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  1. Zach, a friend and I have a group for minimates brazilian collectors on facebook and I want to know if I can show this picture there please. Or what happens in Multiverse stays in Multiverse? PS: you're all invited to join us there but we speak in portuguese, only a few speak english.
  2. Great displays, Luke! You can use Wolverine's skeleton for the x-ray display. Another example: a wanted file. You can put a hero on one side and a villain on the other.
  3. Welcome! And nice diorama! ps.: I want the $50 too.
  4. Jonathan Liebesman's the director. Bay's the producer only... but yeah, I feel the same. A giant antenna falls like a decepticon.
  5. LEGO will launch minifigures for $3,99 each, blind bags format. More info here:
  6. More amazing that the custom was your disposal to help with the recipe and instructions.
  7. Recipes and assembly updated! Balrog and DeeJay remains the same. All the others were updated and Dhalsim will use various parts of what's left as he'll be made by decal. Here's the minimates I chose based on your help: Steve Street Fighter X Tekken Series 1 Rufus Street Fighter X Tekken Series 2 Dexter Walking Dead Minimates Wave 3 Bruce Walking Dead Minimates Wave 4 Battle Damaged Tyreese Walking Dead Minimates Wave 3 Abel Street Fighter X Tekken Series 2 Beast Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Two Packs (X-Men First Class) Logan Marvel Minimates Wave 26 Leg Bite Zombie Walking Dead Minimates Wave 2 Miss Marvel Marvel Minimates Wave 19 Hulk Marvel Minimates 'Best of' Wave 2 Alice Walking Dead Minimates Wave 4 Mandarin Marvel Minimates Wave 49 Julia Street Fighter X Tekken Series 2 Bengali Thundercats Ho! Box Set Deadpool Marvel Minimates Wave 26 After the assembly they'll need some trim, epoxy and paint of course. What do you think?
  8. Thanks, guys! Good to know. If you need any help or tips to make your visit better, count with me.
  9. No need to apologize, you helped me a lot so far! And the hair looks perfect! For Dhalsim, I didn't. I prefer him regular but is a great option. For E. Honda and DeeJay, your suggestions looks perfect too! I compared one minimate with a joe and the size of the claw in the picture looks bigger than needed. An option is use Wolverine's claws with a Street Fighter's glove. Thank you all for the help! I can't do the digital assembly now but will do asap!
  10. The Barbarian Hulk's necklace fits perfectly for Dhalsim! Will look the others suggestions too! Thanks, Zach!
  11. Perhaps isn't Ultron, only one of his minions.
  12. Thanks for suggestions, Liney! I'll look for these mates to make the news compositions.
  13. I made an advanced search but found nothing, so here we go: one of my goals is to complete the main characters of Street Fighter II. I only have 4 and need to buy the others but still need 8 characters that were never released. Ryu / Ken / Akuma / Sagat Guile / Chun Li / Cammy / M. Bison / Zangief Blanka / Dhalsim / Balrog / Vega / E. Honda / T. Hawk / Fei Long / Dee Jay So, I looked at Minimate Database and started to find the best figures to make the customs, which I got these partial results below. And now I need your help to find the best pieces for each of these fellows please. I already have Steve from Street Fighter Vs Tekken to Balrog, the others minimates I still need to think and buy later. I'm trying to pickup the most complete base to use in more then 1 custom to reduce the costs (the shipping costs to Brazil are f***ing insane). So, any idea?
  14. We're 2 and counting... lol Seriously, the X Trilogy is one of the best stuff I've read until now. Top 10 easily!
  15. New photos! And I want to marry the Scarlet Witch.
  16. Maybe Sentry with his power of one million exploding suns.
  17. And we have the lil' fat Officer Parker of the X Trilogy too (Earth X, Universe X and Paradise X). By the way, I would buy all X Trilogy minimates without thinking.
  18. Thanks, dude. Nice pics, Mattallica! The background helped a lot!
  19. Thanks! LOL! I saw it and will be bought - but not 'cause of Cristo Redentor.
  20. Well, here's my minimates collection. Overall X-Men Vs Brotherhood of Mutants Fantastic Four Vs Villains Spider-Man Vs Villains Avengers Vs Villains With Ant-Man and Wasp Heroclix, they fit perfectly! Marvel Knights Vs Villains Invincible Jay & Silent Bob + Street Fighter I bought Steve from Tekken to customize into Balrog. I still need a lot of figures but I'm focusing on teams, and the X-Men was the first choice. I have Ma Hunkel too but she stays with SJA 7" figures (DC Direct + DC Universe). The DC's figures are the biggest part of my collection, I just don't know if I can show it here cause of the main theme.
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