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  1. Just the remix. The band "Purity Ring" made the song. Check out their album Shrines. I wanted it to feel heavy on the low ends, hence the sounds
  2. If ya ever get a moment, I would appreciate it if you checked out my song. Any feedback is welcomed, and encouraged Totally didn't read. Mods feel free to move to the appropriate location.
  3. Yeah it can be, but you need to transfer the licences as well, which can be a pain in the a** if you don't know the origional... wait a moment...F(Edit: I am removing the last half of this post, which had some inappropriate language for this board. -Luke)
  4. "Icing on the cake" ,"Portal" Pun intended?
  5. As much as I hate IGN and their reviews, they released new DKR info regarding the villians. After hearing this, I'm going to need a new pair of pants. What do you predict for the story? Will Batman get his back broken? EDIT: This is from IGN's page: "And as for Selina Kyle's role in TDKR, IGN reported recently that Nolan's story will find Catwoman filling the void left by a fugitive Batman, with her vigilante activity prompting Batman's return. "
  6. Well that sucks, not I probably won't see the movie at all. I hate when people aren't true to the source material
  7. Why is there no Cyclops in the movie? I thought he was part of the original x-men team...
  8. -RAGE ( How am I the only person interested by this title???) -Gears 3 -Forza 4 ( again, am I the only one?) Skyrim -ME3, but i am ready to bet $450 dollars (or some other random amount)that it will get pushed back to 2012, any takers? -The Call of Duty Sledgehammer games project -Mario Kart 3DS
  9. Xbox LIVE is more than just the ability to play online. -User Interface : allows for easy access to everything, such the ability to pause a game of CoD multiplayer and load up a game of GTA 4 right off of your hard-drive within a matter of a minute. -Community : -the ability to join into parties with your friends an easily join a match together -Simplicity of meeting new people online via games and added them to your "friends" list within a few seconds - Availability : New content is being added every day (free/payed) for your enjoyment -Exclusives, those Playstation bros like to brag about exclusives, but really there is a counter to every sing game except Little Big Planet eg: Halo: Killzone, Uncharted: Gears of War, God of War: Codename Kingdoms (2011 title), Gran Turimso: Forza 3 Although X/bros get X-Com wich is a bioshock-esq game (exclusive What it comes down to is what your friends have, the multiverse is a split community, many a great man has a playstation and many another has an xbox. If your friends are not into gaming, then I would suggest whatever is cheapest ATM ( at the moment) of your purchase, as both offer tripple A quality multiplatform games such as Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty. Hope that helps and if you end up buying an xbox and becoming an x/bro then my gamertag is FEVERandCRYSIS
  10. If anybody wants to posse up in Red Dead on the xbox, my gamertag is FEVERandCRYSIS. I'll bee on pretty much 100% of the time, as I'm injured and have to stay still.
  11. Since everyone around here is too arrogant to post pics, here's a video of the mates:
  12. Seeing how those who have gotten theirs, have been along the east coast, and I for one live on the east coast as well, it would only make sense for me to go check out TRU this weekend, or even friday. If I am successful, my pictures posted will show proof.
  13. This recently came up on the news, and I thought I would inform my minimates-in-arms before anyones else. Yeah it's real, just how much longer till we start sending troops over there?
  14. I haven't bought any new mates in about 3 years, but I am proud to say that I will be purchasing ALL of these. Oh and the Arbiter DOES in fact come with a weapon ( A plasma sword). If you zoom into the picture, you can see it at the bottom of the packaging
  15. I recently bought Super Meat Boy for XBLA, and al I can say, is that it's amazing! It's a mix of retro-platformers with puzzels and such. The animations, especially in the cutscenes, are very well done. Lastly the gameplay is balanced well, although many find this to be on hell of a challenging game. Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite games played this year, and is perfect for holding me until CoD: BOs comes out November 09.
  16. There was a VERY big two-page display in last onth's Toy Fare just for these, with loads of Reachmates. I had assumed everyone had seen it... They look VERY nice up close. I for one just hope they make Kat. i LOVE Kat. Do you know where I could find scans or pictures of these?
  17. Well today, I earned the "A monument for all of my sins" achievement, for beating Halo: Reach on legendary ALONE. It took me roughly about 15 hours, and I am proud of myself for reaching (lol) it finally. Now only 24 more days until CoD: Black Ops. Hell yes.
  18. I am the only one that noticed Emile(Noble 4) and Jun(Noble 3) for Noble Team in this picture? (Upper left) Now, that I realized that they're making figures from Halo: Reach, I feel much more obliged to follow this line and see where it goes. Also, it would be interesting to see the rest of Noble Team, especially Noble 6, as the player's Multi-Player armor serves as the template for its single-player armor as well.
  19. Yeah and my favorite games are all based upon their single-player. Examples include GTA IV, Fallout 3, BIOSHOCK, FORZA 3. Also the only MP games that are coming out that I'm interested are Gears of War 3 ( can't explain how excited I am) and CoD: Black Ops (excitement is average). On terms of single-player we have DeadSpace 2, Fallout New Vegas, Vanquish, and Fable 3.
  20. I am seriously considering selling my Xbox and getting rid of xbox live for the rest of my life. I mean HALO:REACH just has been getting worse post-launch just like Modern Warfare 2, except that it hadn't happened within 72 hrs. Upon further realization, I have came to the conclusion that HALO:REACH has nothing to offer the everyday gamer. The multiplayer is what really sends me off the edge. The maps are soo poorly designed that I don't even know where to start. All off the weapon spawns favor one team, so its all based on luck if you will get the chance to grab the good weapons. Also, the maps urge you to camp, and if there is one thing I hate about MP games in general it is CAMPING. I honestly broke my Modern Warfare 2 disc because all people were doing was camping. And camping in H:R is just absurd because of the power weapons. I can be sure that if you ever will join a MP game in H:R that there will be others camping and it will ruin your experience, or if you are the type of person that enjoys spending 60$ only to be disappointed by your purchase. I have CoD: Black Ops pre-ordered as of now, but I am seriously considering removing my order, as I predict that the game will turn into a mega camp fest after people realize where all of the good spots are. Also the ranking system really bugs me in H:R. It does because leveling up is a pain, and you only unlock armor, which you can't even see during gameplay. And the only way to level up fast is to play Gruntpocalypse by yourself, which stops being enjoyable after 5 seconds of the game starting. Oh well, that's my 5 cents on H:R at the moment. Also, if any of you maters want my used copy of HALO:REACH (the only time the disc has been spun was when I was installing it to my HDD, other than that its like brand new) then I'm offering to sell it for around 40$.
  21. Well in 10 hours from now, I'll be playing Halo: REACH :biggrin:
  22. In order of importance: 1)Halo Reach- The beta was awesome, and Halo Reach seems like if Bungie remade Halo CE (my favorite game) with the best elements of 2,3,ODST. 2)Fable 3- Fable 2 was one of my first "true" role-playing experiences, and Character Creation/Customization is one of my favorite things about video games, and Fable 3 has it all. 3)Fallout New Vegas- Fallout 3 is the best game of the modern generation so far hands down, I shouldn't have to explain why. But I am iffy on the subject of Obsidian, and their ability to follow such a great game like Fallout 3. 4)Rock Band 3- Rock Band 2 is the game that got me and my brothers really connected, and I'm sure RockBand 3 will be just as fun, although it needs Metallica and MGMT to be perfect... (if it featured both of those artists, then it would be #1) And that's it. Black Ops is completely off the radar for me, as Modern Warfare 2 was an abomination to video-games in general. Also, Treyarch just seems to be bringing back nearly all of the features that made MW2 unbalanced and un-fun (although I must admit, that I am quite pleased with the perk list/set-up)
  23. I'm currently experiencing problems with my macbook pro (2010 13in) when it comes to Youtube and just internet speeds in general. Whenever I click on a youtube video to play, it only streams the first 3 seconds, and then procedes to load for about 10-15 seconds, only to play another 3 seconds, and the cycle continues. I have perfect internet connection (Ethernet-wired), and I don't know what's wrong. Also my macbook is very slow when loading up web pages. I have experienced these problems with both Safari and Google Chrome, which are both the latest versions. Please Help Forum!!!!
  24. Well I just finished the story in RDR. If anyone wants to talk about it, then you can do it over XBL or PM's, since I don't want to give any little bit of it away. And on a side note, if anyone wants to posse up in RDR throughout the next few months, hit me up on LIVE, my gamertag is: FEVERandCRYSIS.
  25. Xbox 360: 1)Bioshock 2)Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 3)Fallout 3 4)Halo 3 ( The Halo:Reach beta isn't out yet) 5)Grand Theft Auto 4 Amongst all games released it has to be: 1)Bioshock 2)Halo 2 3) Metal Gear Solid 3 4)Fallout 3 5)Half Life 2
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