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  1. No need to re-examine anything. Just some thoughts that came to me looking at your work. It's easy to look at something and say, I'd do it like this. Except I wouldn't because I wouldn't have the idea for these mashups in the first place. These are very creative ideas and your execution is great!
  2. Another cool round. I think Flash should be merged with Scotty though. Correct uniform color and it would explain how he can do six months of dry dock repairs in 10 minutes. LOL PS Then you have Dr. McFate and Green Blooded Lantern to round things out.
  3. Character name change suggestion: Tom Par-ice. LOL Also might be hard to mash up but DS9 could use a bartender QUODOK. There's no Quark minimate anyway. Nevermind.
  4. I love Battlestar Trek! Aside from your customs, I would totally watch that show. LOL Battletrek Galactica and a couple of others from today are showing as imigur error messages so I can't complement your (probably) awesome work on those.
  5. It's been way more than 7 hours and 15 minutes now.
  6. Just an FYI, they were using photos stolen from Ivan and davypenn (now removed). The renderings shown appear to be quite low res. Hopefully, the actual models are smoother. However, at $5, It's not going to break the bank so maybe worth a go. If someone goes for it, please report back on how it worked out.
  7. You are going to be universally reviled for making such a monstrous post.
  8. In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, "So, you're telling me there's a chance."
  9. So every couple of months I like to "me too" elhonez's effort to keep the dream alive. Me too!
  10. Are you aware that there is a whole company, of which Zach is one representative? Are you suggesting that DST should stop making minimates at all because they are not coming out quick enough for your liking? Not just minimates, I would also like the prices of cars, houses, and beer to be the same as 14 years ago. I'm not calling you a laughingstock. But if others are, maybe it's because you are saying silly things?
  11. Agreed. Though I do like this version of CC better than the first one.
  12. Yeah. That Zach is a real jerk. Maybe people would like him more if he did things like: find old promo mates and give them out randomly here help people sort out QC issues with their mates post tray shots, source artwork, etc. that people have asked to see generally contribute to the forum as a minimate and comic book fan Then maybe people wouldn't think he's such a jerk.
  13. Nice! Nice customs too. I've got a HISS I want to 3d print but I don't want to print all of the tank treads and pins to join them. And that's the only option unless I want to do some modelling work myself. Maybe one day.
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