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  1. Great work! Darkseid and Doomsday are perfect!
  2. Jocasta is your masterpiece! And I'm looking forward to see Machine Man completed.
  3. Do we have a chance against Carnage if we fight together?
  4. I ALWAYS think in the international market, not only the domestic one, because I'm one of the international customers and we have more difficulties to buy than our fellows americans. That's why I think that repeat a few minimates is the best option instead of launch new ones occasionally.
  5. bzorio

    TRU 19

    Bagels is the word. Just after bird.
  6. Vulture, Mysterio, Shocker and Electro would be awesome. Probably will sell more than this set.
  7. bzorio

    Wave 60

    Hey. Waitaminute. I'm going with bzorio being the happy camper. Right on the head!
  8. - Black Spectre - Mindless Ones - X-Men blue & yellow outfit (Hail Ivan!)
  9. Take a look here:
  10. I bought a big lot to share with 2 more friends. These are mine minimates.
  11. The best thing is use a Pantone color guide. You can use both CMYK guides: coated and uncoated.
  12. You're a genius! Waiting Woody now.
  13. Hey, guys! I've made a few designs for tees to Threadless. Please vote and share, I'll really appreciate! Here's the link: And the previews:
  14. I'm trying to convince my friend Hiroyuki for a long time to make 8-inch maximate, totally fully articulated as a minimate. This thread will be very helpful to show him the interest of more people. Sentinel (at least 3), Galactus and Giant-Man are the firsts of my list. By the way, you guys can see his customs over here:
  15. Nice layout, much better than last version. About the question, I don't have any minimate custom that I used a decal yet, but yes, I would and will do.
  16. Great decals! And I will definitely use your Medusa, Liney. Thanks.
  17. I believe it's just a matter of time, he's a Predator's big fan!
  18. Just go ahead! I only collect comic versions, so I always had this in mind. Hawkman's shield should match well, just needs a painting to look like more Nordic. Edit: Boromir's shield is better, but I dunno about the size. (Hail Ivan!)
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