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  1. Storyline themed holy grail

    Avengers/Defenders War Iron Man / Doctor Strange Valkyrie / Loki Silver Surfer / The Vision Mantis / Swordsman BaF: Dormammu
  2. Robot Red Skull that came with Fighting Chance Cap is what I used. Not perfect but it definitely looks great.
  3. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    Can’t wait for all this FF love!
  4. Long shots.

    Not to mention the hugely popular animated film.
  5. Commissions

    Is anyone taking commissions these days?
  6. Long shots.

    I’d kill for a Rama-Tut.
  7. General Minimate Pictures Thread

    Very nice! Who’s head is that?
  8. Marvel Build-A-Figure Wave Wishlists

    Some ideal BaM waves for me: Under Siege: Battle Damaged Captain America / Baron Zemo Hercules / Mr. Hyde Wasp / Grey Gargoyle Goliath / Moonstone BaM: Jarvis Fantastic Four: “Lab Ready” Mr. Fantastic / Dragon Man Johnny Storm / Wizard Invisible Woman / She-Thing Crystal / Karnak BaM: Franklin Richards Hulk: Professor Hulk / Abomination Doc Samson / She-Hulk Joe Fixit (trench coat) / Logan Namor / Tiger Shark BaM: Rick Jones
  9. Most need of a redo

    Pantheon Hulk is the one that came with Abomination. Professor or Smart Hulk. I’m quite partial to that outfit myself. As well as the black tank top we got in the Heroes Return series.
  10. There goes the Multiverse....

    All I care about is the Fantastic Four.
  11. TRU Series 26

    This wave looks amazing. honestly the most excited I've been in an assortment in a long time. Only wish TRU was still doing sets of four.

    Happy birthday!
  13. Symbiote Speculation

    I think the Life Foundation Symbiotes look really cool and I definetoy wouldn’t skip them. I’m not super connected to their characters, but I just think that they would look really cool as Minimates.
  14. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    All three of mine are out of here.
  15. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

    No X-Men or Fantastic Four related characters. No interest in the game otherwise for me.