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  1. While the sentiment is extremely nice, as a Registered Nurse I have to highly recommend against living quite that long.
  2. Naw, he just thought Sandman's brick fist was a salt lick AHAHAHAHa Goblins all like "Doc Oc, you smell GREAT, what are you wearing??!!!!"
  3. I feel like that's not Venom's best angle.... He's all like... "Hey guys.. Um, I mean... Uh...".
  4. This is automatic for anyone who ordered prior to the cut off. No worries!
  5. You didn't hear it from me but when Luke said they were coming next week he MAY have meant they are arriving here tomorrow at some time.... Luke's a bit tied up at the moment, but look for some big things at the store tonight. This is the most orders we have ever had to ship, but we are hoping to have them all out by Monday!
  6. Thank you!! No cake today we made an executive decision to move my birthday to Friday since I am in the middle of a 5 night stretch at my nurse job. I'll post Friday's cake pic though! Spookyboots. Since we share a birthday I feel like I would have to send you a birthday gift if you placed an order soon.... Just put a little note in so I know it's you if you decide to do it!
  7. Hey guys, I thought i would jump in because Luke and I finally had a free moment together to actually see this movie! I really agree with you Sam! I thought Peter/Spidy was absolutely perfect. As well as Gwen and Aunt May. Fights were good... but something was off. I agree with ThespiderX about the airplane scene, absolutely cringeworthy and you could see what was going to happen about a million years before it did. I feel like I know what they were trying to do but it just didn't work. Also I think there were way too many close ups on electro's hidious face! And how the heck did he apparate (sorry for the Harry Potter lingo lol) wearing his damn boxer shorts when Harry freed him?? I was like.. damn... that's pretty weird. At one point I think he was wearing an X-Men uniform too. To quote Peter... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
  8. Holy cow. I think I pooped my pants a little bit there.
  9. Zach I think you do an incredible job helping our store out with marketing. I don't think we would be doing anywhere remotely as well as we are without your help. I think you guys are finally coming to realize that I do all the actual work, Luke is just the pretty face I needed for marketing purposes (haha totally joking).
  10. Thanks everyone! It was really nice to put some faces with the names I see every day packing orders. I do hope another meet up happens again in the future! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Chuck was extremely interesting! I learned a lot from him during that conversation. There are a lot of things you always question both as a customer and a retailer, being able to talk to the darn president of the company really gives you some extremely good insight on the whys and hows of it all. The licensing process really sucks. It still baffles me why some of the projects Diamond would want to do are shut down mostly by licensing issues.
  11. Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all personally, especially the guys that I met at C2E2, for all the support we have been getting for our exclusive. Everyone from the multiverse that I met was so incredibly friendly and nice. Thank you for taking the time to include me in conversations (I know I am not the celebrity that Luke is ). I have really enjoyed watching our toy store grow. I was very sketpical when Luke opened the toy store 5 years ago that it would amount to much of anything... Now I am amazed that we have our own minimate exclusive - it totally boggles my mind. I am not a hardcore collector of Minimates, but I do have my own little shelf (I told many of you that attended C2E2 about this) of figures that Luke has set up for me. I am a big Gamer geek so the Lara Croft Minimates are front and center. If you ever have any order questions or concerns you can also feel free to send me a PM. Luke and I both work "regular" jobs and sometimes one of us is more available for immediate concerns than the other. -Heidi
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