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  1. From front to back: Lincoln, Quake, Coulson, May; Izzy, Fitz, Mack, Yoyo, Simmons; Bobbi, Hunter; Ward and Garret.
  2. I am a huge fan of Agents of Shield. I wish Diamond would make some MCU Shild Agents. Until DST does, here is my quick custom Agents of Shield squad. Hope everyone enjoys and please let me know what you think. Sorry in advance for the bad camera work.
  3. where? Looks like Hulkbuster to the right of Hulk.
  4. Here is a copy of my receipt. I hope it helps. I can take pictures of the UPC later in the day.
  5. For anyone interested, I just found them at Toysrus in Westbury, New York. There are about 3 complete sets remaining.
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