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  1. Beautiful work on MODOK, followed by a "how can I follow that" epiphany of a review! Well done!!
  2. Made a great find in Medford OR , all four TRU Wolverines, Star Trek ( 2-2pks) & Vigilante Spiderman and Capt. Stacey ( finally someone to keep an eye on Gwen among all those TWD mates). Green tagged 50% off $3.98 already marked down to $1.99 a pack AND no tax! Full racks of Street Fighter mates too!
  3. Thanks for the information and the warm welcome. I travel from Portland OR. to San Francisco bay area often, and have visited many Toys R Us in between. The TRU Wave 5 has been available at a number of stores, I have had problems finding a comic shop that is and/or will be stocking them. Lukes Toy Store has been a great find and I have and will be ordering again from him, but "that find" in "the wild" .......WHAT a Minimate RUSH!!!!! Thanks again
  4. Hi, I'm new to the Multiverse and to collecting Minimates, although I have caught "the bug" real bad gathering all TWD figures, and awaiting the arrival of the rest of wave 5 characters. Will Toys R Us be stocking the rest of wave 5, and if so, is there a schedule? Thanks for such a great resource to help fuel this fun addiction!
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