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  1. Any official word from DST on the cancellation?
  2. I choose to stay positive. We have been through droughts before and they came back strong. I hope this is the same.
  3. This is disappointing. I was looking forward to these. Kingdom Hearts less so. Never played the game and had no real interest in them. The only one I was interested in was Maleficent.
  4. I am not above using the secondary market given that I almost never see movie mates in my area but $125 is absolutely criminal
  5. number 3 is an easy QC with the hair swap and the Miranda (Mass Effect) figure as a base
  6. I am. Put it in a spoiler tag, please. We canโ€™t rehash spoilergate.
  7. Ok, how are you guys posting animated GIFS? I tried to do this a few months ago but I couldn't figure it out. The pic would not animate and only a link to the pic posted.
  8. You're welcome. Now please IM me the spoiler because I missed the whole spoilergate thing and now I have a major case of FOMO ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Can we please stop with the pile-on and move on already? The kid made a mistake by making a post about toys. No one died. He posted an unverifiable rumor about a movie no one has seen that we are all accepting as true because he said he knows someone who works there. Consider it speculation and move on. Geez. I get people hate spoilers and love surprises. Personally, I could care less about spoilers. I have never been a "don't tell me the ending" guy. I am much more about the process; did you build a story that justified that ending. Spoilers never bothered me. It makes me want to see whether the filmmakers were able to pull it off even more. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  10. Two of the Walgreens were Duane Reade stores. It's just easier to refer to them all as Walgreens.
  11. I've never seen movie mates in my area of Brooklyn. I have 4 Walgreens in walking distance plus a few close to where some friends live and they never got movie mate either. Bizarre distribution plans.
  12. Hot toys has a reveal of the iron manโ€™s new armor
  13. Padrino

    wave 79

    I will co-sign any reason for a Binary figure. X-Men 171 was the first comic I ever bought. Seeing Carol punch Rogue in orbit (and having no idea what was going on) solidified the character for me. Unique and visually stunning. Totally neglected by the toy market.
  14. I would be ok with this. I am not a fan of "one-off" costumes and I prefer iconic looks. My biggest problem with the MCU is the minor variations in looks between films. I stopped buying some figures, even of my favorite characters (like Dr. Strange) because there were no discernible differences between them, other than a slightly different face. I'd have to be really convinced to buy these figures if this is the only appearance of the quantum-zone costumes.
  15. Padrino

    wave 79

    now I want a gold Valkyrie
  16. Even if legally allowed and litigation avoided, I'm sure Marvel would be pissed off enough to pull all contracts. Legality is not always the litmus test of good business relations. One should also consider the politics of the relationship. That being said, IMHO, as much as I appreciate Stan Lee, I am not exactly clamoring for a minimate.
  17. Hepzibah has a cool look. Or had, before she was made to look more like a cat.
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