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  1. I'm actually quite interested to see a new take on Cylons. The classic "Razor" style Cylons from the new series were awesome. I wish they had been the current model. One thing that show did right was to show respect for the original. I loved how the historical tech was styled as an homage to classic BSG and their current tech was clearly evolved from it. I didn't really like the new centurion design but at least they appeared to be an evolution of the older models. Now that I think about it, I hope this new reboot insanely popular and results in minimate vehicles being made so classic S
  2. An unneeded reboot of an unneeded reboot. LOL I did actually enjoy the first unneeded reboot though I was disappointed in the ending. I have ALL the mates and will probably buy ones from the new series if we get them. I hope it's good. Also, this made me laugh. Interesting perspective from Tricia Helfer: “When this one came along with Sam (Esmail), who’s brilliant, right? It did feel a little like a punch to the gut.”
  3. Zach is belated Santa last couple of days!
  4. We have 95 Spiderman variants. One more's not going to hurt. I do hope the 100th Spiderman gets a better look than this though.
  5. I got one of the Mallrats ones last time so I don't want to be greedy. But if there only end up being three of us to respond, I'll take one. Thanks! Happy new year.
  6. That's a cool set. Why do I suddenly have a craving for Slurm?
  7. Just past midnight here. Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. Agreed. I love that this a place where fighting over the orange man means taking sides on which is the definitive version of The Thing. Happy holidays everyone. Wishing you all a better 2021.
  9. You guys are both very creative with mixing parts to create new characters.
  10. Not sure if you were replying to PL and / or me. I'm pretty sure those are reality shows with regular folks in them which would make boring mates. IMHO Raised by Wolves is an HBO Max Sci-fi show. It has some robots and people in sci-fi uniforms. Much more suitable to mates. When I first heard of it, I figured it was some kind of reality show that I wouldn't be interested in. LOL
  11. You should check it out. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I hope there's a season 2. I'm excited for Dune but less than some folks. I'm one of the few who think Lynch nailed it. If the Lynch version was split into two movies it would be the definitive adaptation in my opinion.
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