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  1. It occurs to me that a Buck Rogers starfighter might be a good candidate. And Star Trek Shuttlecraft of various eras shrunk down to a single seater like this. I'm actually leaning towards the starfighter as my next one now as I already have some ideas.
  2. Thanks guys. I have to re-work some stuff but I'm pretty happy so far. For example, the cockpit is too big / misplaced causing a small hole in the bottom, though not super-obvious. I need to print the canopy hinge and see if it works. I don't mind a little critique if you have any ideas to improve. This is still the prototype. I was thinking I'd like to position the pilot more reclined like the mattel raider and see if I could shave some height. But it's probably too much work. Other than that, I think it's just fix the hole, get the canopy hinge working and add some more detail / greebling to the rear part of the canopy. Also the wing panel lines need to be innies instead of outies. I don't know about a blackbird but never say never. Things I do hope to get around to: Viper MK1 (Classic BSG) I really like the idea of a super-mini APC that only holds one or two figures - and a drop ship that can actually deliver it! Might try to make this my next project because I'm super-psyched on the idea. A-Team Van General Lee - I know it's politically incorrect these days but I would love some custom Dukes mates and a General Lee Who else needs a sweet ride and is probably never going to get one?
  3. Ok, how about now? Prototype is printed. It's rather small and a single seater. But I'm pretty happy for the first go around. What do you think? I'd love some feedback. I do plan to create a way to have the top of the canopy printed sliver so only the louvered part is black.
  4. This may not be your cup of tea but who knows. LOL I use a tool called It's a great tool if you're a programmer. There is no mouse or tablet action here. You write code that describes how to create your model using primitive solid shapes. People have done some amazing stuff. It's a great tool for 3d printing because it starts with solid shapes. I write code for a living so this is quite intuitive to me. Below is an example of how I started this. Basically there is a module to create the basic saucer shape. The next module cuts off the wings and makes another notch to create the main body shape. I'm at 482 lines to get to where I'm at in the last photo. That's including the amount of whitespace and comments you see below. I've designed all kinds of stuff with it but it's also kind of a "when all you have is a hammer" kind of things. In the code below, difference is a subtraction / cutting function. It cuts object 2 out of object 1. Translate means move. I keep meaning to learn Blender but anyway ... module basic_ship_shape() { scale([1.2,1.4,1.4]) difference() { // main body is a sphere sphere(r=45); translate([0,0,-20]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut to sort of bevel - edge would be sharp without scale([.85,1,1]) difference() { cylinder(r=50,h=70,center=true); cylinder(r=42,h=72,center=true); } // cut rounded underside of main body scale([1,1,1]) { translate([0,0,-60]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(r=85,h=90,center=true); } } } //basic_ship_shape(); module main_body_shape() { difference() { basic_ship_shape(); // cut off wing translate([0,79,40]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut off other wing translate([0,-79,40]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut notch in front translate([45,0,40]) cube([10,20,60], center=true); } }
  5. HI All, Just thought I'd share what I've been working on lately. I posted a really cool Viper for Minimates in the 3d files thread. I really want a Cylon raider to go with it so I started working on one. It still needs a lot of work but I thought posting some photos might help keep me motivated. So here is my work in progress first 3d vehicle design. The Classic Cylon Raider for Minimates. In the pictures, there is a classic raider, then the classic raider scaled up in the Z axis for reference, and then my raider. I'm hoping to fit 3 in the cockpit but have not carved it out yet so we'll see. At least one pilot anyway.
  6. My jaw dropped at this last one. If you don't stop with the puns I'm going to fall to pieces.
  7. Good thing Luke does small runs of customs. I think sales of this character would fall off quite quickly.
  8. 10 posts and no one has said it yet. Hail Ivan!
  9. I actually googled "tiger on flaming motorcycle" but unsurprisingly no useful results found. 😂 It would have been the suggested vehicle.
  10. First wave of new characters after PL gets hired. They're GREAT! PS Variant is the toy Hobbes.
  11. It would be a real shame if it fell by the wayside.
  12. Congrats to the winners! Those are all amazing shots.
  13. I see right through you bhm. Your transparent attempt to start another round of puns is shattered!
  14. Those are all amazing! I see Minimate Masterworks is in there. Love his stuff.
  15. One of your best ever! LOL I wish this forum had reactions.
  16. Playmobil horses are a little big but I think they look fantastic with minimates! Maybe the minimate horse will jockey for position and end up in the winners circle. Whether it wins places or shows, I'll probably pony up the dough for it unless I can rein in my desire. For now I'm chomping at the bit to see them in person. DST better not saddle us with a poor quality product. - just for you bhm. lol
  17. I'll abstain so bigger fans can win. But thanks for being awesome!
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