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  1. I just generally find it amazing that Marvel decided to do Eternals in the first place. They own all of Jack Kirby's best IP's and they chose to make a movie out of his worst comic book. Part of me thinks it was in an effort to compete with Warner Bros. Fourth World movie, which ultimately fell through.
  2. You tease me with a Colossal Boy. Bonus points for Curt Swan and Dave Cockrum variants!
  3. So with Toys R Us making a return in the USA next year, does that reestablish them as a primary retailer for Diamond?
  4. There’s also Joe Fixit or Spider-Man Noir.
  5. I’ll take it if possible!
  6. Or perhaps more obviously, having a black woman in a position of power.
  7. Any update on those Herculoids? I'm eager to see the final results!
  8. Looks like I came back at just the right time! We always appreciate you doing this, Zach. Throw my name in the hat!
  9. I lucked into a set of Planet of the Apes Kubrick's today and I'm wondering if anyone has any of the others available on the market. I got the Cornelius/Zira/Dr. Zaius set. Thanks!
  10. Is there rad artwork for this line like the G.I. Joe's, Zach?
  11. Are the Transformers going to be offered by Walgreens as well?
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