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  1. I once had together a mid transformation Ben Grimm like that.
  2. And Gen, Tomoe Ame, Lord Noriyuki, Kitsune, Zato-Ino...
  3. Awesome! I always felt he'd be an excellent pack-in character (like Robin from the Muppets) if DST ever chooses to revisit the late Outback.
  4. Yeah, I'd love to see this happen. I thought about a series of just different Ant-Man and Wasp teams in two packs, but this wouldn't work if the direction has shifted to six in a box. Scott Lang Ant-Man / Hank Pym Wasp Hank Pym Yellowjacket / Janet Van Dyne Wasp Rita de Mara Yellowjacket / Nadia Pym Wasp Something like that, perhaps.
  5. No, I think putting the pegs directly on the torso would work better. Less flimsy, doesn't mess with the height of the figure. It would weaken the universality of minimates figures, but I'm sure theres plenty of characters it could work out for.
  6. Strange, I coulda sworn you were older... Anyways, thanks for the years of laughter and here's to a few more. Happy birthday!
  7. 1. DC - Superman The archetypical hero and such a simple, effective minimate. 2. DC - Mary Marvel Just as well done as Superman, but also an impressive enough deep cut into the DC pantheon and a profession of my love for Golden Age Marvel Family comics. 3. Marvel - Black Costume Spider-Man BHM is right. This one's the best of the best. 4. Marvel - Vision Probably my favorite Marvel character, and the minimate is full of such charm. Looks exactly as he needs to, phasing arms and all. 5. Godzilla - Mechagodzilla As iconic as the main man himself, and a testament to the talent of the minimates sculptors. 6. Alien - 1979 Alien Just like Mechagodzilla, an impressive feat of sculpting showcasing the transformative quality of minimates while also the most definitive version of the character, IMHO. 7. Universal Monsters - Bride of Frankenstein Bride of Frankenstein is one of my most favorite movies and the impressionist quality of this minimate overjoys me. 8. Westerns - Showdown Blondie You see, in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend: those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.
  8. One big 'Friends & Foes' pack of guys he tangled with during the Trimpe years (early-mid '70s) would be marvelous! Hulk, Doc Samson, Sandman, Abomination, Rhino, Warlock I'd say that's a good start, especially in time for his 60th anniversary.
  9. More like Luke's Multiple Man exclusive, please!
  10. The Dark Knight by Miller, Janson, and Varley Batman / The Joker Robin / Mutant Leader Superman / Armored Batman But that isn't happening anytime soon... A more realistic wish would be the Inhumans Saga Karnak / Gorgon Crystal / Medusa Black Bolt / Maximus the Mad ...and the Kree/Skull war Captain Marvel / Super-Skrull Vision / Scarlet Witch Goliath / Triton On second thought, maybe none of these are very realistic...
  11. Probably because you're lonely in owning it!
  12. Plus Zaladane and Magneto. Perfect companion to Wave 60. Ka-Zar / Sauron Wolverine / Zabu Rogue / Magneto BaF: Zaladane
  13. That Snake Eyes looks perfect to me. Much closer to my preferred G.I. Joe #21 look. I hope Larry Hama's getting a kick outta these.
  14. Are there any female minimates that have a completely yellow body (at least just a torso) other than Galactus' Nova? I don't think I'm into such a pearlescent body.
  15. Mastermind in his Hellfire garb would've been great. Although, I honestly might have replaced Corsair with him. If this is truly meant to be based off of the Dark Phoenix issues, Corsair didn't participate in those events. Maybe then give the BAF spot to Moira MacTaggert or Sebastian Shaw. Even better, make Lilandra the BAF and pack Shaw in with Cyclops. Give him a shirtless option as well. Phoenix / Gladiator, Dark Phoenix / Wyngarde, Cyclops / Shaw, BAF Lilandra I am very pleased with this series, however. Corsair is a more than welcome addition. I'm just a little too aware of these things
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