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  1. I would like to see ANYTHING non-marvel make it to retail at this point. This makes me sad.
  2. Did those stairs come undone or is that the thing you had trouble with? That's the only challenge I can see in the whole thing and it's minor. Awesome work! I really like how you added depth with the background. Can't wait to see it with some mates in it. It's going to look amazing. How much time do you have into this so far?
  3. One would assume, being back in uniform, he would use one of the more convenient pockets. Good thing I didn't have a mouth full of coffee when I read your reply though.
  4. He needs something like this hand though: Hail Ivan!
  5. That's a great likeness of the character. Well done!
  6. Does the number of results actually change (e.g. 62 results for custom minimate)? Could be it remembers some filter or custom sort order on one machine and not another. I thought the listings weren't there at first either but it turned out they were all on the second page of results for me. Are you logged into ebay on one machine and anonymous on another? Do you have more than one ebay account?
  7. Mine arrived today. Thanks so much Zach! Pricey shipping for such a small package. Just curious, did you have to pay out of your own pocket or do you get to expense it as some kind of promotion?
  8. Absolutely amazing! I'm going to have to post my own work which is now inferior. Sigh. Welcome to the board.
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