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  1. I agree on more than an annual release, but seeing as these aren't expected until almost the 4th quarter, the earliest we could see a second exclusive would be next year. And never say never. I think this 4 pack will be a huge success, so who knows!
  2. I think this box set has always been about Carnage for me. Does he come with knife fingers? Not so much, but that doesn't mean he's not an A+. I have absolutely zero versions of any of these characters except for a non lizard version of Connors (Hey, can't beat $1.49 at TRU). In other words, this set is a no-brainer for me. In my highest hopes, the set will be so successful that next year Luke will get another exclusive, and how fun would it be to have Deadliest Foes part 2?! I'm imagining updated versions of: Hobgoblin, Craven Scorpion Mysterio Then again, what do you think?
  3. Some B-listers (or less) that I'd love to see squeezed into a wave eventually. 1.Mojo 2.Maverick 3.Darkhawk 4.Sleepwalker 5.Nomad (90's) 6.Deathlok 7.Balladonna 8.Daken 9.Constrictor 10.Mojo II *smacks forehead* CAN'T forget: Night Thrasher
  4. I'm not sure people don't "understand" the line, but rather are looking for creative ways to both appeal to brand new and seasoned collectors. Whereas Zach's reply to my quote is direct and states the obvious, it also provides clarity where grey area's exist... hence Iron Fist and Luke Cage. I'm sure many could argue they are less popular than War Machine, but there seems to be re vamped hype around those characters as well. I appreciate learning about the behind the scenes stuff!
  5. My Minimates 'gateway drug' was The Uncanny X-Force Box set. Not willing to pay $150 for the 3.75 version of Archangel on ebay I payed about $17 for the 4 Minimates. Hooked ever since.... so satisfied in fact I saved my invoice!
  6. Personally, I wouldn't question ANY female characters being considered for the "best of" series. Psylocke is of course a major player today, but in a different decade one might question that status. I certainly wouldn't have considered Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) as "best of" quality 10 years ago. She was maybe "classic" as Ms. Marvel but has significantly made a come back in recent years. As far as a Spider Woman, or War Zone goes, these are great Ideas that could help keep the "best of" series from only featuring Spider Mans, or Iron Man variations. Sort of a compromise. They satisfy a similar urge while still introducing updated versions of characters we don't already have 10 of. I also liked the idea of Juggernaut because at this point he has only been released in a 4 pack.... One could argue the term "best of" would be based off of sales and not character popularity... Can-of-worms, you have officially been opened!
  7. Best of wave 4 wish list: Nightcrawler & Mystique (white outfit) Juggernaut & Brown Wolverine (and a red sword like the early 90's figure came with for fun) Captan Marvel (Carol Danvers) & Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) War Machine & Wonder Man (Both as West Coast Avengers)
  8. I know this is discussed from time to time, but has anyone yet found a good motorcycle that fits Minimates just yet? Side note, and come to think of it; if Marvel wont allow licencing for Minimates vehicles, can't DST make a generic motorcycle for a non Marvel line?
  9. Seeing all the up and coming 'Mates puts a bloody shame to the naysayers who claim it's a slow year. Particularly exited for: All New X Men, and Foes of Spider-man. Admiring from a far: TMNT, Sin City, and Kill Bill. (watch these will be selling for $100 each on ebay by next year, and I'll kick myself) Ultimate custom potential goes to: Alien/Aliens as Ghost Rider infected by the Brood.
  10. While my least favorite, I actually think the Lizard still looks pretty good. Typically I like grittier mates like Punisher War Zone for instance. My point being, Lizard's head sculpt in this set looks less menacing than say, Sauron or the Battle Beasts. End of the day the Dr. Curt Conners he can transform from looks bad ass, and buying this set is a no brainer!
  11. Or TMNT's Mondo Gecko got mixed up and joined the wrong box set.
  12. I really like Iceman and Sentinel. Good look on Jean and Scott's visor looks amazing. I also love any character with wings... Bobby and hank are slightly lack luster but complete the set. Costumes don't bother me at all other than I have not yet read this series, so now maybe I will. I think this is an over all successful wave. No take backs!
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