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  1. I agree with PL. I have no issue with Cyborg becoming a member later down the line, or even as an auxiliary member. But when he was a Titan, it basically meant "you're not really experienced enough to play with the big dogs, so go fight crime in LA for a bit!" At least that's my take away. But, yes, Cyborg should not be a founding member of the JLA.
  2. HOLY GREAT LOOKING SET!!! I second the Quicksilver notion abut the eXtra green. I don't foresee having issues with Toad's crouching. I also don't think I'll be needing an extra set for Mastermind, I think the original Professor X holds up so well I still use it. Kudos to the fine folks at DST!
  3. Yeah maybe that way people can FINALLY accept The Incredible Hulk as an MCU movie
  4. PM'd
  5. Thank you! I've never understood IM2's hate. Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer rivals Loki as best MCU villain.
  6. I've got nothing to say but: god damn it. There may be better portrayals of Batman out there, but at the end of the day Adam West is the Caped Crusader.
  7. I'd rather an Executioner before Ulik simply because Amora is so darned alone. Ulik would be an amazing figure, but might be more suited for a Thor wave. I'd say so, yeah. Fits most of the criterea (Avenger, X-Man, Villain). Only one that doesn't apply to her is Legacy, but there are plenty of other characters that could be. As for the villains, I think Executioner is a pretty good choice, but the cosmic villain is really rattling my brain. I wanna say it's Grandmaster, but he's pretty known for only fighting the Avengers. I really can't think of anyone else it would be. Korvac came to mind, but like the Grandmaster he's never really fought the heroes outside of the Avengers.
  8. That does sound pretty good.
  9. That'd be good too! Maybe packed with Mantis?
  10. Brotherhood Rogue!!
  11. Thanks for the memories. I hope you'll return someday.
  12. Although the lack of grenade launcher is disappointing, it's a small price to pay for an otherwise great looking figure. Besides, I have plenty of other guns to give Comedian.
  13. Rogue or Havok in their Uncanny uniforms! Or maybe Namor?
  14. I liked it. Wasn't great. I'll agree that it's the best DCEU movie we have yet. Certainly tops MoS, BvS and Suicide Squad. The first act did drag, the second act was near perfection, and the third act lost me. The chemistry between Gadot and Pine was superb, as well as the interactions between their "Howling Commandoes." I'm excited to see more of Diana in Justice League.
  15. Must. Have. Those.