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  1. Padrino

    wave 79

    Thank you @DSTZach we all really appreciate you responding on the weekend and looking into this.
  2. Padrino

    wave 79

    @DSTZach is this true? Can we get some official word on this? Immensely disappointed. Really wanted that darkhawk and moondragon.
  3. i used the mercenary from Civil War because it looked more like a chest plate. I thought xavier might be too much. I may swap it out for the DOFP magneto
  4. Padrino

    wave 79

    But the torso block is a good start for a Black Adam custom
  5. Padrino

    wave 79

    Ok. I think the new animated Dracula works also, except for the red eyes
  6. I found a partial set in Downtown Brooklyn
  7. Close but it’s brown, not black
  8. I prefer BrickOwl. Like bricklink but the navigation is much easier.
  9. Where on Jay street? By LIU? My office is by Borough Hall. I've never seen any at the 2 different Court locations or in the Fulton Mall. I also travel to Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge pretty frequently and never saw them their either.
  10. That's ok. I have yet to see a single MCU wave anywhere in in my area. Like, not one, ever. The distribution algorithm makes zero sense.
  11. Found part of the Superior Spider-Man wave (Spider-Man, Cap, and Black Panther) at one of the 4 DR/Walgreens in my area. No Adam Warlock wave yet in Downtown Brooklyn.
  12. Have not seen these in the downtown or western Brooklyn area. I'm shocked that these have not yet his the secondary market (ebay) if they have been out for so long. I wonder why?
  13. really? I've never seen them and so far they have not made it to ebay. Where have you seen them?
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