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  1. Thanks again! He's very grateful of the feedback and is appreciating every one of them. I updated the first post with his facebook profile so you can see his others customs, besides his contact for possibles commissions.
  2. I don't think Mad Max is a major license to receive all this suspense, even being a classic movie that I really like.
  3. I remember another one! Plastic-Man from Kyle Baker! A true classic!
  4. Thanks, guys. I'm retransmitting all the words to him and he's very thankful! The next project will be the characters from Dungeons & Dragons. This cartoon is very popular over here.
  5. The newest Dredd movie is one the best I've seen so far. History, adaptation and, most of all, the visual!
  6. First of all, who's Hiroyuki? He's not here nor collect any minimates. He's just a friend of mine who's a great customizer and finally made some minimates. ps.: you can see all his customs in his facebook profile: Serves as a contact to possibles comissions too, I'm just spreading his work. The first one was Judge Dredd, to a commom friend of ours. And the second one was my Giant-Man, created with a LOTR minimate. Here is a comparative size photo with the Avengers (and Ant-Man Heroclix). I hope you all enjoy as I do!
  7. Nice sets, Jatta. Also, with this "new" Sabretooth, we could start the Marauders.
  8. What about the Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave & Bold comics? I don't know if and how they're published over there on USA but these are the brazilian covers (in portuguese).
  9. Avalanche, Pyro, Mystique and Blob as a box. Destiny and Senator Kelly can show their faces in another time.
  10. I'm against too. I don't want to buy a stuff I can't see and don't know what is. BUUUUUUUT... if this kind of package will really improve minimates' market, then I'm favor. Probably I won't buy, but I'm favor.
  11. Awful design. Mine are much better!
  12. And if the team's having too much work DST can hire some freelancer designers to do it. I accept minimates as wage.
  13. I assume you mean a new one? Has anyone ever bulked this guy up using existing parts, or do none of the greens match? Nope, I was saying about this WWH indeed. I really like him and I don't think we need a bulked one in this case, even appreciating the idea. However, to don't pass unnoticed, I would appreciate too a Planet Hulk wave with Miek, Hiroim, Korg, No-Name Brood and the Red King. Elloe Kaifi and Lavin Skee would be a courtesy. =)
  14. Oh man, I'm not cool then. Hulk is an armored monster on his own way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Seriously, the only armored Hulk I want is World War Hulk!
  15. Nice! One more LEGO BATMAN game! I'm really excited, even hating most of New 52 costumes.
  16. It's going on over here (Brazil) too. Taxi Driver, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, Orange Clockwork, The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Empire of the Sun, The NeverEnding History, Some Like It Hot, Lawrence of Arabia.
  17. Are you watching? It's really, really good! We can see all the 13 episodes (0 + 12) over here:
  18. Well, could be Game of Thrones. We're talking about Halloween, not only of classic and big terror movies franchises.
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