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  1. I'd be down for a whole slew of Coen minimates. I think Lebowski and Fargo warrant at least one 2-Pack assortment, but other films like No Country For Old Men may only work with a box set similar to Pulp Fiction.
  2. Having rewatched it in theaters for the twentieth anniversary and noticing what an enormous fanbase it has. Minimates based off of The Big Lebowski is an offer far too good to pass up. Sure, quantity may not be there, but quality certainly. We could be gifted a clean, sharp looking set of minimates with this line and the want is definitely there. I mean, if Pulp Fiction and View Askew could do so well, why not this? Anyone ever thought of this before?
  3. NerdyTrev

    RIP Steve Ditko

    Shade, the Changing Man has some of the most beautifully darkly colorful images I've ever seen. I just know that all his work will live on.
  4. NerdyTrev

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    I almost wish we weren’t getting the Skrulls just somthe Kree could be the main antagonists. I feel like that would just make the whole universe seem a lot more well rounded. I don’t think it makes sense to show a race that was previously seen as empirical terrorists as the pseudo-Protagonists.
  5. NerdyTrev

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    Really enjoyed it. Gonna see it again next weekend and try to look at it from Thanos’ perspective. I liked seeing all the parallels to the original Infinity Gauntlet story and hope that they continue. I wonder, however, if they’ll make someone take up Mephisto’s role. That being said, I could see Red Skulletor doing it, but he seemed far too stoic and Watcher-esque to make the cut. In wondering how this all will close, I’m hoping that Strange takes up the Adam Warlock role as he seems to be the most cosmically knowledgeable out of all of them. Perhaps Cap and the original Avengers finds a way to take the Gauntlet with Captain Marvel’s help and after returning everyone from wherever they were sent to (I’m thinking maybe inside the Soulgem?) Strange pics up the Gauntlet and delivers the infamous “let the conflict end!” I thought the pacing was brilliant and everything flowed together. However, I should say that the final fight scene on Titan right before Thanos gets the time gem was a bit gratuitous. While it was neat seeing all those characters get together, if Strange knew that the only way they’d survive was if he gave Thanos the gem, I’d much ratherd a well put together argument between Quill, Strange and Stark than that huge beatemup. Also woulda shaved off about ten minutes, but I digress. At the end of the day, I loved it and can’t wait for the thrilling conclusion!
  6. NerdyTrev

    Storyline themed holy grail

    Avengers/Defenders War Iron Man / Doctor Strange Valkyrie / Loki Silver Surfer / The Vision Mantis / Swordsman BaF: Dormammu
  7. Robot Red Skull that came with Fighting Chance Cap is what I used. Not perfect but it definitely looks great.
  8. NerdyTrev

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    Can’t wait for all this FF love!
  9. NerdyTrev

    Long shots.

    Not to mention the hugely popular animated film.
  10. NerdyTrev


    Is anyone taking commissions these days?
  11. NerdyTrev

    Long shots.

    I’d kill for a Rama-Tut.
  12. NerdyTrev

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    Very nice! Who’s head is that?
  13. NerdyTrev

    Marvel Build-A-Figure Wave Wishlists

    Some ideal BaM waves for me: Under Siege: Battle Damaged Captain America / Baron Zemo Hercules / Mr. Hyde Wasp / Grey Gargoyle Goliath / Moonstone BaM: Jarvis Fantastic Four: “Lab Ready” Mr. Fantastic / Dragon Man Johnny Storm / Wizard Invisible Woman / She-Thing Crystal / Karnak BaM: Franklin Richards Hulk: Professor Hulk / Abomination Doc Samson / She-Hulk Joe Fixit (trench coat) / Logan Namor / Tiger Shark BaM: Rick Jones
  14. NerdyTrev

    Most need of a redo

    Pantheon Hulk is the one that came with Abomination. Professor or Smart Hulk. I’m quite partial to that outfit myself. As well as the black tank top we got in the Heroes Return series.
  15. NerdyTrev

    There goes the Multiverse....

    All I care about is the Fantastic Four.