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  1. Managed to get a set of these. Translucent Shadow Demon FTW!
  2. bag a bunch of army builders? I'd be into that. Just please don't include exclusives or single characters.
  3. should have scrolled up...beat me to it!
  5. curious, how did series 2 do? Destro and the Baroness were very cool figures.
  6. Was she supposed to come with Phoenix parts?
  7. Anyone have a time stamp on the marvel ‘mates? I cannot find them.
  8. So, kingpin in and echo out? I figured it would be too many female characters in one set, which would turn off some people. Dang it. Who is the character with two looks? Typhoid Mary?
  9. they need to be more transparent with you, Zach
  10. Love this! Thank you! Is that extra cloak translucent? Cannot wait for these!
  11. Never seen this version before. I like the idea of the mini rubberband for the headband, too.
  12. These are great! I made a similar Valentina, except I used a spare Quake body.
  13. Wait, who is in this set? Is this different from the Balloon box set?
  14. I am pretty sure it is a color inversion of the original costume. If you use the photo from the database and can flip the colors in photoshop, it should look like this
  15. this looks pretty cool, actually
  16. I thought Rom was some licensing nightmare. Isn't he owned by a toy company and not Marvel?
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