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  1. TRU 25

    If that's the standard we're going to apply then we're going to run into problems with a LOT of characters. One easy solution? DST needs to make a new Kraven and throw in a Chameleon head as an accessory. I'm surprised this place is being criticized for not being positive enough, I rarely see any serious criticism and even most of that is quickly dismissed.
  2. TRU 25

    One way is definitely more accurate than another, I'm not sure that's really debatable. If you think what we got is good enough, or worth the trade-off, I guess I can see that, but it doesn't make it correct.
  3. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Not upside down but the regular BP definitely has his eyes tilted slightly. There is a definite difference between it and the Powered-Up BP I bought. This is a nice set of minimates, Tactical Killmonger and Klaue especially. Both BPs look better in person than I thought they would from the pictures, the paint on the Powered-Up version really pops. I'm curious to see how the details and character selection hold up after the movie.
  4. TRU Series 26

    You know who definitely is not in TRU 26? Morph. And also Changeling. From any continuity.
  5. TRU Series 26

    While I suffer from X-Exhaustion more than anyone I would happily buy redos of the 90's team. Between the figures that could really benefit from being redone (the aforementioned Beast and Archangel, 90's Iceman) and characters that could be improved with a few accessories (Optic Blast for Cyclops, Comic and Cartoon hair for Jean) I think you could manage a worthwhile set of minimates. Even if some of us diehards were less than enthused, what set of characters could have wider appeal?
  6. Conan returns to Marvel in 2019!

    I would imagine this is like the Star Wars deal: They can publish comics but it doesn't affect other licensing. And while I would buy Conan minimates I think they would probably sell like the other indie comic stuff: Not great.
  7. Package Format

    The packaging rules for Marvel minimates are one of the weirdest restrictions I've heard of for any license. Something like height restrictions I understand even if I think it's silly from a practical perspective, but who would really be worried about how much of a figure is visible in a package? How can it be a useful restriction? It's like a rule for the sake of having rules.
  8. Package Format

    I mentioned in the ML thread how cool it would be to get minimates in retro packaging like the ML retro collection. I would probably buy extras of those to keep carded.
  9. Package Format

    Given the price increase we get on a boxset I would hate to see how much a 6 or 10-pack would cost.
  10. The Alien™ Franchise

    I'll probably break down and buy one of the Xeno packs when I see them since at least the colors are different but the same old molds for the umpteenth time doesn't excite me much. I have no interest in any of the humans.
  11. TRU 25

    Ten's suggestion to flip Beetle's wings helps a lot. I'm surprised they didn't package the figure this way to begin with. Has anyone tried to match the Spider-Man parts from Spider Sense Peter Parker with any other Spider-Man figures? I'm curious how they match up since DST has varied the blues and reds a bit over the years. I forgot to mention before that I really like the continuity between the Parker heads in these packs. Maybe someone already mentioned this? Either way, the heads definitely look like the same character.
  12. TRU 25

    Good idea, that would probably improve the look a little.
  13. Has anyone else seen the retro figures? I saw a few of them at TRU the other day and I was surprised how much I liked them despite not having that strong a memory of that particular packaging. I'd love to see some minimates done that way but I think that's probably impossible if I'm remembering some of the discussions about packaging restrictions that have been had correctly.
  14. TRU 25

    I found these the other day at my local TRU along with the Black Panther wave. I had the same issues checking out that others have reported. I took a picture of the peg they were on before I checked out, which happened to be the wave 23 peg at the $5.99 price, so they honored that price instead of charging the full price of the BP sets. Some thoughts: Peter Parker and Chameleon/Mary Jane: There's a lot about this set I like but I think they tried to do too much with it. The slip-on head cover for Chameleon instead of an extra head makes him feel like an afterthought to the "bonus" figure of Mary Jane, which is an excellent figure. Parker is cool but I don't see too many people actually using this for a Spider-Man with those booted feet so it seems like a lot of extra parts without much use. The half-mask and spider hand are excellent, creative parts. Spider Armor Spider-Man and Superior Beetle: Spider-Man is a nice figure of a costume I think is a little silly, like it's every Alex Ross stereotype in one place. Still, the metallic paint does make it stand out from the other Spideys. I don't think the same metallic paint was necessary for Beetle. The figure also suffers from being simplified (mask and skirt) and the wings look odd because they're all the same size. Negative Zone Spider-Man and Jack O'Lantern: I'm surprised how much I like Negative Zone Spidey, it really pops for being such a simple figure. The force field piece and the translucent web are nice accessories. Jack is a great figure and my favorite of the wave. My only issue with him is a few minor quality hiccups, there is stray green paint on the pumpkin bomb and the flight stand is pretty warped.
  15. wave 74

    I think a lot of us were looking for something like he wore on the cover of the comic (yes, I know that may not be accurate to the interior art) so this jacket isn't quite that, it would need fleece down the sides and along the bottom. It is a nice piece though and would be an upgrade over what we got. I'm a little surprised at all the Surtur love considering how drastically undersized he is. It's a nice figure, though the degree of transparency of his fiery underpants makes them look a little weird, I just don't have a place for a figure that out of scale.