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  1. Starting to fill my two Detolf displays, pretty cool, lighting system is all battery and remote control
  2. My two sets made it ( thank you Luke always A-1 ) ......fricken' awesome! Love 'em!! Going to need at least another.
  3. Ah yes! More toluene ....please...... whoopee!!
  4. Yes, I have samples. Have for a while. Not long now. No face tampo differences that I am aware of. Series 2 may have some new faces. Ho Ho sorry I missed this critical information, I pity the fool who asks again.
  5. Found in Redwood City CA K-Mart, great call on the order of characters on the strip. It was missing the first two of the twelve also.
  6. Sorry, it was a larger piece and wanted to get all aspects in. I will go with the second picture as my entry. Thank you Lurch.
  7. OK, with the help of my lovely wife, this is my first attempt at mini-art. My official entry
  8. Still a no-show at Redwood City K-Mart.........grrrrrrrrrr!
  9. I noticed my Logan/Storm back of box refers to "Bone Claw" Wolverine as "Old School" Wolverine, only box to do this.
  10. I picked up "Best of" along with 58 and 59 today..... a total HOME RUN on all sets! The plentiful bonus parts will bring me right back to the store to make the alternate figures. Great job!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!!
  11. Thank you MisterPL, I see they are more of an east coast thing.
  12. Someone help an old guy out, BAM is short for ??????? Thank you in advance!
  13. I am also curious if Barnes & Noble will be carrying this wave.
  14. San Mateo CA has Clerks available now ( four box sets left) Redwood City is to receive them tomorrow.
  15. No luck finding Clerks mates in San Mateo or Redwood City TRU CA
  16. Just fluffing on up the couch seeing if there was any news on the BBT............
  17. I picked up the McFarlane TWD Building Sets (Daryl w/ Chopper & The Governor's Room) at TRU today. Pretty cool, good detail and awesome light up specimen tank set up for pics. They also had blind bag figures.....jury is still out on those. Nice to come out of TRU with a surprise smile!
  18. Good story on "Cops mistake Okra farm for Pot Grow" on
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