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  1. I'll check my local TRU if I get a chance they would make great fodder too.
  2. my first few orders in. Luke thanks for the fast shipping! So yah this is really addicting already! Bad part is sorely disappointed with 1st appearance punisher (conversion time) that and I need more guns.
  3. lol thank you thank you ill be sure to check it out.
  4. Wish I found it sooner you had a better deal on some I bought in eBay but oh well...but you are my default store now for them...or my local comic book shop I have to check with my local shop has it or I'm gonna buy it from Luke along with age of ultron set...fury looks sweet Thanks
  5. Lol at least it's easier to display than the old school 6" legends figures....well maybe Yah between the legends, gi joe, 40k and now minimates....I do have a plastic crack addiction
  6. Hi my name is William, 34 years old, and I live in AZ.... I play paintball, 40k, and occasionally collect figures and trying to catch up on comic books....been out if it since post civil war. So currently I own only 6 minimates (punisher/ battle damaged captain America, bullseye/ daredevil, and blade/ punisher) I've had for quite a few years now. I was looking through eBay and saw more punishers and as he my favorite character I went after them. So after checking them out there and on Luke's store I purchased a bunch of expandable figures, kingpin/ daredevil, warzone pack, and a few others . I plan to keep it simple with only a few figures but will expand eventually from punisher vs mob display to include Shield led by Fury (non ultimate ver), maybe an avengers team but not sure.
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