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  1. Just can't get into these figures, I guess Minimates have spoiled me. The line and cast of figures is great, but that's where the highlights end for me.
  2. I worked in Sears back in the 70's, arrested many kids ripping off Star Wars figures.
  3. Michael's Craft store has their Halloween scale model season items on 1/2 sale. I picked up a package of coffins (3 in a pack) for $2.50. The coffins are a little small scale-wise for minimates, but should be good for background pictures. They are detailed nicely, and non-opening.
  4. Picked up a couple of the Hexbug coffins in Redwood City CA, TRU didn't have the pricing in their computer so they sold them to me for $2.00 ea. Couldn't pass that up.
  5. TWD was my start in Minimates, I hope it can go on as long as possible.
  6. What does fit is the smaller handled torch from Tomb Raiders looks great with Bob holding the "peace pipe"
  7. Wow, thanks YB! That Detolf cabinet looks like the answer for me.
  8. Found the PvZ at the TRU in Redwood City CA. I hope this is the beginning of a great fall run of new 'mates!
  9. I have not seen these sets in the B&M stores yet, has anyone else had any sightings?
  10. Punisher-style thugs Mandroids Spiderman minions
  11. Granted I'm still a newbie, but pushed backed dates and still no pre-order offers for a set that has already been pushed back to early December, while pre-orders for Jan. 2015 sets are posted. Hmmmm, my Spidey senses are tingling.
  12. Great set! Was real happy to see the crawling zombie accessory. Dale and zombie friend enjoy the company. Live Long and Prosper Walking Dead Minimate Series!!!!
  13. Is the Bluntman & Chronic 'mates going to be at TRU? I noticed their exclusive sticker on the only ones I've seen.
  14. Just waving the flag and keeping the pulse......I'm a waitin'
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