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  1. Hope Luke gets these up soon
  2. I wish to subscribe to your news letter!
  3. This is going to end up like Thor and the warriors 3 all over again, we get one of his pals and Lady Sif and the others get missed, we're not going to get a complete Black Order are we.
  4. I need a starlord set! PM sent
  5. So we're not getting a comic shop wave out of this too, this seems to be a trend, Thor, Panther now Avengers getting box sets with walgreens and can't pay our bills'r'us getting 2 packs.
  6. Funko just released there product images so fingers crossed we'll see official minimate pics soon
  7. I would have preferred Deathlok, Firestar or even Spawn...... i mean Nightwatch, what the hell happened to Nightwatch?
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