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  1. The salesperson who could cut that deal would be wasting their talent at DST.
  2. No worries. Good luck with your project. I'm curious now. PS Is this your custom?
  3. How's this? Do you have a friend with a 3d printer? I banged this off quickly for you but have not tested. If you know someone who can test print, do that. If you're happy with it, you could order a nice one from Shapeways. I'll try to get around to a test print but am pretty busy these days.
  4. I'm no photo critic. But those Mates are gorgeous!
  5. I made some extra heads and printed off a few versions. Interested to see if anyone has a favourite. Each of these is unique though they will look similar.
  6. A further follow up. I still have not printed a nice version of Dave's Bishop face. In the meantime, continuing to learn the tools I'm working with, I came up with a better rip off of DST's face. You can see my workflow below. Once I've got a full sheet worth of stuff to print, I'll have a face off. Dave's vs. my traced version vs. this version. Also, Hail Ivan! The starting photo is from minimatedatabase.
  7. This strikes me as a bang on assessment of the market for GI Joe Mates.
  8. I have to say Zach, your attitude seems a bit dismissive. Why not invite bhm to have a serious discussion about how it could be done and what would have to happen. If it needs an American retailer, perhaps he is able to find one to partner with. Then if you cant' make it work, you at least come across as having tried. The above reads like a hard no. Maybe you've had offline conversations. But it has come up publicly on the forum a couple of times and it seems like you just dismiss it without serious consideration. That aside, best of luck with your Joe marketing. I hope you guys can get this line to thrive.
  9. Right around that time, every comic shop in town carried Minimates. It was often the case that one could buy the TRU line and get an exclusive plus all of the characters from the Comic Shop wave, disincentivizing Comic Shop sales . Very shortly after that, no comic stores in town carried Minimates anymore. I can only order online now. Thank goodness for Luke.
  10. I'm not married to a specific design. Played with a couple of different wing styles and some other things. I do kind of like the backwards swept wing style. I've had this challenge with the Viper and Thunderfighter as well where they are long thin ships and at first I make them too fat and stubby. The Blackbird, in any incarnation, is especially long and thin. On top of all that, I'm trying to make it hold two rows of mates, so it's really wide. If I dropped that feature, I could make it way narrower which would help a lot. But the fun of a Minimates Blackbird to me is the idea of transporting a team. - This toy is what inspired me to take a stab though mine will be much larger relative to the figures. I can always head back towards a more direct copy of that design if none of my ideas work out. I've been looking at this style which I think might be attractively deformed. But it hasn't influenced the current iteration. Just poking around, I usually end up with something I like. I was absolutely dismayed at my first Thunderfighter. A couple of iterations later, it's my favourite of my designs. I might put the Blackbird aside for a while and move on to the Marauder that was supposed to be next. If you have some thoughts, I'm open to criticism and suggestions. Bear in mind that I'm also working with a somewhat primitive tool set.
  11. Funny. They would pick right up for me. The only MCU movie I've seen after Endgame was Guardians 3. Personally, I find almost everything coming out of Hollywood these days unwatchable. Whether or not one agrees with the political messaging is irrelevant. It's so one-sided and over the top that everything becomes boring and predictable. And every Marvel movie now has to be about saving all of existence from the most powerful bad guy ever.
  12. Still trying to find my way with the Blackbird. I feel like it's an improvement but still feel I can do better.
  13. I always picture bhm's shed to be more organized than Smaug's hoard and less so than the warehouse from the end of Raiders, and somewhat resembling both. LOL
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