That 3-pack might be good enough to overcome the annoyance that I have to buy three figures to get Jean.
  24. stack32

    wave 79

    Right? It's a shame because great design that did even minor characters justice was a strength of the line, now it's the exception. It certainly looks like avoiding tooling was a priority for this wave. Even Cosmic Ghost Rider (who I'd be totally pumped for if I wasn't so disappointed in Darkhawk) doesn't get his guns. Pretty sure that look for Gamora is already outdated. Cool, which of your favorite minor characters would you like to see done poorly?
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