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  1. Made a diorama for my girlfriend since she's really into Avengers lately. Made her into a superhero...excuse me...a superheroine with a random head, Walking Dead Governor's hair I think, and Rogue's body. Wheelchair well because she's disabled. I'll get her a Professor X Hover chair when the DOFP set comes out. The paper playset is the Funko Boxos Iron Man 3 set and random characters she loves. LOL She loves it and can't wait to add more Minimates. It's her first collection so I'm sure it will build up over time like her Lego's did.
  2. Yeah we just wandered around row by row. It my was only day there (more like half there late) , was my first time going to Comic Con. And it was super frustrating navigating with my girl in her wheelchair so that didn't help. But we got passes for all 4 days and preview night this year so I'm sure I'll find it this time around.
  3. Sweet! Are you going to be at San Diego Comic Con? Last year we looked all over for the Diamond booth but it was hectic and lost track of time so we gave up.
  4. Still can't find them in stores. Every time I ask my local comic shops they look at me like...
  5. Nothing in this new wave interests me at all. Bummer. :-/
  6. Wish we got a future suit Colossus or Iceman instead of that casual Wednesday Wolverine...too many Logan figures out already so I'll have to pass on whatever pack he's in.
  7. No thanks. I hate this show. Did my best to watch the first 6-7 episodes...not enjoyable at...all...
  8. When is this wave supposed to arrive in stores? A month after the movie or what?
  9. The current Plants VS Zombies mini figures/statues...whatever, they're not really posable. They're static and don't move like the new little Pokemon figures (made by the same company that does Adventure Time toys, I think?) have been sitting since I've seen them put on shelves. I dunno...I just don't think there's much interest for Plants Vs Zombies merchandise. But that's my opinion.
  10. They have most on for free shipping (loose) I saw Wasp at my local comic shop but they wanted $29.99 When I can find them for retail, I'm only going to get Hulk & Iron Man.
  11. I got a few Star Trek sets for like $2.38 this week after the clearance price. The Battle Beasts are like $4.50 I think but nobody seems to be buying any. The same sets have been peg warming since December in my area.
  12. This sets looks great! Definitely buying them all.
  13. I found these before they were being put on shelves. Thought it was wave 2 but it ended up being wave 1. D'oh! But at least I got Wal-Mart to price match them to K-Mart's price that has them at $16. I'm willing to work out a trade for Widow if anyone wants. I bought Marvel Now Cap, Red Skull, Aim Soldier & Hydra Agent.
  14. I cannot find these scavengers to save my life. Don't want to pay over retail though.
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