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  1. Great idea! And great choice for the first character also, since I have a Wolverine's collection as well. My favorite: Brown Costume Wolverine - Marvel Wave 47. The best costume IMHO. Least favorite: Darktide DVD Set. He must be in pain. A lot of pain. And I don't like this costume. Future Wolverine: Black Madripoor, X-Men Evolution or even the Savage Wolverine
  2. If you could choose any license to produce Minimates, what would be your top 3 and because of which characters?
  3. My Top 10 updated Toad Blackheart Classic Medusa Classic Karnak Classic Gorgon Classic Triton Fandral Hogun Volstagg Executioner
  4. That's an amazing wave! Another all-in for me.
  5. I just received the diorama and minimates! They're awesome! And as I promised, here are a few photos: Thank you, Kris, pk13 and everyone over here! Sorry for the images size.
  6. DST could make a Most Wanted wave for TMNT as they did for Marvel. I believe it could sell very well, we have tons of non-made characters.
  7. Wow, that's awesome!!! Thanks, everybody! Congrats, MisterPL as well!
  8. Voted! And good luck to us all! Thanks, pk13 and MMMV staff!
  9. Here's my entry. X-Men #1 from Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. And the original below.
  10. Caiera/Elloe Kaifi Mary Jane/Madame Web Crystal/Medusa Misty Knight/Colleen Wing
  11. Done! Thanks again for doing this.
  12. My Morph. Still need a jacket for him and a better hair anytime. Face of Steve (Tekken) with eyebrows painted.
  13. I'm in doubt between Maestro and Carnage from Deadly Foes box set.
  14. bzorio


    90s Avengers - Black Knight Classic X-Men - Toad 90s X-Men - Silver Samurai Spider-Man - Amazing Bag-Man Cosmic Marvel - Watcher Inhumans - Medusa Marvel Knights - Blackheart Miscellaneous - Stan Lee Planet Hulk - Caiera Asgard - Volstagg
  15. bzorio

    Wave 60

    SOLD OUT! Fortunately I got it.
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