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  1. Hi Shane, Just an FYI, since the latest update, links that would normally take me to the most recent post in a thread now take me to the first post on page 1. Search does not work so well. I was trying to find the old Translucent Tuesday Fight Club by Geohound. The word fight only has two hits. I'm pretty sure that word exists in more than 2 threads. Neither Tuesday nor tuesday get any results. I tried various combinations of the thread title words and could not find it. So, I thought I'd look up Geohound and use one of the view content functions to find it. It took me a bit to figu
  2. We'd have lots of Playmobil vehicles to choose from. The 2" size is why I have collected so many though.
  3. You're so creative with mixing parts. I was predicting Doom Shredder's name to be Punishredator. LOL Does Ghost Warrior wonder why he gets so many pizza party invites? I quite like Q. Knew who it was immediately.
  4. If the 3" mates had become the standard, pretty much the whole Playmobil-verse would be in scale.
  5. Don't know why but this made me think of Andre the Giant in Princess Bride, "My way is not very sportsman-like"
  6. Speaking of carefully posing mates in dioramas, I hope we are all aware of Minimate Masterworks? Posts amazing minimate shots to Instagram. If not check out his work.
  7. Not with those currently in charge of the franchise driving it into the ground. Shatner was not invited to participate in Star Trek day. A great indicator of their respect for the fans.
  8. Suddenly I have a craving for green apple Jolly Ranchers for some reason.
  9. Every time I see Homelander, I think how much I would like a minimate of him. The Boys would be a great property for minimates!
  10. Holding back my huge rant, modern Trek is not really Trek and the shows suck. Opinion, I know. The problem is that too many people agree with me for the shows to drive any toy sales. I would buy Trek mates just in the hope of getting some older stuff. But there just wouldn't be enough interest. Trek is in the same death spiral as Star Wars. And personally, I think it would be a bad business decision to make merchandise based on either franchise at the current time. Sad as I am to say so.
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