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  1. Yeah, they're probably hanging out with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
  2. I'd think 8 characters, one representing each decade, would seem like an obvious way to implement the idea. If we're discussing things that are basically impossible a set of minimates on individual vintage-styled cards would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary.
  3. I thought about picking up some of the Peanuts figures for my wife but those prices make it hard to pull the trigger.
  4. Great idea but since DST has let basically every notable Marvel anniversary pass without celebration I don't see this happening.
  5. stack32

    wave 79

    Arbitrary lineups is kind of DST's thing. I suspect a lot of it comes down to who they could do a halfway decent job of with existing parts. Most of the logic for the lineup is just working backwards from there.
  6. That 3-pack might be good enough to overcome the annoyance that I have to buy three figures to get Jean.
  7. stack32

    wave 79

    Right? It's a shame because great design that did even minor characters justice was a strength of the line, now it's the exception. It certainly looks like avoiding tooling was a priority for this wave. Even Cosmic Ghost Rider (who I'd be totally pumped for if I wasn't so disappointed in Darkhawk) doesn't get his guns. Pretty sure that look for Gamora is already outdated. Cool, which of your favorite minor characters would you like to see done poorly?
  8. Don't worry, DST will probably skip a lot more of these so your thought process will seem even more justified. I'm underwhelmed by the whole slate. Thor especially is disappointing, I was pretty excited for where the character could be going after the conclusion of Endgame but what's been announced has dropped my interest to almost zero. Was anyone asking to bring Natalie Portman back? Of course, cool concept art for any of these could change my opinion.
  9. stack32

    wave 79

    You couldn't imagine a helmet instead of a print on a regular head? The list of people who want a Darkhawk minimate more than me is awfully short but DST cheaping out on one of the most important parts of the character's look has severely damaged my interest in the figure.
  10. stack32

    wave 79

    Two of those I'm interested in, costume choices make the others very easy to pass on. In the pictures available the designs look pretty mediocre, like a budget wave, maybe that will change with better pictures.
  11. I wasn't that impressed with the Marvel Legends reveals from Wed/Thurs (though it is nice to see a company realize Endgame was a big deal) but yesterday was really impressive. I think that line has become my primary Marvel collecting focus, I just can't count on minimates anymore. The Mega Construx MOTU stuff is also awesome. I'm going to have to come up with a way to fit it all in a display.
  12. At this point TNG doesn't actually have a proven record of merchandising, not with action figures anyway.
  13. I wonder if DST doesn't get reference material as quickly from Marvel as they used to? It certainly feels that way with the movies (I know that's technically a different license) and it wouldn't take much of a delay to make event waves a lot harder to do.
  14. stack32

    wave 77

    I got these from Luke earlier in the week and finally had a chance to open them. A few thoughts: Spider-Man: This is the kind of figure that makes minimates unique. There really wasn't much room for improvement on this version of Spider-Man so recreating a well-known scene was a great idea. The figure itself is well done too with nice detailing, the only drawback being the hole in the head. Kraven: Kraven needed an update and this figure does that wonderfully. The sculpted vest is fantastic and the belt surprisingly improves on the last version with sculpted spikes. The knife and spear are excellent weapons and appropriate for the character. I like the face print, comparing it to the old shows how dated that one is, but with Kraven's Last Hunt in mind I think an alternate head with a more crazed expression would have been appropriate. Prowler: This isn't a character I'm very familiar with despite being aware of but I think DST's done a good job capturing him. The costume is pretty simple so the tampo work is also simple but effective. The mask looks good, it would have been easy for that too get a little disproportionate. The clawed hands and gauntlets complete the look. He's a nice addition to the Spider-Man shelf. Miles: Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too hard on DST for odd character choices, then they go and make Miles in this costume. I just don't care enough to look and see if it's an accurate rendering. What a waste. Mysterio: Speaking of a waste, Mysterio is disappointing because he's worse than the last update of the figure. To be fair I suppose the boot detailing is better, howerver the cape/head combo is definitely not as good as the last figure and the metallic paint seems like a lame way to make him look a little more like the movie version. The effects stand is nice and the foot pegs actually fit so he can stay on it which is a bit of a rarity. Hydro-Man: I wanted a Hydro-Man update as much as anyone so I've really been looking forward to this figure. Unfortunately I think it's just okay. The face print is excellent. The hair is obviously taken from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #315 which is kind of an extreme look. It's also orange, which is probably accurate to that cover but not most of the character's appearances, but since DST made his hair orange last time I think they're convinced that's the right color. The water stand is sculpted well and stands up with no problems. His left water arm is a good idea, making it so straight though leaves him looking more like he's cheering than punching. The black sleeve is also noticeably glossier than the torso. The splash around his right hand is a little underwhelming, replacing it with a water hand from the last figure might help that out. As has been mentioned, he doesn't come with legs. I think the lack of extras forced by the BAF really hurt this figure. Legs and another water piece or two (check out the figure Hasbro just released) would have made this a great figure, as is it's definitely an upgrade (of course the other figure is 12 years old) but not as good as it could be. Vulture: I'd be more impressed with this figure if I hadn't bought the nearly identical previous version 9 years ago. Obviously the plastic quality, colors, and printing are improved so I can display it without being annoyed. The body tampo is different and slightly more detailed than the previous version and we have another excellent face. This is another figure that really would have benefited from extra accessories, an alternate Blackie Drago head like others have mentioned would have really helped this figure out. Molten Man: This figure does a nice job of capturing the comic look of the character. I appreciate the addition of the flame pieces, I just wish they were a little more orange so they stood out more from gold body of the figure. Spider-Slayer: I'm not sure this is an exact match for any particular Spider-Slayer though it does a good job representing a classic look. I find the Sentinel gloves distracting without tentacles. I can't help but love the JJJ head. I like the figure, I probably would have traded it for extra accessories for the other figures, or dumped Miles and swapped it into that slot. Overall, I want to love this wave since it has so many villains and minor characters, unfortunately there's only one pack that I think is great, a couple of figures that fall a little flat, and one outright wasted slot. It does help fill a Spider-Man display in a satisfying way so I guess it's a good wave, it's just a little disappointing for me personally.
  15. stack32

    wave 79

    When DST made Marvel Select GotG figures they used what I think would qualify as Bendis-era costumes (I loathe Bendis so much I tried to ignore this run) and they've made a few characters that would fit in with this team: Venom, Angela, Iron Man. That said I definitely agree with the sentiment that if it's not the 2008 team I'm not interested, excluding the current team because I'm sure there hasn't been time to get those designs ready.
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