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  1. Hope Luke gets these up soon
  2. I wish to subscribe to your news letter!
  3. This is going to end up like Thor and the warriors 3 all over again, we get one of his pals and Lady Sif and the others get missed, we're not going to get a complete Black Order are we.
  4. I need a starlord set! PM sent
  5. So we're not getting a comic shop wave out of this too, this seems to be a trend, Thor, Panther now Avengers getting box sets with walgreens and can't pay our bills'r'us getting 2 packs.
  6. Funko just released there product images so fingers crossed we'll see official minimate pics soon
  7. I would have preferred Deathlok, Firestar or even Spawn...... i mean Nightwatch, what the hell happened to Nightwatch?
  8. Those are 2 amazing waves, sucks to live in the U.K.
  9. The AT&T girl is playing squirrel girl...... sold.
  10. If he had his spider-sense 2 characters that discover his secret identity in the movie would never have done so because he would have sensed the "danger" of taking off his costume, it's like having Superman without flight or Wolverine with no claws... very dumb indeed
  11. What the hell happened to his spider-sense, did Marvel just forget he had that power..... that's my only complaint
  12. Those DC vinimates are rubbing salt into the wounds
  13. He's another friend from work
  14. Happy Hogan looks like John Travolta & that Iron Man armour looks a little "Ultimate"
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