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  1. We have a thread for wacky pics, but I can't believe we don't have one for general pics! Here are some I took recently. Hope you guys have some too. Wolverine and his foes Ghost Spiderwoman vs. AIM Scorpion vs. Spiderman Civil War: Spiderman vs. Cap Blackbolt: Deadman vs OMAC '
  2. Starring Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax, and Gamora Concept art from the SDCC panel!
  3. This was actually very easy! Took me less than a day to make, and pretty proud of the turnout. WARNING-PIC HEAVY With creepy lighting: With my lightbox: Chestburster Facehugger As an "easter egg" I used BSG dress blues, maybe the Aliens boarded Galactica? EDIT: Pics with a xenomorph
  4. Punisher

    What are you watching?

    AMAZING episode. And i'll just leave this here:
  5. Punisher

    Happy Birthday Youbastards!

    Happy Birthday
  6. Punisher

    Charitymates 7

    My second hero before I ship these to TM2. "Limb" Highly trained mercenary Rex Ghost was one of the world's best soldiers. Until a helicopter crash left him without his arms and left leg. Itching to get back into the field, Ghost signed up for a top secret experimental program which promised to return his limbs. The tech that was surgically implanted into his nerve endings creates a mix of air pressure and gravity manipulated limbs that allow Ghost super-human strength and stamina. Calling himself "Limb" he uses his new gifts to become one of the most dangerous anti-heroes of all time!
  7. Punisher

    Charitymates 7

    Meet MAXX Punch! MAXX Punch stemmed from a basic idea: If superheroes were real, they'd be treated like celebrities right? This treatment would then include the inevitable non-stop paparazzi, endless scandals, sex tapes, appearances on the front pages of tabloids, etc. So Punch is essentially the Charlie Sheen of superheroes.
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    I'm leaving...

    Sad to see you go, GH. You've been one of the most gracious and helpful members who had no problem going out of their way to help someone out, myself included.
  9. Punisher

    Iron Man 3 Minimates -

    Love the idea of a hodge-podge of armors for the final battle. Would have been an excellent payoff.
  10. Punisher

    Pacific Rim: Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots

    Fist fighting was a must. The entire world pooled their finances and sources to fund the Jagers themselves. Think of how expensive ammunition is. Now think of how expensive ammunition for a Jager would be.
  11. Punisher

    Which do you recommend?

    IMO if i had to compare the two Star Trek was an amazing popcorn flick whereas GI Joe was mediocre at best.
  12. Punisher

    Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

    IGN has a description of the footage shown at the panel: "And what producer Kevin Feige, director James Gunn, and the cast did have to show the crowd was pretty great. Chris Pratt's Star-Lord is not earthbound when we first see him in this sizzle reel, even though he is very clearly of Earth. He has an iPod, listens to "Hooked on a Feeling" (which becomes the main music of the piece eventually), and can give the finger with the best of them. He gets caught stealing some kind of alien orb and is arrested by Djimon Hounsou's Korath (revealed as a member of the cast just tonight). Thrown in an intergalactic booking station, Star-Lord winds up alongside the other criminals who will become the Guardians of the Galaxy: Zoe Saldana's very green Gamora, Dave Bautista's green with some reddish highlights Drax, the tree-man Groot, and the little spitfire Rocket Raccoon. The five of them wind up in a Usual Suspects kind of police line-up shot, which is the great moment that the reel crescendos with, but we also get to see the group in action, including the CGI Groot and Rocket. They look perfect, although we still haven't heard their voices and don't know who will play them. The practical make-up on Gamora and Drax also nails the look of the comics, and we even got a glimpse of Star-Lord in his famed helmet at one point. And the tone of the whole thing is unique -- funny, strange, and kind of out there. Very James Gunn! Marvel is definitely pushing in a new direction with this one."
  13. Punisher

    Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

    Great look at some props from the movie
  14. Punisher

    The Pixar Theory

    That is incredibly stupid. Maybe it's just as simple as the people working on these films like to make small nods to past and future films they worked on.
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    Black Series Han and Greedo
  16. Punisher

    Happy Birthday Shanester!

    Hope you had an excellent birthday, Shane!
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    NECA Predator vison Dutch
  18. Punisher

    Pacific Rim: Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots

    It's already made an est. $53 million internationally, and doesn't open in Hong Kong or Japan for another few weeks. Which I assume will do great there for obvious reasons.
  19. Punisher

    Pacific Rim: Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots

    This movie is going to KILL internationally. Lets not call it a flop just yet.
  20. Punisher

    Pacific Rim: Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots

    This movie was incredible. So beautiful and so much damn fun.
  21. Punisher

    Upcoming Movies

    Lurch I know the feeling. I work at a movie theatre and seeing people point in excitement at the Grown Ups poster while Pacific Rim is fully ignored is completely sad.
  22. Punisher

    TRU Wave 16

    THIS. But I want Thor to have his own set. Thor Thor Thor And Gorr