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  1. Here is my Ghost Rider with his new bike (you lost, Daryl!).
  2. And complementing, do you know how many of each characters do we have in the case? I should make the order in a couple of weeks but this will help a lot.
  3. I would buy them both. The Blues Brothers are a true classic! Jake, Elwood and Bluesmobile would be so much great!
  4. It's better because it homages it plenty, while toning down the goofiness of the original. You are completely right! So are you. Including asking for Avatar's minimates. =) There is fun, there is action, there is some ninja stuff and there is pizza! Ok, no cowabunga (except once only) but booyakasha and Mikey's war cry (uóóóóóóh) replaces it very well.
  5. TMNT is, together with Avatar: Legend of Korra, the best cartoon of these days. Simple like that. And better than the 90's cartoon, by the way.
  6. I'm thankful for minimates because this year was too weak for me professionally until last month, having direct consequences in my wallet and drastically reducing my purchases of action figures this year. But thanks to Minimates I managed to keep a minimum of purchases that didn't interfere me financially, keeping my collection active.
  7. Run to save your life while you can! 150 mates in 10 months... well done, man. Well done! clap clap squonk.
  8. DST needs to make all the Dream Beavers now! What an episode, man!
  9. I have a few only, but I don't think they really count as customs since it's swap pieces only. Balrog (Street Fighter) - WIP - I need to finish him yet. Heimdall (comics version) - new head, a Wolverine movie. Neo (Matrix) - Esker from Resident Evil with a new hair. I updated him with new skin color hands. Buuut I already made one single custom a long time ago. Jakeem Thunder & Thunderbolt from Justice Society of America. I made Jakeem using a Billy Batson action figure from SHAZAM Series (DC Direct) and a friend made Thundebolt using The Flash from Kingdom Come.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, guys. My customizer friend appreciates it.
  11. Marvel Best of is the line that made me start my minimates collection. I started with waves 1 and 2 and in almost 2 years I bought more than 130 minimates. It's more than 5 per month. So I can say that Best of is one of the best made so far. I can't wait to receive wave 3 and to still buying more and more waves.
  12. My friend Hiroyuki attacked again! This time, he made Hank and Sheila from Dungeons & Dragons and Swamp Thing from DC Comics, all of them to a mutual friend of ours. Hank Sheila The kids together! Swamp Thing & WIPs The next projetct is Hydroman from Marvel Comics, Spider-Man's villain. One for the same friend and one for me. =)
  13. Brazilian company Iron Studios announced the prototype of the render of the Guardians of the Galaxy diorama. It's 1/10 and will be released in the Art Scale line. Besides the image, there is an interview with Daniel Siequeroli, the responsible for the Concept Design of the project ( in portuguese, but you can google translate it =) ). You can see the full image over here:
  14. Amazing custom! Yep, and now I want a Napolean Bonafrog minimate!
  15. I sent you my votes, Lurch.
  16. Rock bands and singers would be great indeed. The Muppets too.
  17. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant how many of each characters per case of 18. For example: 1 mutagen mikey, 2 leos, 2 donnies, 2 mikey, 3 raph, 1 shredder, 2 april, 2 footbot and 3 foot soldier. Is there a right number or is it random? So this is a question that will never have an answer? Sorry to be repetitive but my friends and I don't live in the United States and our only reliable option is Luke's Toy Store , who also didn't know about this. It would be great to know exactly about this, if there is an exact number, so we can buy the right number of sets. Here we can hardly trade with those who live in another country and the minimates market here is practically zero. It's insane to trade an action figure that costs $6 and pay $20 or more for shipping.
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