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  1. As if the radioactive cockroaches weren't enough, we're going to have giant minimates to fight in the post-apocalyptic wasteland? 3d printed i presume? Very nice!
  2. Maybe someone can ask bbts about john wick. They might be willing to confirm what i think we all know.
  3. You talking about Ghostrider or John Wick?
  4. I think we're still waiting on confirmation that Ghostrider wave 15 is cancelled. DST is a little weird that way. It's one thing that disappoints me about them.
  5. And tigers who ride flaming motorcycles.
  6. It would be helpful if you told us who makes this Grayskull and where we can get one. Unless this is another example of my aging brain missing the obvious.
  7. They don't drink. Well maybe Mikey. He is a party dude after all.
  8. I'm starting to think that John Wick went for drinks with with Bruce Lee, Thunderlips, and Wave 15 Ghost Rider. None of them are cancelled. Just drunkenly trying to find their way home from the bar.
  9. My ;point was just that lines with many civilians and few colorful characters don't seem to last. Rocky 3 would have been the best set of the line but we never got there. I'm still sad to have missed Clubber and Thunderlips. It is my sad theory that the intersection in the Venn diagram of Wick fans and Minimate buyers is too small to take a gamble on. Hopefuyll enough of us will buy this set that they decide to do more later. Why 2 instead of 1? Maybe they thought Common and Fishburn would be more popular than whoever would have filled their spots. I'm only in for Wick and Winston and don't care who they round it out with. But i'm less of a fan than many. PS What would really make the set pop is if there was a tiger! I think we can all agree on that.
  10. I would agree with you for something like Marvel with dozens of colorful costumed characters. Personally, I think it's only got legs for one run and is smart marketing. I really want that Ian McShane. They really captured his look well.
  11. THIS is not how you post a pic, apparently. At least I can't see it.
  12. I have a small army of Character Building Daleks. They are a little small but I think they look OK with minimates.
  13. Accessory needs to be Andy Kaufman minimate with neckbrace.
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