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  1. A series of minimate assortments based off of those movies would be a dream.
  2. From the Spider-Man cartoon, I'm assuming? Unless there's a new marvel 'toon I'm unaware of?
  3. He was in Bendis' New Avengers Masters of Evil.
  4. Yes, I mentioned her connection to the Avengers.
  5. The Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman (black/white) fits the clues to a T. Spider-character, was a member of West Coast Avengers, and a part of Iron Man's Force Works. Jessica Drew (red/yellow) doesn't have strong ties to Iron Man, but definitely makes sense as a Spider-Man and Avengers character.
  6. Awesome news! Thanks. Is it just those 2 packs in the series?
  7. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    That's a very valid point. This wave was a pretty big miss for me. Only reason why I would've gotten all three sets was the promise of another 70s Avenger.
  8. Zach, could you speak a little on the future of the Animated waves? I know some people have been left in the dust with waves 10 and 11, but I've been able to find them relatively easily. I'd like to see more of these and just wanna know what the current status is.
  9. Would anybody else have any interest in these if they were to come about? Anyone ever chatted about this possibility before. I often go back and look at the cancelled cereal mascot minis and recently I thought that if the same mechanics were applied to Looney Tunes, the result could be a beautiful assortment of figures. Of course, it could end up like the Muppets figures with a few strong waves that quickly died off, but I'm interested in how much demand there would be for such a thing. I would love to see how many different heads and expressions DST could come up with for Bugs and Daffy. Especially one with the latter's bill turned around 180 degrees !!!
  10. No problem! - Trev, amateur historian
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