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  1. Knowing DST, it might be a vehicle with Dick Jones in the cockpit. I would actually love that. LOL
  2. For the love of God, NO! I need to save for retirement and don't have that many years left.
  3. A TV would be a great box set accessory. With a screen sticker pack so you could have TJ Lazer, "I'd buy that for a dollar", or the various hilarious commercials. (Sunblock 5000, 6000-SUX with dinosaur, car anti-theft device).
  4. Must haves in order of importance: Robocop ED-209 Boddicker Emil with an extra melty head and hands "I'd buy that for a dollar!" guy. Dick Jones Bob Morton Murphy "Mind if I zip up" guy. Lewis Nice to have: Nash OCP Number 2 (Johnson?) OCP President Police Sargent Maybe a Crazy 88 style army builder set of cops for when they gang up on Murphy. Vehicles: Cop car - cop character as pack in - not sure who 6000-SUX with Detroit Mayor (though I'll accept anything that goes really fast and gets really shitty gas mileage) OCP Boardroom Playset - with unfortunate ED-209 victim pack in. - swappable swiss cheese torso I would also love every suicidal model from the montage in Robocop 2. And yet again I 2nd another elhonez suggestion. In this case VHS packaging would be awesome!
  5. If the line does well, vehicles, starting with the 6000 SUX (with anti-theft system).
  6. Clarence Boddicker would be my favorite minimate in my collection. Because, Clarence Boddicker!
  7. I seem to second a lot of your ideas. A John Carpenter series would be so cool
  8. So help me god, I'm pleading with you guys. Please stop assaulting us with these horrible puns. Year after year. It's like a life sentence. BTW, Wookiefodder, that is an almost perfect response. LOL
  9. LOL Touche! I hope you guys made lots of money from this silly marketing idea.
  10. Considering when the first John Wick movie came out, I would personally find that marketing silly. Maybe something that would look like a DVD box set? Enter the Dragon VHS 6 pack with Bruce Lee, Roper, Williams, O'Hara, Bolo, and Haan.
  11. On not making this already: You guys (DST) are a bunch of slack-jawed Frenchmen around here. A Predator VHS boxset would make you guys a bunch gosh-darned social Tyranosaurs ... just like Jesse! (A&E version for the Multiverse. LOL) <spits on Zach's boot> Zach: That's a nasty habit you got there.
  12. No need to re-examine anything. Just some thoughts that came to me looking at your work. It's easy to look at something and say, I'd do it like this. Except I wouldn't because I wouldn't have the idea for these mashups in the first place. These are very creative ideas and your execution is great!
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