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  1. stack32

    WAVE 76

    Thoughts after having these in hand: Spider-Man: The eyes are centered and almost opaque enough to not see the webs behind them so I'm satisfied on that front. The thwip hands are great to finally have and the sonic blaster is a nice story-specific accessory. This is my favorite comic Spidey in quite a while. Black Cat: I'm impressed that the chest tampo is thick enough that it doesn't look gray because of the black plastic underneath. This is often a problem so good job by DST. Venom: Characters with the build of an early 90's Venom are hard to translate to a minimate with the parts available. This isn't an example of a good solution. At least we have many others Venoms to choose from. Doppelganger: The eyes and mouth on my minimate are printed drastically off-center to the webs. The six-arm harness doesn't hold the arms any better than on previous figures but otherwise it's a very nice figure. Cloak: Nice figure, the more dramatic cloak should make it display better than the old minimate. Dagger: An excellent update, I especially like the pearlescent plastic. Carnage: If we didn't have the last Carnage this figure would be fantastic, as it is it's disappointing. It's inexcusable that the face print couldn't be changed up slightly. I suppose the new hands are a slight improvement but overall this is an inferior minimate to the Tendril Attack Version. Demogoblin: The face print is excellent. It appears the ragged boot top tampo was changed to all red in production which hurts the figure a little. The fiery glider is an excellent sculpt but the foot peg doesn't fit very tightly so it's going to be a real challenge to pose Demogoblin on it. Also, when I bend the right knee the plastic is tan instead of blue so he can't be posed in a crouch without looking awful. Those issues suck the excitement out of an otherwise very good figure. Shriek: Like Black Cat Shriek's tampo isn't printed very well on the black plastic. The only issue I have is that the black around the holes for the hand pegs is very visible. Shriek doesn't suffer for lacking any accessories so I think she was a good choice for a BAF.
  2. It certainly seems like the reasons behind it are something other than ratings. I'm disappointed it's unlikely we'll get to see an payoff for the tease at the end of Iron Fist.
  3. stack32

    wave 77

    Silvermane as a BAF?
  4. stack32

    wave 77

    Blue and white. I can't imagine they'd do the old costume when the modern one is better known and would be another Superior Foe. Also, the old costume is ridiculous.
  5. stack32

    wave 77

    If Namor is here I hope it's not in that new costume. Ugh.
  6. stack32

    DST Gallery PVC Dioramas

    I bought comic Daredevil earlier in the year and like it a lot even though the detail is a little soft and the wire for the rope attached to his baton is a real pain to deal with. I'd buy more but I'm trying to be conscious of space and I haven't loved a lot of the poses.
  7. stack32

    BC Avengers Wave

    Based on seeing Odin in the store I would have to say it depends on what you're looking for. I would find it not regal enough for a standard Odin, there's no Gungnir included, and as Trekker pointed out he isn't wearing Odin's standard headwear. It's a good minimate, certainly much better than the Ages of Thunder Thor which had a similar costume, but I wouldn't use it for the Lord of Asgard. I picked up the Ghost Rider/ Fallen set mostly because I want the skull for a custom Ghost Rider. It's interesting to me that that they made they cast the skull in color as opposed to the last proper Ghost Rider that had a translucent head with a skull tampo. I think I preferred that approach. The Fallen is nice enough and the new head and torso piece help hide the other parts reuse. Too bad it doesn't have a more Kirby-ish look.
  8. stack32

    BC Avengers Wave

    I think your answer is "that's too hard to draw."
  9. stack32

    DC Vinimates

    Well that's interesting.
  10. I suspect it's just an issue of too much cost for the anticipated benefit. It would might make sense to offer a larger license like the 10 years of MCU thing but it's probably too late for that to matter.
  11. stack32

    NYCC 2018

    If 77 ends up being Avengers that's a big gap in LCS comic waves.
  12. stack32

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    Hellboy is orderable on Amazon with a shipping date TBD. If you have Prime it's probably worth a shot.
  13. Well, gosh, it would be hard for AoS to compete with the lameness of Gotham minimates. I think there is a boxset or assortment that could do okay, especially if it included Coulson with two heads and the Destroyer gun, but I'm also sure there's no way DST will ever try it.
  14. stack32

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I can see your pics just fine.
  15. stack32

    NYCC 2018

    Kind of feels that way doesn't it? Maybe we'll get some Bruce Lee 'mates?