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  1. Yeah, that Spider-Man proper looks tops. I'm all in on that, 2099, and Spider-Ham. I wish it had been more of a literal "Spider-Verse" assortment rather than just a vague grouping of Spider-Mans's. Morlun and an updated Silk would've been nice...
  2. I wouldn't mind another shot at Warduke either - he's definitely my favorite across both sets. I'm also a big fan of the Wizard guy and the little troll man would make a great pack-in!
  3. I absolutely want Rock Minimates to return. I want a Talking Heads box set very badly. Bowie would bring me in as well. Like hardcore.
  4. Thanks for reminding me how gorgeous those look.
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Indiana Jones are my dream guesses, based on that hint.
  6. I'd definitely be down for more Invincible minimates. Tie it in with the Amazon show. It would be great since, other than the DST Figures, there's no toy merchandise for the brand and people are really starting to connect with it.
  7. It could be a limited run of figures on vintage cardbacks to incentivize collectors. Make it clear that they're RARE and of LIMITED QUANTITY and they'll come running. Second run being mass produced, clear polybags.
  8. Bags would be good. In an "army dump" counter display.
  9. I'm not a big G.I. Joe fan. I got the FCBD set mostly for Snake Eyes, because you obviously want to have the most iconic part of the franchise represented. That said, the series 2 Cobra release is a top tier assortment of minimates. I didn't get series 1. Two figures I already had and two others that didn't excite me. Series 2 is different. The Cobra designs are striking and dynamic, more than the look of the Joes. I felt better getting two figured I already had in this instance because a.) Destro & Baroness were that impressive and b.) the subtle variation of Cobra Commander was interesting - I think I prefer the second version. I would like to see and hope to see more ARAH minimates. Both to make everyone happy and to hopefully get more fascinating Cobra designs. Hopefully going forward DST will shelve the "retro" packaging gimmick and just give us the minimates. The extra cost is not worth the novelty, in my opinion. TL;DR ~ I want more international terrorists and less military stooges.
  10. Thank you for awakening within me a desire for an Ultraman / Red King minimate 2-pack.
  11. I'm partial to the Dave Cockrum version we got in Giant Size Wave 68. He has a cutlass!
  12. Yeah... there are certifiably gorgeous.
  13. Nice! That's exciting. Though it does make me sad that I missed out on your Nightthrasher and Namorita customs.
  14. It's an entirely brainless exchange. Each pun is more toothless than the last.
  15. Stick it in the freezer overnight and it should slide right off.
  16. Hm. It could be Gypsy Moth or Cardinal/Harrier?
  17. I'm gonna guess that the next custom is some version of Abe Jenkins.
  18. That's enough for me! You're the best, Zach.
  19. Wouldn't be the first time we've gotten a completed team in contrasting costumes.
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