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  1. I think it's a little early for the past tense. Agree with Zach here, I was nervous up front that I wouldn't find these, but now I have the wave, and there are two walgreens near me that have them stocked. They will show delorean
  2. Checked my store today, notta, bummer for sure. Adding obligatory plea if anyone has an extra Gwen/Parker hit me up
  3. I agree, I was looking forward to the reveal, and don't get me wrong, there are some that are real nice *ahem* iron spidy! Gamora! and taskmaster, I will pick up a full set of these! but the thanos and Thor look a little co splay gone wrong.
  4. I guess that is true, but sheesh not pulling any punches.I do not think it is a harsh statement at all. Quite frankly it is short, to the point, sound, bare bones advice. If someone is willingly paying for product that doesn't make them happy, or bring joy to their life, the easiest thing to do is stop. Noone is forcing anyone to be unhappy. DST is making a product they hope people will enjoy, and if you don't enjoy what they are making, then don't buy it. You can still enjoy what you have, and more than likely something new will pop up that can be enjoyed.One quick personal example. If there is one thing (besides my wife and kids) that I love more than minimates, its the Philadelphia Eagles.They haven't won a championship since 1960, before there was even a super bowl. I was a season ticket holder for over ten years. the last few years I had the tickets, I started enjoying my experience less and less with each game. A lot of it had to do with the players that were being brought in. It wasn't sitting right with me, the attitude and culture seemed to be shifting from a blue collar, hardworking, hard hitting team, to a bunch of whining crybabies who looked for a flag every time they didn't catch a ball. So, after that season, when it was ticket time again, I said "No thanks, I'm done". I was told i was crazy, and i'd never be able to get the tickets again, and i'd regret it.......You see, they were putting out a product that stopped being enjoyable to me, especially when i was shelling out a ton of money for it. My tickets didn't last a day before someone else snapped them up. I have never once regretted it, and have been much happier watching them at home on tv.I have said no every year from that point. it gets easier with each year that passes. so back to Shane's point. I didn't enjoy it, so I quit. Looking back, it was one of the easiest decisions in my life. I still, and always will love the Eagles though! Not sure if this helps or not, but wanted to share my thoughts. I know the multiple quote is out of order, but I'm a die hard eagles fan since 2000.
  5. Havok/multiple man Polaris/multiple man Strong guy/random Shard/wolfsbane
  6. 11.99$? Hmmm, 3 pack? Or possibly two-pack with extras? Or maybe mate and some sort of small vehicle? Interesting
  7. These are some of the best QC I've seen in a while. Bravo man! PS: I'm stealing that Cap-Wolf idea... Credit has to go to minimate-maniac for the cap wolf, he sent it to me with wolf chest, I added the cap chest, it works really well though.
  8. Heinous, I believe it is the gambit European man bag
  9. To be fair, it does a have a ton of additional accessories but I did only buy it to be able to cobble a reg-pool w/o having to buy one secondary market. Excellent, can't wait
  10. Just bought a lot that had some interests part swaps, wanted to share, this is a mix of some of them and a few ideas I had.
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