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  1. Toyark has pictures
  2. The walls and sidewalk were made out of pink insulation foam, the asphalt out of foam core. Most of the windows were scavenged from play sets & mega-bloks, some were 3D printed. The front double door and the rooftop AC unit were 3D printed. The roof of the roof top shed was a fence post cap, the fire escape was an under gravel filter for a fish tank. If anyone's interested in making dioramas for you figures you should join the Diostructures FaceBook group, only problem I've ever had there is how bad my stuff looks compared to some of the wizards in the group.
  3. Thanks for the appreciative comments! I'll be putting it up on eBay next week, I just don't have room for it.
  4. Man, Google has become a royal PIA lately. In case you're interested here are non-Google links that you can use to see the pictures: Garage door side Blue door side Front door side Fire escape side Top view Action One Action Two Action Three Action Four
  5. Hmm, I wonder why you can't see the images. Anyone have a clue, or also having a problem seeing them?
  6. Just found the Ms. Marvel wave in Baltimore, MD
  7. Found them in-store in Baltimore, MD today.
  8. Glen Burnie, the Walgreens across from the TRU.
  9. Found the latest wave in Maryland today
  10. I found another full set of 3 today, cost + 3% PayPal fee + shipping
  11. I just found another full set of 2.5, cost + PayPal fee = $35.25, plus shipping if anyone is still looking.
  12. Question for anyone who picked these up: Are there any differences in any of the figures and the past release of that figure? Trying to decide if they are a "need" to purchase.
  13. I have an extra set of the Walgreens mates if anyone is in need, cost ($34) plus shipping.
  14. Trekker 42, the cases are for 1/64 scale cars - matchbox, hot wheels, turned vertically for the minimates. Every Marvel Minimate fits in them well, with the exception of the stupid Phoenix Armor Iron Man/Deapool. I don't remember who here on the Multiverse first suggested using these cases, but it added a new level to my obsession.
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