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  1. After having these on display for about a week I've found Vulture has a problem: The weight of his wings will eventually cause the knees to bend and the figure will topple over backwards. The knees were pretty tight when I got the figure so I don't think it's a quality issue. It's manageable if you set up your display carefully but could be bad news if you're not expecting it, those wings could cause a serious domino effect.
  2. I was keeping my list to just characters Hasbro has made or announced in the past few years but I forgot Hobgoblin has a Demogoblin head so he could have been included. I'd definitely buy that minimate, and I've thought for a long time that Cardiac would make an excellent minimate, with the best likeness ever. I have a hard time thinking retailers would be uninterested in a Spidey wave constructed like wave 72. I suppose some product hasn't moved as well as people would like but it's hard to imagine we're anywhere near the "Spider-Man doesn't sell" stage.
  3. But the factory didn't produce the full order of 60 at first, hence the shortages. After the second run the whole wave was readily available, most of the packs at a discount. I think people need to be careful about extrapolating too much from an unusual situation. It's easy to blame DST for what they "should" have done as though they just threw in the towel, but I think there's ample evidence to suggest Trek just doesn't have much merchandising pull anymore. There are just too many failures to think otherwise.
  4. No doubt that was intentional and a nice way to tie things together. I ended up liking Robbie by the end of the season even though I was skeptical of them including his character in the series.
  5. After picking up a few Marvel Legends lately I'm really feeling like we could use a Spider-Man wave. There are quite a few characters Hasbro's made in their lines that don't have minimates or could use updates/new costumes: Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) Scarlet Spider Mary Jane Shocker Electro Tombstone Beetle (Abner Jenkins) Beetle (Janice Lincoln) Boomerang Speed Demon Silvermane Black Cat Chameleon Kraven Jackal Hydro-Man
  6. If "most" of us hate movie waves so much, who's buying them? DST has said more than once that movie waves are generally good sellers. I think perfect is a stretch but this wave is definitely above average in overall quality (Wolverine's boots being the only real issue) and innovative design.
  7. Got this the other day: I'm pretty happy with it, there are enough sculpted pieces to raise it above the level of the usual ML parts reuse. The accessories are nice too. Seeing how the design translated to action figure form makes me think MK would definitely make a good minimate and wouldn't take much in the way of new parts.
  8. Are those legs not new anyway? That was more the question, why go with one over the other if it's the same amount of space? It looks fine either way, just curious.
  9. I think this is a nice wave if a bit unexciting. I suppose it will be easier to judge once the movie comes out. A few thoughts: -The Spider-Man figure is really good, it's very detailed and the webs line up well. You can see the webs through the white eyes but it's not as bad as many recent Spider-Man figures. -The sculpted webs on the web shooters for the homemade suits are interesting, I didn't expect that detail. -So many webline accessories. It would be nice to replace this with just about anything else. -Vulture's another cool minimate and the Keaton likeness on Vulture is one of the best I've seen. -The stands don't fit the feet very well again. The flight stand does fit Vulture.
  10. I don't find the creature designs too interesting but the minimates seem to be good adaptations of them. Is there some benefit to using arms as legs that I'm missing? Seems like if you're going to tool new parts anyway you could just make new legs. The variety between the TRU and LCS releases is nice.
  11. Mallory Jansen was good all season in the various roles and really impressive at the end; I severely underestimated her acting ability. John Hannah will be hard to replace, he really made the most of Radcliffe and kept him sympathetic even though he was an evil bastard at times.
  12. I don't think I could get excited about this even if it was on a regular network.
  13. I found the finale a bit rushed but it was so full of awesome moments it barely mattered. The whole Agents of HYDRA arc was really great, there's a legitimate argument to be made that it's the best comic series currently on television. It's too bad so many fans decided to hate this show early on.
  14. That's a little more palatable. I still don't understand why they needed to include such a large stone base. Cut that down and it can fit on a normal shelf, as it is it's going to be very difficult to find a place to put it.