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  1. QuisporQuake

    BC Avengers Wave

    There still seems to be plenty of BC on the racks at many Walgreens in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area. I have seen some Animated 9 2 packs, and still no animated 8, grrrrr!
  2. QuisporQuake

    TRU Series 26

    Happy to find these online and order placed. Still have not found wave 8 in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area
  3. QuisporQuake

    Happy Birthday Luke and Boyd!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. QuisporQuake


    Happy Birthday!
  5. QuisporQuake

    TRU 25

    CortherX, I have not been to Clackamas ( Oregon) yet, but Jantzen Beach is still not stocked.
  6. QuisporQuake

    tru wave 24

    Jantzen Beach (Portland OR) had the Black Panther, old Marvel, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas 24
  7. QuisporQuake

    tru wave 24

    I have not been down to Clackamas recently CortherX, looking forward to your findings!
  8. Donny B, check Jansen Beach TRU, they have Marvel 24 AND the Beetlejuice. ( Beetlejuice is on the end cap of the aisle). I was surprised to see 3 different two-packs, Otho pack and two others
  9. Donny B, check Jansen Beach TRU, they have Marvel 24 AND the Beetlejuice. ( Beetlejuice is on the end cap of the aisle)
  10. QuisporQuake

    Walking Dead Minimates!

    AHH! Another lead-in I have to say the show has started down the path of series stagnation, ( Negan has been the life blood IMO ) but hey, I'm a guy who is looking forward to the return of "Curse of Oak Island"! My Oak Island custom minimates are the only ones my wife lets live downstairs
  11. QuisporQuake

    Walking Dead Minimates!

    I always jump when I see new posts on The Walking Dead hoping for new life! This line is what hooked me on Minimates and is still one of my favorites! Maybe someday.....
  12. QuisporQuake

    TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    Right with you there MisterM, I have not seen a purple Donatello for a long time.
  13. QuisporQuake

    The Alien™ Franchise

    In looking (and not yet opening) the space jockey I picked up today, it appears to not have the alien eggs included. The same was true for the others they had in stock. TRU website shows them with eggs as the label leads you to believe. Secret compartment???? or just not included????
  14. QuisporQuake

    Dr. Strange

    Found these at the TRU Jantzen Beach Portland today
  15. QuisporQuake

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Thanks for the info, there was three left at the TRU Clackamas OR store at 2:00