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  1. Has TRU 20 come and gone? Page 19 had a lot of people looking but not finding, and I have not found these at any TRU's. Anyone come up with the 6 digit magic number?
  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and to everyone who makes this such a great place!
  3. anyone have any luck locating the sacred six-digit stock/item number???????
  4. Does anyone have the magic six-digit stock TRU stock number yet for the new series?
  5. I am a fan of the " can't do a Darryl or Meryl " TV Walking Dead with a very limited knowledge of the comic version, but love the Minimate WD line. A question to throw out there; Is there any dream scene or hint ever in the comic series where a main character, who we have a mate of already, see themselves or others as zombies? (stay with me now) This could give us a great 4 (oh please 5) pack of zombie - Rick, Michonne, Carl, Lori and Glen. Kind of like "The Bonnie Situation" in Pulp Fiction which is now immortalized in Minimate glory.
  6. Good to hear, I have quite an investment in Plano boxes alone.
  7. Same here. I don't bag any of my 'mates. They're all in Plano storage boxes. No sticky surfaces. No discoloration. The only issues I've had are the Iron Man helmets discoloring the heads underneath. Once I noticed that I simply store them with the helmets off. The Plano boxes I'm using have a recycle number of 5 with (PP) underneath. I have not noticed any problems but I'm still a new collector with little shelf time. I do notice the strong "gassing" of the Plano boxes when new. (Oh please no need for bagging, oh please no need for bagging.........
  8. Great information, I wonder how Plano boxes rate for storage?
  9. Just starting to collect the goblins, not yet committed to the whole line. So far - 4 different goblins
  10. I found Karai in spot 11 and suspect the other in spot ten. I believe the toysark photo #2 from 4-14 post shows the exact order. I have opened all the odd number packs starting with Bradford #1 and have the whole set with no duplicates (if you want) This set is awesome! Received my order from Luke's today, and also found a brand new 18 box in the wild and picked up packs 1,3,5,7,9. Fantastic accessories provide for a "must have" at least duplicates and then some for series 2!
  11. I want someone from Diamond to hire youbastards and froosheyman so they can get started right away with all their sets!!!! Right on!
  12. And the crayfish pay homage.... Just a question..... were these just proto's or customs? Would love one of those "The Hunt" zombies
  13. Could the lack of availability of Series 59 Bobby Drake variant IMO, be caused by the same type of buy-out (up), and how when it was an LCS release, or is it just that Series 59 was not carried by many, perhaps from existing peg dregs. I only saw this set offered at one LCS on my northwest coast (USA) fall/winter runs. Where oh where could they be?
  14. Still playing the waiting game up here in the Great Northwest.....
  15. I was lucky enough to pick up a whole set of series 1 absolute home run! Great job!! keep 'em coming
  16. FYI and slightly off topic, I bought a sheet of postal stamps at the local little market/post office and was able to choose the stamps of my choice. They have an awesome sheet of Batman stamps through the ages, and four different round "Bat Signal" stamps. Pretty cool will try to post pics.
  17. Nothing as of yesterday, was told they just hit their "warehouse" and it should be in stock in a week.....had not checked Clackamas
  18. Very nice " Nerdiest" -get down with the sickness- Amazing book collection btw
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