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  1. handsomedevil

    Where did everybody go?

    I would also be interested in a new forum Minimate, but let's leave the Bombermate alone. That is easily my most treasured Minimate due to its rarity AND it's personalized!
  2. handsomedevil

    Where did everybody go?

    Thank you, sir! I have a furnace repairman here now. Good times! hahaha! Great to see all the familiar names checking in!!! Is Tim still around? Obviously his Bomber-Mate is the highlight of my collection.
  3. handsomedevil

    Where did everybody go?

    hahaha I really need to see that movie!
  4. handsomedevil

    Where did everybody go?

    I have been guilty of not visiting as often as I used to. Family issues and buying a house have taken up most of my year. I check in from time to time, but it seems like a ghost town. Did everyone just migrate to the Facebook page? Kinda makes me sad. I've been around since the original AA forums and this used to be the place to be... If anyone sees this and is an OG like me, say hi!
  5. handsomedevil

    Luke's Custom Squad - 1st Contest!

    Too bad I suck at customs!
  6. handsomedevil

    Another eBay gripe

    Just to play Devil's Advocate... I sell on eBay occasionally and they are always changing up the form to sell an item. Sometimes mine have Best Offer buttons when I didn't intend for them to. Then I receive an offer and realize what happened and have to revise the listing. In regard to the stories above, yes. I have had all those things happen to me as a buyer and it's frustrating. With the outrageous eBay and PayPal fees, I usually don't add a Best Offer option. People either wanna buy your item for next to nothing or haggle over a buck or two. No thanks.
  7. handsomedevil

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    If anyone is just building the Sauron figure and not interested in Boxers Deadpool, X-Men Deadpool, or Lady Deadpool in the package... Hit me up. TiA
  8. handsomedevil

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I am SOOOO late to this party... Those all look amazing, Luke!
  9. handsomedevil

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    I'll probably get boo'd out of the room, but I want more Deadpool. I just read Deadpool Kills Deadpool again and there are some AWESOME character options in there like Howard the Duckpool, Wolvie-pool, Panda-pool, Dog-pool, the cowboy 'Pool, the Luchador-pool, Pulp Deadpool, the list goes on and on...
  10. handsomedevil

    Wave 68: Giant Size X-Men

    Back in the old days of 'Mates, I quit collecting because it seemed every pack I bought had something wrong with it. Bad tempos, broken parts, missing pieces, frozen joints, etc. I have been pretty selective with my recent purchases and haven't encountered any issues. Is QC slipping again???
  11. handsomedevil

    Animated Marvel Minimates Wave 3

    I found the Squirrel Girl Pack on Christmas Eve (and got a blind-bagged Silk in my stocking)! Bout time!
  12. handsomedevil

    Marvel NOW! Minimates Blind Bag Series

    I'm just over here only interested in Deadpool 2099. hahaha
  13. handsomedevil

    Revoltech Marvel (Comics)

    Wow. Had no idea these even existed. You guys cost me too much money! hahaha! I need that Deadpool. Where is the best place to get them and best price you've seen? I haven't bought a Revoltech in forever. I only have Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream...
  14. handsomedevil


  15. handsomedevil

    Predator Minimates

    I would have loved to assemble the human team from the original Predator movie, but it seems like more trouble than it's worth at this point. I have a guy that will sell me Billy for a great price, but getting the rest is going to be a headache...