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  1. So far I already have pictures for the whole week 1.
  2. Great wave! I want the whole wave 81 plus Constrictor and Deathlock from wave 80.
  3. ? ? ? I asked Midtown to photograph the rest but I haven't had an answer until now. Maybe @DSTZach can help us. EDIT: he already did it. Thanks, Zach! So, no BAF here too, unfortunately.
  4. Actually, Midtown Comics took the picture. ?
  5. I don't know. Midtown Comics took the picture and posted on Instagram.
  6. The Starjammers, ladies and gentlemen. Picture by Midtown Comics.
  7. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    @DSTZach is there any news about the next wave?
  8. Indeed. Here in Brazil there are few collectors of minimates, there must be about 30 that I know, and we always depend on online stores like Luke's, Ebay sellers or sales/help from MMMV members. It's difficult. Not only TRU, DST too.
  9. @spidermatt, do you have any word from your friend about the 3D files?
  10. Voted. That's was difficult to choose.
  11. There are 2 more cartoonish options: Mighty Muggs and the recently announced Pop! from Funko.
  12. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    Zach, is there a release date for Batman Returns Batman & Catwoman Vinimate Vinyl Figure 2-Pack?
  13. Isaac Graham posted this print in the MMMV group on facebook.
  14. Hey, guys. Here are some of the decals I'm working on. Inhumans: Gorgon, Karnak and Triton DC Comics: Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Martian Manhunter Defenders of the Earth: The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Lothar and Ming the Merciless Tokusatsu: Jaspion (Juspion for you) - WIP I need to print and test yet and this will take a while, I need to make a few more before.
  15. I will! I'm making a lot of stickers these days, I hope to finish soon to print. So far I finished Kyle Rayner (my favorite GL as well) and classic Martian Manhunter from DC; the Marvel's Inhumans Karnak, Gorgon and Triton; and The Phantom, Flash Gordon and Mandrake from Defenders of the Earth. Lothar and Ming will be the next ones.
  16. Does anyone know if there is another minimate with this hair besides Nightwing? It's for a Kyle Rayner custom.
  17. DST can select most of the A-list characters and a few B- list, even a couple of C-list, all in classic outfits, like first appearances or drawn by renowned artists in the golden age. Or, instead of the Best of / Greatest Hits wave, select the most wanted minimates, new or redo, whatever. Or do a mix of new Greatest Hits characters together with the most wanted.
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