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  1. Shadow King may make more sense. He was more prominent in the books by time Luke may have gotten into them than Proteus and had a number of appearances on the animated series. EDIT: Never mind, Shadow King hasn't been classified as an Omega Level mutant.
  2. For some reason, this pleases me in a melancholic sort of way. The world has moved on, and all seems as it should be.
  3. I'm pretty much just hoping for Jocasta for any wave that isn't X-Themed at this point.
  4. I'm very into this. Any additions to the Englehart/Perez era Avengers is okay by me!
  5. Stealth Iron Man has been made twice since the initial in Wave 6. Unless Zach has explicitly ruled out MCU and MvC3 variants, stealth Iron Man does not fit the parameters.
  6. If we got a series dedicated to the DARK PHOENIX story, it would be populated with Hellfire Club members, rather than Shi'ar aliens. Something I know that more than a few of us wouldn't be opposed to. That said, I propose that this anniversary pulls DOUBLE DUTY and we get two waves out of it. One for the Phoenix proper and one for Dark Phoenix. Wave 1: The Phoenix Saga The Phoenix / Lilandra Gladiator / Wolverine as Fang The Juggernaut / Black Tom Cassidy BaF: Erik the Red Wave 2: The Dark Phoenix Saga Dark Phoenix / Battle-Damaged Cyclops Battle-Damaged Wolverine / Hellfire Club Goon (opening the doors for a similar Luke exclusive akin to Multiple Man) Sebastian Shaw / White Queen BaF: Jason Wyngarde
  7. I never do. They don't stand for the same things. Pixar exists to tell wonderful stories that can reach everyone. Disney exists to make money.
  8. There's a member of the Queen of Heart's army and what looks like Alice between Maximillian and Roger Rabbit.
  9. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    Gam´╗┐ora will never seem out of place. If it's a character in a movie, they'll sell. Angela was the star of the recent Asgardians of the Galaxy series, which was well received, and a notable player in the War of the Realms story that just wrapped. It makes sense for her to be in a comic book store's assortment.
  10. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    Clean set of figures. Disappointed we got another Angela, but I understand why she's there. Pumped for Moondragon!! The Englehart-era Avengers are filling out nicely.
  11. Can't say I'm a fan either. Other characters and figures that have priority over these "Elsewords" Timm figures, but it looks like they don't care enough to touch. Why can't we get a "Secret Identities" pack with Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle and Barbara Gordon? What about Clock King? Mayor Hill? Rupert Thorne? People probably just don't want these, to be honest.
  12. This is actually so cool.
  13. I'm also of the mind that a TNG box set (or two) would be an excellent idea. I just can't see it happening.
  14. I think those Venom figures look wonderful! Very cool action figures. They'll fit right in with Venomized Wolverine. The Spidey from TRU Wave 22 is a better fit, IMHO.
  15. I had a coworker the other day tell me that my Star Trek reference was outdated. Maybe people just don't care about Star Trek anymore.
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