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  1. Tip of the day: Ant-Man and Wasp Heroclix fit with Minimates.
  2. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    I do!
  3. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    I just got the DC Vinimates: Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and Joker from Comics Series 1, Batman with batarang and Joker from Arkham Asylum. Man, they're incredibles! Hopefully we'll get more comics versions.
  4. Another great work, Luke. Congrats!
  5. bzorio

    Accessories Wishlist!

    Movement effects for weapons.
  6. bzorio

    Long shots.

  7. bzorio

    Accessories Wishlist!

    Different bases and stands like they already did. We don't have water base. \/ This stand improved.
  8. bzorio

    Long shots.

    Stan Lee Sunspot (red costume/X-Factor) Kaine Madame Web Blackheart Planet Hulk (Caiera, Hiroim, Lavin Skee, Miek and Silver Savage). Gladiator Hulk, No-Name and Korg I already have customized so there is no need of them.
  9. Thank you! Yes, I miss DC too. I hope that Vinimates' sales will be good for DST think about getting back with the Minimates.
  10. bzorio

    John Wick

    Well done! I'm using Daryl's bike from McFarlane but I'll change for that!
  11. bzorio

    Happy Birthday Luke and Boyd!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. bzorio

    TRU Series 26

  13. bzorio

    TRU Series 26

    We need to see The Spot again. Great work, DST!