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  1. Storyline themed holy grail

    I was going to suggest "Bloodties" but there's just too much 90's Avengers and X-Men awesomeness in that story to be contained in just one wave.
  2. Storyline themed holy grail

    I really like those Annihilation, Conquest, and Thanos Imperative ideas. I'd probably go with Thanos Imperative just because it would have the versions of the characters I'd want. Hulk/X-Factor would be great too.
  3. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    After reading this review of the ML figure I'd really like a 90's Multiple Man. Obviously I wouldn't turn down the rest of the team either. Maybe I just have Punisher on the brain after the awesomeness of the wave 75 version but I would totally take a War Machine Punisher figure: It's an obvious repaint to a modern War Machine too which wouldn't be bad.
  4. WAVE 76

    Maybe I'm just being influenced by Marvel Legends but it seems like it would be reasonable for DST to make a lot of those characters in Spider-Man themed waves in the next few years. They've done a good job on this lately, just look at this wave, and it would be nice to see it continue.
  5. Lost in Space

    I don't think figuring out an assortment is what's holding this line back.
  6. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    When they were getting a push from Marvel I was interested. Now, with DST not getting to other more popular teams it's hard to imagine these have a chance. I wouldn't pass on Gorilla Man though.
  7. DC Vinimates

    I just received Superman, Wonder Woman, and Arkham Joker and have to say I'm pretty impressed. The only issue is Wonder Woman will not stand up, she topples right over due to the weight of the cape. Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. WAVE 76

    Well, Venom doesn't look any better in this picture but the rest of the wave looks good.
  9. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    The lower body, hair, vest, and gun are from the new Punisher. The torso and arms are black parts I had around, basically anything would do since the vest covers everything. The holster and pistol are from Bloodshot, though any black holster would do. The gloves are from comic Age of Ultron Nick Fury and the head is Traveler Rick Grimes (just to change things up a bit). It probably wouldn't look bad with a black head and the skull mask either.
  10. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    An example of how versatile the new Punisher is:
  11. Infinity War

    I still think Rocket should be a microfigure but this one is definitely an improvement over the last. I'd agree that the gun is ridiculous, it looks cool for a minute and then you realize it's always going to be on the ground and taking up a bunch of room in your display. It's also a shame if it took away from any possible accessories for Groot. That figure is okay, I really dislike using arms for legs though and I'm not sure why it was necessary.
  12. TRU 25

    I haven't noticed any new shipments of minimates come in to my TRUs, one of them did have the new Superman vinimate though.
  13. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Well at least he's not doing the crowdfunding thing anymore. That was just stupid.
  14. wave 75

    I placed a large order with Luke the other day and decided to throw this wave in despite not being the most enthusiastic about it. I guess the excitement of a new wave won out. Overall I think I liked it better than 74 though that might have a lot to do with low expectations. My thoughts: Punisher: This figure is the star of the wave. First, one negative: The Punisher should never come with just one gun; this figure is crying out for a pistol and a holster. Other than that it’s nearly perfect. The vest is an awesome piece even if the paint could be a little sharper. The skull tampo on the torso is a nice bonus that adds a lot of value. If someone complained that the skull has three “teeth” instead of four I would understand it but I don’t find it to be an issue. I also like that the design lends itself to tweaking, it looks good replacing the short sleeves with black arms and gloves. I don’t picture Frank wearing a mask but I do think the included mask is kind of cool even if it makes me think of Crossbones a little. The face and hair are very good. Overall an excellent figure. Moon Knight: Well, this figure is a giant disappointment. I’m a big Moon Knight fan so I can accept that the figure was never going to live up to my hopes, however, I think there are some real issues that aren’t just nitpicky stuff. First, as has been discussed a lot, the hood looks bad. I thought maybe it was just a bad translation from the control art to the figure but after inspecting the picture on the packaging I think the issues were visible even then. The hood/cape for this costume are somewhat unique and I can see what they were going for, they just missed the mark badly, it’s like they took the art from one panel for reference instead of looking at all of them. If you want to see it executed well in three dimensions check out the ML figure. The shape of the hood and the way it matches up with the cape are just wrong and makes it look like a bob haircut or a bonnet. This is baffling because DST had already done a similar look with the Wave 62 Hobgoblin and executed it perfectly. If you tweak that hood and put it on this figure the improvement would be drastic. The cape itself is good and you can definitely see the inspiration from Shalvey’s art. The white tampos on the black body are slightly gray but not near as bad as I feared. The costume details are pretty decent, he could use some throwing crescents details on the inside of the arm and more detailed gloves but that might be too much to ask. The accessories are a let down, in the book (at least the Ellis run) Moon Knight uses small throwing crescents, and large crescent knife, and truncheons sheathed on the side of his legs. Instead, we get a staff, which is a Moon Knight weapon but doesn’t look near as cool as the others would have with this costume and is extra disappointing since DST made throwing crescents for the last Moon Knight. It’s too bad they missed the mark since it will likely be a long time before we see the character again. Iron Fist: I loathe this costume, it’s just so lame and unoriginal, and I don’t understand the obsession some artists seem to have with changing the Iron Fist’s colors from green and yellow. That said, the figure is decent. I appreciate the stripe tampo being applied to the legs, waist, and torso. The collar looks okay but flops around a lot, if I really liked the look I would consider gluing it down. The mask is fine but on my figure the eyes are printed high and off to the side which looks ridiculous so if I display it at all it will have to be unmasked. I don’t know if Danny uses nunchucks in the comic this look comes from but it does seem like something he would do so I guess they’re a nice accessory. Luke Cage: This is another costume I really dislike. On the bright side I think you can break the figure up into some useful parts, the suit pieces going to something else and the shirt, arms, and head for a custom Cage. I do like the head even though I could have gone for a Cage that didn’t have gritted teeth. Daredevil: There sure are a lot of black costumes in Wave 75. This look has grown on me a little bit, I could almost like it a little if it had the classic DD logo instead of the graffiti one, though it is accurate to the design. The unmasked head and hair are nice enough. Ghost Driver: This figure is all about the mask. I was worried it would look really large but in person it seems fine to me. I’ve been critical of DST (in my head if not online) for seeming to lose some of their creativity in the comic line, they definitely don’t have that problem here. The flames shooting out of the mask and the face tampo look very good. The body is a little odd, there is so little detailing that it looks almost like an animated design. The chains don’t appear quite accurate to the comics, I guess how much you care about the character will determine how much this matters to you. Robbie’s unmasked head and hair are good but the bottom of the head being black, while great for the masked look, makes it look a little odd if you want to make a civilian Robbie. But then again, this figure is all about that mask so I can’t complain. Jessica Jones: There’s nothing really to wrong here but I prefer the Netflix version of this costume so I suspect most of this minimate will be relegated to the parts bin. The Avengers mug is a nice accessory. Purple Man: He sure is purple. It’s nice to get a new (to the comic line) villain. I probably would have preferred a suit and tie with a little more contrast, like the ML figure, but this is still a good look and gives you enough parts to swap if you want to change it up. No accessories, though I’m not sure what would have been appropriate. Quake: Daisy is a simple character to make, the only thing that really distinguishes her are the gloves and those are pretty weak here. A new piece to represent them and the concussion blasts from Havok would have gone a long way to making this a more impressive figure. The paint on the front and sides of the legs don’t line up very well on my figure. For me the jury is still out on the build-a-minimate concept. Daisy is just okay and it seems like some of the figures in the wave might have been shortchanged a bit to accommodate the extra parts. I guess we’ll see how it looks after Wave 76. There was a lot of tape on faces and torsos in these packages, it made me very nervous opening things up.
  15. Symbiote Speculation

    Another symbiote that I could see DST working in before too long: