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  1. Love these figures! Not that I am being greedy, but is there also a box set planned? I am imagining an army of Widows!
  2. As much as I would rather have a deathbird, I have to say that dark Phoenix is amazing!
  3. I’d take all of them! This is my favorite period of x-men history. I think Hep would be fairly easy. Just repaint squirrel girl’s tail.
  4. Starjammers!!!! Who are the other 2 figures in that set?
  5. Photos?!?!?!?!? What's the lineup for 81???
  6. hopefully we will find out some information given that NYTF is this weekend
  7. Zack said these were not cancelled but BBTS listed them the same way. Maybe it's the same skew issue?
  8. Padrino

    wave 79

    Thank you @DSTZach we all really appreciate you responding on the weekend and looking into this.
  9. Padrino

    wave 79

    @DSTZach is this true? Can we get some official word on this? Immensely disappointed. Really wanted that darkhawk and moondragon.
  10. i used the mercenary from Civil War because it looked more like a chest plate. I thought xavier might be too much. I may swap it out for the DOFP magneto
  11. Padrino

    wave 79

    But the torso block is a good start for a Black Adam custom
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