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  1. stack32

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    So, did everyone buy Lockjaw? I got one too.
  2. stack32

    Infinity War

    I found one set at one of my local Walgreens on Saturday. They were off to the side as the minimate pegs were full of the same sets everyone else is seeing. It seems to me that Walgreens has the same issue as every other toy retailer, they can usually sell the first one or two sets pretty easily but after that product lingers.
  3. stack32

    wave 77

    The nature of the beast isn't usually buying near re-releases.
  4. stack32

    wave 77

    Someone who wants Thor? But you're right, that minimate needed something else, like Time Stone effects pieces, to be really worthwhile. I think with TRU closing DST might want to play it safe with this wave and try to do something that would appeal to more fans, possibly even people who don't usually buy minimates. The first lineup that occurs to me that would check those boxes is 90's X-Men. I'm not sure what an equivalent Avengers wave would look like.
  5. stack32

    wave 77

    I would think they would have been working on 77 before the TRU closure announcement because of the lead time involved, I can imagine that making DST want to reevaluate things though.
  6. stack32

    wave 77

    I thought Hasbro would have had to change their model two years ago for that very reason, but I guess somehow it's working despite all the heavily discounted figures and horrible distribution. I don't think DST can do the same thing (though a lot of Hasbro's choices aren't that weird, it's not all Poison and Spider-Ham) but it is interesting to compare and contrast the different approaches to similar (though notably different) product. I do like Hasbro hitting the major properties regularly and the general sense they're trying to serve everyone. Maybe they have more people involved in the character selection process? I guess I just find this stuff fascinating. I think you could do a compelling Daredevil, or street level, assortment but since we just had something like that in 75 it seems unlikely.
  7. stack32

    wave 77

    True, the number of figures they're releasing right now is insane.
  8. stack32

    wave 77

    I doubt minimates influenced ML much, and considering the price difference for each figure I think the BAF prices are okay (though so far ML BAFs are a bigger draw), but I think I rambled on and didn't make my point. Right now if you're a Spider-Man fan you know you will get at least a wave of MLs each year. Same for Avengers and X-Men fans. Even cosmic fans can expect to see a few characters when a GotG movie comes out. I think that kind of predictability is a great thing for fans.
  9. stack32

    wave 77

    This discussion makes me a little envious of Marvel Legends collectors. Hasbro has done an excellent job the past five years alternating among different parts of the Marvel Universe that no matter what you're into you're likely to be interested in a few figures over the course of a year and just about anything seems possible. MCU, Netflix, Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even Cosmic characters are all in the mix. I don't want to make it sound like DST has done a bad job on that front at all, I've just found myself more consistently impressed with many of the ML lineups. That's probably biased because they've made excellent figures of a few characters I'm very interested in that DST hasn't, and doesn't seem likely to. Of course DST has also made a number of excellent minimates that don't have MLs.
  10. stack32

    Lord of the Rings Minimates

    Despite loving LOTR I've never paid much attention to the minimates. I'm pretty impressed with how well-designed many of those are.
  11. stack32

    wave 77

    It's an excellent minimate of the Avengers version of the costume but the boots and gloves are wrong compared to Cassday's art. If they did a wave like this, which I would definitely buy, I'd want Wolverine included. Not that it's likely they'd leave him out. The only prediction I would make is that it's not going to be Guardians of the Galaxy or 90's X-Factor, though I would like those very much.
  12. stack32

    Minimates price hike?

    You may be right about that, I think there's a chance some significant portion of minimate collectors are more price sensitive than many of us would think. I know I'm always surprised at how many people on here regularly skip comic waves or individual packs because they don't think there's enough value there for the characters they want.
  13. stack32

    Minimates price hike?

    I'm a bit concerned about that as well. Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like the LCS waves haven't had the budget that the TRU and Walgreens waves have over the past year or two. If another retailer doesn't pick up some of the slack Marvel minimates might not be near as impressive.
  14. stack32

    WAVE 76

    It is the next wave coming out, with the exception of the in limbo TRU 26, so it's not unreasonable to expect to hear something about 77. It does seem like not knowing so many waves out happens more frequently than it used to though.
  15. stack32

    Minimates price hike?

    I already have a tough time pulling the trigger on boxsets at $24.99 though part of that is because it seems like an unnecessary (Does anyone but DST charge more when they pack more figures together?) markup. I might be able to go up another dollar but I think I would become more selective very quickly.