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  1. THIS is not how you post a pic, apparently. At least I can't see it.
  2. I have a small army of Character Building Daleks. They are a little small but I think they look OK with minimates.
  3. Accessory needs to be Andy Kaufman minimate with neckbrace.
  4. Does he like to get people to try on sunglasses?
  5. 3d printed parts are most likely ABS, PLA, or PETG plastic.
  6. I had started a reply to that post along the lines of, "what you'll actually get is ..." with 10 Kirks, 10 Picards, etc. Then it turned into a grind and I thought it wasn't worth the joke and hit cancel.
  7. Maybe Luke will make some decals to get rid of some unsold military mates from some line or another.
  8. So, I was reading some posts in the Aliens thread written by disappointed fans armchair quarterbacking DST's marketing decisions. Snarky responses were coming to mind along the lines of, "If you're so confident of your superior marketing skills, why not buck up and sponsor a run like Luke did? You'll get your unicorn mates and the rest will sell like hotcakes to get your money back." But I know they are just disappointed fans so I kept quiet. Then I thought hmmm maybe that could actually work. Would it be possible for a group of fanatical collectors to sponsor a run that DST doesn't want to gamble on? For example, a Bishop (clean) / Ferro two-pack to complete the cast. Could they do a kickstarter or something similar and then if there are enough guaranteed sales, DST can make them. Would something like that be possible? I have seen a couple of companies use kickstarter as a marketing tool for new products they are maybe unsure of. They get a guaranteed minimum pre-order by a certain date or they don't make the product and everyone gets their money back. Maybe you could do something like this to get us that third wise-man.
  9. Someone made a decal that is a fantastic likeness of Stan. I'm pretty sure it was Luke and I'm pretty sure you can still find it in the decal thread in the customs section of this site. If you really want a Stan Lee minimate it's an option.
  10. That is an awesome likeness of Ian McShane.
  11. A Bob Ross and Ross-pool 2pack of minimates would rock! Zach, please make it so!
  12. If they still have the tooling, they could give us Sulu's sword hand in spidey colors and then he could hold on to his web like in the cover.
  13. As long as they would be variants in some way from the full crew I already have. Sorry for the off-topic necro but what about the Leader? PS Thanks DST for getting us so many of these beloved characters. Alien and Predator minimates were among my biggest wants since I started collecting.
  14. Little chocolate donuts, the donuts of champions. They're too big for minimates though.
  15. I told you it was a clever post. So clever it could be misinterpreted and still viewed as clever. misunderstoodheadsmate
  16. Would those trays contain 2 or 4 minimates, or some other number? Does a secondary tray for accessories count as a unique tray? I'm willing to accept the possible margin of error. Or, how about this? I would like to know, assuming Ivan's database is up to date with minimate releases and he stays on top of it for the rest of the year, how many new character entries will he have to make to the database to remain current at the end of the year (assuming one entry per released minimate)?
  17. Ha. Clever. I would like to know how many heads. Child minimate hands are not swappable and a six-armed spidey in there could also throw off the count. (and we don't have to divide by 2 - math is hard)
  18. As usual, you guys are a month and a half late! LOL Happy Thanksgiving to all my south of the 49th friends!
  19. I'm in Vancouver. But I don't think I'll be heading down for this.
  20. I hope it IS photoshopped. Because otherwise someone fed that tiger to become that fat. Poor tiger.
  21. This is my least favorite movie in the franchise including the AvP movies. It met my expectations in that there was a predator and he killed some people.
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