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  1. Related:
  2. I'll see if I can dig out my FTP details and upload a newer version of TT then
  3. Probably as theres really only me, Luke or Shane that can look into it and that topic title probably lured people in. At first I thought it was because the boardside version of TT is really old, but oddly I can't replicate this issue on WP or Android versions of Tapatalk. I assume other boards work fine for you?
  4. Now that Gut Constrictor is out of the running, you could repurpose him as a pair of fighting twins, Saul and Lars Intestine.
  5. Aha, thats who got it. Apologies, I long since lost track of who got what of mine :/ I recall several of the test shots got stolen by the USPS too :/
  6. Out of curiosity, which Venom is it? There was once in my possession (and now I believe in BHMs) a Venom with Tongue ShopKo single pack.
  7. Here you go TM2, gaze lovingly into Laras eyes:
  8. Was free, that offer finished on the 1st :/ I somehow ended up with TR:Definitive. Yup, its pretty
  9. Excited! Hopefully they hit around the same time as Alien: Isolation?
  10. Aye. But im not paying full price for a prettier version of a game I only bought last year.
  11. If you use the "quick reply box" to type your responses (its at the bottom of each thread) the top row of buttons has what appears to be a lightswitch. Try pressing it and seeing if it changes your ability to use the IMG tags.
  12. [url= Thats using the tool. Thats using the IMG tags So both versions appear to work fine for me, what browser you using? The OK button certainly does/should work? Did you put the CODE tags around your attempt earlier? (because you shouldnt)
  13. The old fashioned [img=urlhere] tags should be working fine, as should clicking the picture button in the toolbar here (provided your using the WYSIWIG editor) Can you try posting some images in a reply in this thread and I'll see whats amiss.
  14. Happy birthday sir! Coincidentally I was watching you on my TV last night.
  15. My understanding is that legal action would be taken on "behalf of your backers" by whichever lawyer was hired (by the backers(s))to take legal action on the backers behalf. There have been some reasonably high profile Kickstarter failures that generated more interest than this ever would and I'm pretty certain KS didn't sue anyone.
  16. You're going to have to go either direct to Digger or down the legal route. Kickstarter themselves won't mediate in a dispute. The difficulty you will have is proving that he IS NOT going to deliver, he can simply state that they will come (eventually) and you can't touch him. As a veteran of the ShockerWars I can safely say that a small amount of people spamming his twitter and facebook will probably achieve nothing, he'll simply block you. Hate to be the king of the negative zone but you're verging on the point of either having to forget about it and wait it out or launching costly and probably pointless legal action.
  17. My most treasured item is a proto/paint master of the original version of this cable. Who do I have to murder/bribe to get the newer one too? FWIW I'm all for more Cable.
  18. Yup. Although first time I've needed to. It says change theme on the absolute bottom left for me?
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