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  1. Any advice on removing printing on a torso without damaging the color?
  2. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    It's the same piece the Walgreens Ghost Rider has and it's more transparent.
  3. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    Love those little videos. Hopefully this means you start doing them more often.
  4. Have a good one, Zach! Thanks for all you do.
  5. Ooh!! Terrific news, Zach! I, along with everyone else I'd expect, anxiously await the announcement!
  6. I'm in love. Now I ask you, how could we serve to make these more affordable?
  7. Having just Songbird has been a very sad thing for me. I'm a big fan of Busiek's late 90s-early 2000s work. I could see a Minimate assortment pairing one member of the Thunderbolts with their Masters of Evil counterpart.
  8. This was a pretty great cartoon! It started off kinda rough, but it really embraced the absurdity of this world in a cool way. It was helmed by the same guy who did Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, so right off the bat you'd expect some level of narrative complexity that doesn't talk down to its audience.
  9. Great lookin' figs! Can't wait to pick em up, thanks Zach!
  10. Wow! They look great, especially the Kyle. Great usage of the Clerks hairpiece.
  11. Good stuff! Did you print/design your own face decals?
  12. Great thinking using the Pathfinders piece for Ch'od!
  13. I had this idea while dreaming about more Fantastic Four characters (Inhumans, mainly). What if, instead of BAF parts, each figure came with pieces that could be combined with other parts from within that wave to make new characters or different looks? That way multiple purchases would be more expected and more characters could be made up. Example (through the lens of an FF series): Mr. Fantastic (with an extra head for Johnny Storm) / The Wizard Doctor Doom / Invisible Girl (with an alternate chest block for Crystal's FF uniform) Classic Medusa (Different hair pieces for effect) / Classic Crystal By purchasing two of the entire assortment, you would get some most of the Fantastic Four team as well as two versions of Crystal. One to display Crystal in her royal Inhuman garb as well as her FF outfit. Another thought is, can past minimates be reissued? I know in the past figures have shown up in different series between specialty stores and TRU (), but what if figures made exactly the same as when they were originally released were put out again for consumers who may've missed out the first time? I'm thinking high end characters like the 90s X-Men, maybe Black Bolt and Lockjaw (sticking to the Inhumans theme). Just a couple quarantine thoughts for us to ruminate on together.
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