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  1. @luke314pi do you still have the Darkness decal you made and, more importantly, could you share them?
  2. @Donny B isn't better move this topic to the Crisis of Infinite Minimates instead of Marvel? Just a thought...
  3. Well, I'm not a horror guy* but I already have a picture for that. *
  4. So far I already have pictures for the whole week 1.
  5. Great wave! I want the whole wave 81 plus Constrictor and Deathlock from wave 80.
  6. 😂 😂 😂 I asked Midtown to photograph the rest but I haven't had an answer until now. Maybe @DSTZach can help us. EDIT: he already did it. Thanks, Zach! So, no BAF here too, unfortunately.
  7. Actually, Midtown Comics took the picture. 😉
  8. I don't know. Midtown Comics took the picture and posted on Instagram.
  9. The Starjammers, ladies and gentlemen. Picture by Midtown Comics.
  10. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    @DSTZach is there any news about the next wave?
  11. Indeed. Here in Brazil there are few collectors of minimates, there must be about 30 that I know, and we always depend on online stores like Luke's, Ebay sellers or sales/help from MMMV members. It's difficult. Not only TRU, DST too.
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