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  1. Here ya go. Use one of these. I really really want a Vitruvius mini-fig. Seperate they're like $30 though. Lame. Better just to get the Lord Business Lair set.
  2. Nice. Plane reminds me of a F4U Corsair.
  3. Lol yeah. Star-Lord and Drax aren't terrible but Gamora sure is. Although Peter Quill's eyebrows are the wrong color based on the hair and scruff.
  4. Groot might be a Build-a-figure, meaning you'd have to buy the whole series to get him. Apparently the wave is those 4 movie figures and then an Iron Man and a Nova That works too. I'll get the whole series just for that groot. It looks awesome.
  5. Wow those are the best looking Hasbro figures I've seen in a while. Gamora's face looks a little weird though. Might have to pick up a few. Definitely at least Rocket and Groot.
  6. "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." Supposedly the trailer premieres this coming Tuesday! Bummer! The GIFs still show for me. Weird. Yeah I just read that about the trailer. Tuesday just became my favorite day. So excited!
  7. I like the movie versions of some of the characters simply because of their redesigns and connection to the films. That being said I do still plan on collecting the comic versions, already have a few.
  8. These are amazing Luke. 3D printing really is the future of production. Definitely getting a set and some extras soon.
  9. This would be sweet. Was thinkin of watching these again. Haven't seen any of them since I was a teenager. I bet they hold up nicely. Like Batman: The Animated Series.
  10. Nobody has gotten divorced over these things yet right?.....right? Planning on doing a little moto ride tomorrow and hit up a couple local ToysRus and Wal-Marts. Just to browse and see if any exclusives are around. I work 4x10s so today is my Friday. P.S. Any current or ex-Military around these parts? I'm Coast Guard but now I'm a reservist. Thanks everyone for rollin out the welcome mat!
  11. If I go into a multiple thread, it just shows the same page over and over again. Like all 7 pages will show the first page when I view them. This does it for me too. Only this forum too. I use Tapatalk for 3 other forums and they are fine. Weird. Sent from my pants using Tapatalk 2
  12. BTW these unfinished VFX shots just leaked. Holy shit this looks so amazing.
  13. Thank you good sir! Also I appreciate the fast account approval by the mod squad. I have melted them into a liquid and injected them into my veins. It worked for a while. But now I'm chasin the dragon again.
  14. Yeah I hope WS has an alternate face with a mask and a sniper rifle. My favorites are the Falcon and Stealth Cap figures. Falcon is pretty badass. Going to go great next to my comic Falcon.
  15. Bert Macklin with Sunglasses and FBI Coffee Mug Subscribing to this. I am beyond stoked for GOTG this year. I have about half of the 2008 DnA run comics I'm rereading and I subscribed to Bendis' current run. I have the Hasbro GOTG figures and the Groot-in-a-pot figure will definitely go hang with the minis when they come out.
  16. Hey everyone. My name is Mike and I am a Work Comp Specialist by trade. For R&R I ride motorcycles, play video games, hang out with the fiancee, enjoy all manner of movies/shows and I just started collecting Marvel minimates....which was a bad decision. Lol. I picked up a Falcon/Fighting Chance Cap at ToysRUs the other night and was very impressed by the detail, pose-ability and accessories included with these little guys. They didnt have any more interesting sets unfortunately and were pretty cleaned out. So the floodgates are open and today I ordered the Iron Man 3 Hall of Armors, the Chitauri 2-pack (It was cheap and I gotta have henchmen to fight), and two of the Thor:The Dark World sets. The thing I love about minimates is that they're cheap and they have a ton of characters available. It's so much easier to collect my favorite characters with these than trying to buy premium figures or LEGOs. The accessories really seal the deal. Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite Marvel property so you can imagine how excited I am for this year. I just pray to all that is holy that Diamond Select makes GOTG minimates. Starlord and Rocket are needed right meow. I saw some customs the other day that looked badass. Also props to Luke's Toy Store for an excellent website and awesome 3d printed stands...gotta get me some of those soon. I'm looking forward to continue collecting and to start customizing displays and characters; also to chat with all you fine folks of course! Cheers!
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