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  1. I think its just my disinterest in the cinematic universe that's showing. I wasn't excited for the movie before and I'm not now. I just don't care about these movies like I thought I would or should! They've compromised the integrity of the comic books and that frustrates me. For the most part, I mean. There's still some bright spots in the current marvel titles. Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man. The end of Jason Aaron's 8-year epic.
  2. Wow. No need to see the movie now...
  3. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    Oh gosh I would love this! I would particularly enjoy a Daredevil figure in his nifty Captain Universe-esque look (yet to be seen in the comic, but everywhere in the promo). A cowboy Wolverine / Punisher pack would be solid. I love reading them together. Classic comic Malekith is also a must.
  4. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    We recently got an Iron man 2020 and in my case, I still see them floating around at pretty accessible costs. I would certainly love an Iron Man centered wave, but I doubt a 2020 variant will make another appearance considering how niche it is and the fact that they nailed it on the first try! Personally I'd love to see a classic Iron Man villain paired with a different armor variation. Hydro-Suit Iron Man with a Stingray figure would be A1. Stealth Suit Iron Man with Ghost is also perfect. Updated Silver Centurion (let's face it, the original has not aged well) paired with a classic Iron Monger.
  5. I appreciate this. I really do. Now please allow me to clarify my comment. I do think that these movies tell long form stories in a narrative aspect very well. Their character arcs however? They change frequently and at the drop of a hat. Captain America goes through the same character arc twice. First in Winter Soldier, then in Civil War. Even afterwards I didn't feel like his character had changed. That's what I'm saying. They do a really good job of building a clear point A to point B adventure, but their characters are often times pretty one noted which is hidden by entrancing dialogue and quick wit.
  6. Boy am I disappointed. Boy do I feel like crap saying I'm disappointed. Anyways, cue the MCU fanboys telling me I have the "wrong opinion."
  7. Grey Gargoyle is one of the most imperative Marvel Villains.
  8. Oh boy... and I thought a Fantastic Four wave was financial suicide!
  9. NerdyTrev

    DC Vinimates

    Extremely pumped for the Burton Batman and Catwoman ones.
  10. Im curious.... with how much they're pushing War Machine, could it mean something??? Probably not, I'm just trying to justify why we got two variants of War Machine and not another character altogether. Granted I don't particularly know who it would've been.
  11. NerdyTrev

    DC Vinimates

    No, you were right the first time. 😁
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