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  1. Always love your "haul" pictures. I saw the GOTG mates and had to rush down to my local TRU and scored 2 sets. Did not see them yesterday at the San Mateo CA TRU. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Same problem with chrome, it allows you to view say one topic then slows down and crashes.
  3. I picked up a Series 21 Iron Man l & Iron Man ll variant today in the wilds of Redwood City!
  4. Start the countdown, can't wait till the local TRU's have shelves-a-brimming with new mates!
  5. Do I smell a "Men of Minimates" calendar in the works?
  6. I know I'm new and everything, but when you have the scoop ; NEW YORK (AP) -- Lifetime is going back to the 1990s with a TV movie on the Saturday morning show "Saved By the Bell." The network said Thursday that its film, "The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story," is being made in Vancouver and will premiere on Labor Day. It will examine the life of young unknown actors in Hollywood trying to maintain the clean image of their characters while growing up amid the temptations of show business. Sorry guys it's SBTB!!!!!!!!!!
  7. After viewing your latest pics yb, I think I can make it Sept/Oct when the show comes back. insane, incredible & ideal!!!
  8. Right on Gregio! Now that Dale has some friends, the B&W line is a great way to bring back some of the harder to get figures and bring others into the fun while maintaining the status of the rarer figures.
  9. Very nice! I've scoured the TRU stores between SF and San Jose. What is really frustrating is all of the many comic book stores I have contacted looking for Minimates give me the same answer. "We don't really stock them, but if you know what you want we can probably get them for you." You would think somewhere in this area of 3 million people.........
  10. I'm stoked, excited and always ready for new Walking Dead Mates. Bring 'em on!
  11. I have to agree with you Scythe, there's just something about it! I think the Electro face expression is the best, Max Dillon is great for other customs too!
  12. TRU is having a 40% on Spiderman items ( yes, applies to ASM2 Mates) buy 1 regular price, 40% ALL others.
  13. Wow! ran into the ASM2 2pks at a local TRU and find them great!. Accessories are great (especially Flashback and Dillon). All my Spiderman mates look great, and totally dig the Electro character.
  14. I have seen TR recently in the Portland OR area, as well as San Francisco bay area. I never have seen any of them discounted.
  15. Received mine too! I am really honored to have one of these. I may be new ( and totally addicted ) to Minimates, but am old school to collecting and appreciate the detail and fun, that comes with collecting these little shots of satisfaction. Thanks again to Shane and Zach and everyone involved.
  16. How about a tv 4-pack with the brothers, zombie Meryl, and Penny?
  17. I have not seen any TRU WD 5 figures in the last month, and placing any hope for a TRU re-stock......wanna buy a bridge?
  18. Great pics! I plan on bringing some 'mates to work for some photo ops. Imagine the trouble they can get into working as a fish monger
  19. I have the seven words, and sent them to you rather than post them here I guess it says post them here, so here it goes coat hat cat hot cot act
  20. I love Minimates because...detail, detail, detail! Keep up the great work
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