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  1. I'm hoping for the classic suit for Rocket and those Captain and Thor's new looks as well.
  2. I'll snap a picture of the back when I get home and share it.
  3. Is the eye icon available on mobile I dont see it on here.
  4. Not quiet sure how to do put a spoiler tag. Hang tight I'll figure it out.
  5. Are you guys ok if I post a pic of the Walgreens Wave? I just found a full set.
  6. Just received my series 1 and 2 specialty sets still on the hunt for Walgreens waves. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to get missing accessories from the try if the set is still boxed and sealed? I figured it was best not to open it.
  7. I'm totally down if it's kick-ass that is my number one most wanted license in minimate form
  8. Is there going to be a tru wave too this go around? And if so is Michonne still in the line up?
  9. Heath is my most wanted Alexandria survivor please DST.
  10. The whisperer with michonne is the guy who captured dante if I remember correctly
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