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  1. Welp. I'm out. Tired of the bullying that goes on here. A few rotten apples ruins the whole bunch. I'm going to sell off what I own, no more DST products for me. Hope that makes the "hunt" easier for the decent board members here.
  2. "I have no insider info but after scouring ebay for the last 8 years for Minimates on a daily basis you get to know (feel ?) what's going on ........& fairly quickly . That's not to say I buy much from ebay it's just a good gauge ." - BHM ""Ebay shouldn't be your measuring stick for the health of the line " is what you said not what I said ." - BHM Of course that's what I said, based on what you said. Is it that surprising I came to the conclusion you were using ebay as a gauge when you specifically said you were using ebay as a gauge? It seems like the only sin I've committed here was to comment as to what you've actually said. God forbid any member with less comments here than you actually disagree with you! And you want to accuse me of twisting your posts, perhaps you need to actually reread what you wrote?
  3. BHM, I was trying to edit your post for space and was replying specifically to your last paragraph, but I was doing so on my less than helpful Samsung tablet. "Minimates ain't going away any time yet" Is what you specifically said. Yes, That's what we've been saying all along. I'm actually "buggered" that you can make such a statement then say that you don't know where you ever made such a statement. WE have been telling you not to worry. Page one includes such statements as: Post #2 - "I still don't think this is the end" - youbastards Post #3 - "I don't think TRU is done with minimates altogether" - ME Post #5 - "I am hesitant to call Doom and Gloom" - Zexion_Armando Post #7 - "I am trying not to read too much into the clearance pricing, and just assuming that TRU is clearing out old stock" - hellpop Post #8 - "I'm not worried" - MisterPL Post #10 - "We'll be fine. Trust me." - TM2 Dinobot That's just page one. Five different people not including myself trying to ease your (at the time) worried mind on just the first page alone. So yes, I still feel comfortable saying "we". I'm sure there's more, but since I guess you couldn't be bothered to read the first page yourself, I don't think I need to go through all 14 pages either. I really, really don't understand how this thread has turned. BHM has been down on the future of minimates at TRU, a majority of us who actually have local TRU's have been trying to give a picture from the ground-floor, not secondhand like BHM's ebay observations, and actually trying to counter with what we see first hand. Did I misunderstand, BHM? Were you, or were you not worried about minimates future at TRU? Is the thread not titled "what happens now?" And have WE not been saying that WE are not as worried as you were? Because that's exactly how I've interpreted what's been going on in this thread and I'm particularly irritated with having my posts twisted. Zach, sorry if I've offended your precious "Gordon Gecko". I know I'm not exactly on your good side after posting the Bryan Singer minimate (which I would have taken down if you'd asked politely), but it's interesting to see you publicly take sides against me after I've been rallying for your precious line this whole thread. Maybe as the PR rep for your company you should learn how to be more diplomatic? I think the proof in this post speaks for itself, but since you'd rather toady up to your biggest spender at the expense of someone who was actually correct, I've lost all respect for you Zach. That was incredibly low and uncalled for. No wonder so many people have called it quits here.
  4. I think Cyclops was meant as a part of a variant wave from the last Wolverine wave, looks like he found a new home. I recall seeing a few selling on ebay for outrageous prices that escaped from the factory. I bet those people are going to be pissed!
  5. We've been telling you not to worry. I was now telling you ebay shouldnt be your guide since you just mentioned it. There have been other posters who said it was not the end, do I need to quote them? Of course smaller numbers of army builders will be on ebay since so many collectors absorbed them into their collections, theres not as many up for sale.As for if you're right or wrong on actual numbers produced, you know who to ask, which is not me. But the non-army builders from other waves (non-tru18) turn up more frequently than the army builders from their corresponding waves all the time on ebay. So that isnt a true reflection of items available, just ones people are willing to part with.
  6. Which is what we've been trying to tell you all along. Rare, hard to find waves occur inpractically every toy line. Ebay shouldn't be your measuring stick for the health of the line. Loss of momentum is very subjective.
  7. Awesome!! I hope I didn't miss out taking this long to respond! (Finals week taking too much of my attention) PM replied to!
  8. Looks like a typo. I think he meant "never to be printed", not re-printed.
  9. Thanks for posting that, papymojo. I tried to read the actual article but it wouldnt let me go to page 2 without registering. From the first page it seems like the author is a bit too "the sky is falling". The bar graph isn't great but its not a huge drop in revenue, it a drop in market share. I saw no mention of all the readily available price scanners when saying people are confused on prices, and the description of the store interior sounds fake. Sounds like a writer up against a deadline just doing some muckraking.
  10. That would be great but it seems like the deck is already stacked against that since Marvel/DC love to send out their press releases every time it happens. They seem overeager to break their arms patting themselves on the back.
  11. There's a connection to be made here about Martha Stewart having been where Digger needs to go...
  12. Especially if we get a bike with Kiddo I definitely want Nurse Elle as well.
  13. I might have to get into this if the gameplay is any good.
  14. I never understood why we got Jasper Sitwell over Robert Redford's character. Not that he's a difficult QC but still.
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