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  1. DST can select most of the A-list characters and a few B- list, even a couple of C-list, all in classic outfits, like first appearances or drawn by renowned artists in the golden age. Or, instead of the Best of / Greatest Hits wave, select the most wanted minimates, new or redo, whatever. Or do a mix of new Greatest Hits characters together with the most wanted.
  2. bzorio

    wave 77

    This wave is amazing!
  3. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    I really like this Wonder Woman but I agree with you. A more classic one would be great, posing her arms wth the bracelets or her lasso, without the cape. And the open hand is kind of weird but live goes unnoticed because the Flash is really cool!
  4. bzorio

    DC Vinimates

    Batman Keaton and Catwoman from Batman Returns too. DC Vinimate is life!
  5. I did this recreation for that contest.
  7. @DSTZach, maybe it's time for a new DST website. One more clean, with a better store. For the store the ideal is to have product categories at the menu as well, not just the licenses as a principal filter. And only with the products in stock or with those that will have replacement, without that Archive with 1036 items at the end. It needs to be a store, not a catalog. With international shipping! About Minimates, there are several characters that people still look for that are rare or very expensive: bulked Juggernaut, 90s X-Men in general, Rachel Summers, TRU Bullseye, etc. I remember you said that DST would not do more of the Best of, so how about The Most Wanted? Do a official poll and pick the top 8. Teams box set may also work, 5 characters. Can you do themed dioramas? Something like Icon Heroes ThunderCats Cats Lair but in PVC to reduce the price. Have you ever thought about letting the minimates in a battle or action position inside the packs? The figures are more dynamic and can attract new consumers, specially children. And about the international customers, what can you do to help us too? We don't have Walgreens.
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