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  1. Agreed. Though I do like this version of CC better than the first one.
  2. Yeah. That Zach is a real jerk. Maybe people would like him more if he did things like: find old promo mates and give them out randomly here help people sort out QC issues with their mates post tray shots, source artwork, etc. that people have asked to see generally contribute to the forum as a minimate and comic book fan Then maybe people wouldn't think he's such a jerk.
  3. Nice! Nice customs too. I've got a HISS I want to 3d print but I don't want to print all of the tank treads and pins to join them. And that's the only option unless I want to do some modelling work myself. Maybe one day.
  4. There is only one that stands a chance. If they ever make Law and Order MCU.
  5. The more I see of these, the more I want an Omega Supreme vinimate. And Devastator. Please make this happen DST!
  6. I figured the hood issue was something like that. Add to that CC's name has two hard C sounds. It would be super easy to repaint him and/or make up all kinds of alliterative nick names. Silly reasoning in my opinion but you have to be protective of lucrative brands I guess. And in this day and age there's almost nothing that won't trigger somebody.
  7. Reminds me of what a Gonzo (Muppets) Predator helmet would look like. LOL Cool customs!
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