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  1. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Spider-Man 2099 looks very nice. The arm spikes make a big difference.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok

    Great mod for Skurge, those boots help a lot. Even just adding a chest riser makes a difference. It's too bad they're needed to begin with.
  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    Not real impressed with Skurge, that chest piece is kind of awkward and makes him look fat. Seems like an odd design choice. The pack really looks empty without any weapons. The others look better better. I feel like I'm going to need to take a scorecard into the store to minimize buying doubles.
  4. The End of Minimates?

    I don't think there's any maybe about this, it seems to be cold, hard fact.
  5. The End of Minimates?

    I saw this thread before the TMNT news and I was confused, now I get it. That news has me a little shook. Looking at everything besides Marvel I certainly feel uneasy and even Marvel seems a bit less confident than it's been in the past.
  6. Netflix Marvel Defenders

    I finished the series last night. While I didn't have as many problems with the pacing of the other series (besides Jessica Jones) as some people I'd agree that this is very good on that point. There are some episodes where they kind of take a breath but it doesn't feel like stretching things out. The characters were true to what we've already seen and I liked the way they played off each other, Danny especially. I liked the overall plot though I think some of the details about the Hand and their plan feel a bit like a retcon, as in I'm sure what we saw onscreen isn't what they were thinking of in season one of Daredevil, assuming they had any real plans at all. The action is good even if it doesn't quite match the best of Daredevil. I guess I understand DST skipping minimates for the show but it's a shame to miss out on so many villains.
  7. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    I think Red Queen's hair for Leader would look kind of weird. It's almost there but not quite. Half of the U-Foes wouldn't require any new parts: Vector would be a heck of a complicated tampo though. X-Ray would definitely be a visually interesting minimate depending on how they chose to adapt the details. Translucent purple plastic would be a must.
  8. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    I can't believe I forgot this guy on my original list: Spot could be packed with two heads, one for the look above and another with a more normal face. He would definitely need to come with a black base.
  9. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    Assuming you want this look: He could be made from existing parts if the belt was a tampo instead of being sculpted. I think sculpted would be slightly better. Great idea for Rick Jones as a BAF, that would be perfect.
  10. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    Using the Pyro mask for Speedball hadn't occurred to me. It's not perfect but it would work pretty well, and since there's tooling for a cat they could make Niels, which would be kind of awesome just for how unlikely it would be. Eel was another character I was thinking of when I wrote my initial list. Throw in some lightning pieces and you're good to go. I'd agree that Constrictor would need new hands for his tentacles, though he is high on my list of minor villains I'd like to see done. Mad Thinker is a perfect fit for the theme. Cyclone would work too but he seems like a character that is crying out for a whirlwind base (which could be reused for, uh, Whirlwind). Rick Jones is easy, I feel like he would need something to make him stand out. Maybe the red jacket, yellow shirt look with Nega-Bands would be enough. As Nessex said, with the animated Medusa hair most of her comic looks would fit here.
  11. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    As Zach said, "a perfectly feasible wish list" is basically what I was going for as I find this kind of thing more interesting with some restrictions. So, figures you'd like that would require no new tooling and not be worse off for it. I guess I didn't do a good job explaining it. Or no one was interested. Also, if there's confusion, I absolutely meant a design like the Red King is compromised by using the existing pieces. I understand why and don't doubt that something like what we've seen is the only way the character would be made but it is an example of a character design being forced onto existing parts. What degree of compromise people are satisfied with is up to them. I certainly wouldn't want to see DST not make bulky characters, I'd just like them to be as close to the comic design as feasible. Sometimes that may not be close. As for Nova, this is the classic design I had in mind: The waist and gloves are a little different than the Centurion that was made before and the shoulder pieces probably wouldn't be necessary. A brighter gold would be nice too. The uniform has definitely been drawn more like the minimate we have, especially the Centurions during the Annihilation era, so I wouldn't say it was inaccurate, just that a few tweaks would make a better classic Nova. Obviously that would only matter if other New Warriors were being made at the same time.
  12. Deadpool 2?

    That would be a great point if Evans didn't color his hair when playing Cap.
  13. With some of the discussion about BAFs and my own dissatisfaction with how a few of the recently announced characters were adapted I got to thinking about new minimates that could be made using only parts that already exist. I'm thinking of characters/costumes that wouldn't be shortchanged by parts reuse, like Purple Man, rather than "close enough" versions, like the Red King or Mandroid. Here are a few of my ideas: 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy Drax. Drax is easy, just a regular body with knives for accessories, the ones from X-Force Warpath would work perfectly for what he was using at the time. Classic Guardians of the Galaxy: Vance Astro and Martinex. Vance would just be the standard body with Cap's shield. Martinex would be the standard body with fairly complicated printing and probably some power blasts. I could see the argument that he could use new sculpted pieces but I doubt that would actually look any better. New Warriors: Nova/Kid Nova, Namorita, Rage. Either of Nova's looks could be made using the parts from the Nova Corps Centurion. The blue and gold version wasn't quite correct before so that could be tweaked with a new head. Namorita could use the hair from ASM Gwen and, obviously, Namor's foot wings. I don't see Rage as being large enough to be bulked-up, so the familiar leather jacket piece as a vest would do the job, and maybe add the bracelets from Marvel NOW Thor. Spider-Man Villains: Modern Electro and Tombstone. Since the modern version of Electro is a little more subdued he could just use the regular body and some lightning pieces. Throwing in the mask would be nice if the part was still available. Tombstone could easily be a new head on a suit since there's a hairpiece that works for him. With the collar from Morbius you could get the costume version like the current ML figure. They could probably make both looks with just one figure. A-List: Astonishing Wolverine (Cassaday) and Classic Stealth Iron Man. Yes, these would both be redos, but the previous versions are quite old and Wolverine didn't have a mask. Wolverine would mostly be the MvC version with different printing (the costumes aren't exactly the same) and the NOW Wolverine mask since the shorter wings would be more accurate. The extra mask that hangs around the neck would be a nice addition. I'm torn on whether the boots would be better printed our using the usual Wolverine boot piece. Probably not a popular suggestion but it's my favorite (or maybe second favorite) Wolverine costume so it would be nice to see it get a good minimate. Iron Man would be the Classic Heroic Age/Best Of version in blue. Metallic blue paint would add a little bit of interest to the figure. I'm curious to see what everyone else would come up with.
  14. DC Minimates

    " ...whether they are doing full DC universe will be up to them." sounds like a pretty definitive statement. Granted, it may not reflect the reality of the situation, and I doubt it does because of Chuck's comments, but it's hard to take that statement any other way than that the ball is in DST's court.
  15. I checked out another Wal-mart today and they had the Dr. Strange wave marked down to $9. The Allfather and Thanos wave figures which have been there for over 2 years were still priced at $15 for some reason which is just baffling since they've been on clearance for at least a year.