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  1. I'm also of the mind that a TNG box set (or two) would be an excellent idea. I just can't see it happening.
  2. I think those Venom figures look wonderful! Very cool action figures. They'll fit right in with Venomized Wolverine. The Spidey from TRU Wave 22 is a better fit, IMHO.
  3. I had a coworker the other day tell me that my Star Trek reference was outdated. Maybe people just don't care about Star Trek anymore.
  4. That's a beautiful little thing. I wish I could give it a hug.
  5. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    I meant not classic Annihilation Wave like everyone seems to be pinning for. Bendis what was in my mind, though. F***ing Bendis.
  6. Disney doesn't like Indiana Jones because of Nazis. Yet they persist in plastering the Empire and Darth Vader all over their parks. Seriously, Stormtroopers have become more synonymous with Disney than Mickey Mouse.
  7. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    Ya, comic Guardians make the most sense to me. ...but I wouldn't be surprised if it was modern comic Guardians.
  8. - Dust covered Indy with tan gloves - Cairo Indy - Egyptian disguise Indy There's plenty of variation with Indiana Jones. Plus, who wouldn't want to army build generic soldiers?? They'd fit right in as civilian soldiers as well, similar to the Ultimate SHIELD Agents we got a few years ago.
  9. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    I would love for it to be Operation: Galactic Storm (there's so many great figures to be made), but I can't see it fitting in Zach's clues... Easy. Any mix between Quasar, Lilandra, Crystal, Gladiator, Sersi. Hercules fits the last 10 years description. That Champions set was released in 2009. 90s style Black Knight I can see as the other re-do done more recently. But who would the other two "highly requested" re-dos be? I can't see a Galactic Storm assortment without Captain America (it is essentially a Captain America story) and he definitely isn't due for a redo. Who else is a highly requested re-do? Vision? I've certainly heard cries for a classic Vision, but not the pale, unfeeling Vision present in this story. I haven't seen a lot of outcry for Wonder Man and he's the only guy after Vision I could fathom being a highly requested re-do. I would love to have an assortment based off of Operation: Galactic Storm, but I just don't see it fitting in with the clues. Especially without a Captain America.
  10. I agree that he was super cool, but I don't think he made up for the rest of the film's issues. I, personally, walked into the theater expecting him to be as cool as he was. I mean, the dude's whole gimmick is that he makes visual effects for movies. I would've been concerned if he wasn't cool.
  11. NerdyTrev

    wave 79

    When did we get a first Sersi???
  12. I'm curious as to what people think of this flick. Personally, I'm frustrated I had to sit there and watch Peter Parker go through the same character arc again. I thought it was neat to see Mysterio. He really warrants himself well to motion pictures, seeing that he's a special effects wizard.
  13. That's been the convention standard for a few years now I believe.
  14. NerdyTrev

    DC Vinimates

    Agreed. I need a classic Wonder Woman, preferably in a Bulletproof Bracelets, crossed arms pose.
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