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  1. Finally got wave 76 and worked on some quick customs: Aleta Ogord and Meteorite (which, I admit, is a stretch) and two DC mates we will likely never see: Huntress and Orphan anyone have any suggestions about changing the orientation of these pics? the originals are not sideways.
  2. Went to three Walgreens (all both within about 2 blocks of each other) during their restock times and watch the staff fill the pegs with...Wave 8 They all said that they did not have any others in stock. And for those of you who stated that your stores have 2 pegs (one for animated and one for comic waves), I have never seen this. All of the Walgreens that I have visited in NY seem to display 4 mates at a time on one peg. It varies between movie and comic waves.
  3. Whichever 'mate you do, please do it "justice." I'd be cool with an updated Firestar, too.
  4. I've had the same experience. There are 3 Walgreen's/Duane Reade stores within 3 blocks of my office. One has the latest Wasp sets, one has Animated Spider Man/Iron Fist, and the last is devoid of minimates.
  5. Really?! I thought it would be "Killjoy Dutch"
  6. This! A million times! This was my favorite show growing up.
  7. I read that between 10% and 30% of the entire toy industry will be affected by this. It’s like the stock market crash of this industry. It’s almost inconceivable.
  8. Beautifully stated. For us, this is a hobby. For some of these people, it's rent, bills, healthcare, tuition, or their next meal.
  9. Few more quick customs. Black Lightning and Wiccan.
  10. Really? Spiral was a pretty big player in the X-books for more than 10 years, far longer than Mojo was around. She was in the Facebook Avengers game and was active pretty recently in the comics until all heck broke loose in Marvel continuity with the Secret Wars events. She certainly isn't A-list anymore but I think that she is pretty familiar to older comic readers (I am now in that category). Mojo has faded into obscurity but has such a unique look that it was begging for a figure.
  11. WIP- Modern Moon Knight and Wonder Woman
  12. Not sure if anyone saw this but the Magneto/Wolverine set is up at TRU
  13. Anyway we can convince the site owner to submit some of these designs to shapeways? That Sorceress is perfection!
  14. I know! My friend lives a few minutes away and had no idea that they were filming there, either.
  15. 50-year-old women do not all look like grey old grandmas. That's a fallacy.
  16. My biggest gripe is that they missed so many opportunities. The meachum storyline was soooo bloated and could have been handled in half the time. The really interesting stuff regarding the Sensei and their relationship to the Hand was over in about two episodes. Agree with Cage. I thought Cottonmouth was a far superior and nuanced villain to Diamondback, who was very flat IMO.
  17. There are a number of "tactical errors" in the Netflix series...
  18. I know! The arms were really bothering me. I used the arms are from Mary Marvel.
  19. Nico is Yukio's body, Viper's head, Chloe Frazer's hair and Ocean Master's staff
  20. These are some quick customs that I threw together. This is my first attempt at green-screens as well. This is a combination of characters that were never made with some new characters that I thought up. Let me know what you think! Maxima and Violet (my character) The Defenders (DD, JJ and LC are from the sets. Electra and Iron fist are new) Hyperion (some modifications to make it more comic-accurate) Two new characters- Templar and Ombra Warrior Angel an Amazonian Princess of Power Nico Minoru My personal favorites- Buffy, Willow and Zander Captain Marvel/Pulsar, Quantum (my character) and Quasar
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