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  1. Thats a very crisp photo, Kris! I love it! Now, is there any chance that you could plaster a "Win a Toys 'R' Us Shopping Spree!" banner at the top?
  2. I'd be hoping for a Gladiator and more Daredevil villains in general, Typhoid Mary, the Owl, new Bullseye, etc.
  3. They look fantastic!
  4. Glad you're back! Sorry to hear about your occupational status, but everything will be fine in the end! Good luck with your new job.
  5. Thanks so much! I'll definitely pick up that Cap one!
  6. Since this is a question regarding the Epic Collections, I figured this was the best place for this: Can anyone specify what years the "Captain America: Serpent Society" and "Daredevil: A Touch of Typhoid" books cover?
  7. I like the Animated mates and think they look good among my comic figures. Glad to have an Avengers vs. Squadron Supreme in my display only missing a Grandmaster to make it perfect. Can't wait for Kamala and Proxima Midnight.
  8. I'd love to see a Hydra Cap. Maybe with some other characters in a wave to fill out the ANAD Avengers. Spider-Man, Hercules, Wasp, and maybe a Vision redo. I think a Secret Empire wave is in our midst like with Axis, AvX, etc.
  9. They are Krabs' hands.
  10. Let's just get a Moonstone Through the Ages! Classic Masters of Evil, Meteorite, OsBolts Moonstone Update, Dark Ms Marvel Update.
  11. Happy birthday chaps!
  12. They're still too different costumes I'd like to see. Besides the chances of finding a Moonstone out in the wild that doesn't require blood as payment are very slim.
  13. Who was involved that would be likely guesses?
  14. Thunderbolts would be good.