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  1. There have been multiple occasions where even main line hasbro transformers haven’t transformed, such as the action master lines. Yes the original premise of the line was robots in disguise and the transformation part was a large part of the play pattern however as mentioned above that always meant a trade off where either the robot or vehicle mode looked janky and had what was lovingly called kibble all over it. This led to statues, RED (robot enhance design) figures and all sorts that simply represent one mode and do it without having to accommodate the engineering and parts for both modes. Oddly it’s not a criticism I’ve seen levelled against Funko Pop Transoformers, is it that people are more accepting of that body? It’s perhaps a strange one to get your head around but even on the TF focused boards out there no one is surprised/ disappointed they don’t transform, just like people weren’t with the Super7 or Pop figures.
  2. Always had a soft spot for Transformers, my walls are covered in MTMTE/LL art and signed covers. License is exciting, masses of repaint potential for DST too, from that first wave alone you've got every random Seeker colour ever, Shackwave, Other emperata victims, Cliffjumper, Bugbite, Nemesis Prime, Magnus san armour, Thunderclash, Pyro etc etc. Transformers was the king of mold reuse and palette swaps, with the benefit that most of them are other characters as opposed to just a blue version of the same bloke. The Kreon lines had a lot of part reuse without becoming stupid. This site is cool for looking at existing reuses too. Be interesting to see what else this can open the door to, especially as for a long period recently there was a Hasbro shared comics universe that had GIJoe, Mask, Micronauts, Visionaries etc in, also led to some interesting merging of their lore and the creation of hybrid Solstar/Transformers and all sorts.
  3. Okay, so I also had it spoiled, but thanks to the report a post function. Don't post spoilers especially when you know full well how the forum and the spoiler tag function works. To recap, if something hasn't been blatantly shown in a trailer then its obviously a spoiler, and in the views of many even if something is in a trailer, its a spoiler. What you did was inexcusable, and to my mind deliberate.
  4. Afternoon folks! The Android app uses a now ancient framework that doesn't get on with anything post 4.3 I think, infact everything I have published on the Google Play store suffers from the same issue, my todo list does feature moving all of my existing (albeit orphaned) pile of apps onto a more modern framework. I actually teach school kids app development 1 day a week nowadays, so I might get them to do them as a class project. On the subject of apps, when they get redone, they'll work on Android and WP8.1/Win 10. iOS apps are obviously doable, but Apple charge about $100 a year just to publish, something I dont think is justified by any of my stuff.
  5. He's working as a male model. Srsly.
  6. As the worlds most absent admin I don't really know what issues you speak of. However if you feel so strongly couldn't you just log out and not log in again? Unless we've upgraded to sentient board software no one is forcing anyone else to post or interact. I'm happy to ban everyone, but it seems to me you could deal with this yourself in a less public way.
  7. Im a 20 Warlock on the Xbox One - AdyCarter
  8. My kids. Oh yes. They've actually just seen them on this thread via that above pic for the first time, and you wouldn't believe how excited they both are (and theres 7 years between them) The youngest also told me that Grandad would like them too....
  9. I think the key difference between what he said and what you said is the inclusion of the word " hypothetical " All Chickenlittling aside, the whole "turning off completionists" argument pops up whenever theres something like this, and I think I agree with Zach in that it never actually makes a difference.
  10. Serve him court papers at his panel and get him removed from SDCC, worked with Geoff
  11. Happy birthday sir! Happy birthday sir!
  12. You'd be best off reading wikipedia or something and finding a chronological order. Filling in the blanks on 25 years of stories is problematic. I can probably answer most of your questions, but only if you're sure, as it will spoil your reading enjoyment. PS. I hope theyre legit digital comics!
  13. If one of the is the SG Rodimus Kreon, lets talk.
  14. Maybe you should just offer to send it another member for the cost of shipping? Seems a little tacky to use something made for this specific forum as trade fodder when you know there are plenty of others who would cherish it. YB beat me to it. I agree with him. If it was a regular released blank for the con it would be a different story. This was such a great thing for DST to actually make a Minimate Multiverse minimate giveaway in the first place, using it as trade bait is disappointing. This is just my opinion, you can do whatever you want with it. Like YB says, there are plenty who would have loved to been there to get their own free handout, but couldn't make it for whatever reason. Like the Bombermate before it, Im sure some will end up getting "sold", lets just hope there isn't an elaborate deception this time involving people making their own and passing them off as real.... Im sure Shane will distribute those that remain fairly, or I'll cry at not having one myself
  15. As the man who crudely made the cube and mmmv logo 8 years ago following a conversation with TBT where I was throwing forum names about, its a very special thing for me to see that mate. <3
  16. Yet oddly when I go to on Chrome here I get no warnings :/ The only reference to on that thread was in a post here: Where a picture of Jen was embeded. Its now gone, fixed?
  17. Its websense. We use it here too. Basically the proxy server pre scans your target for "bad words" which it assosciates with certain black lists managed by categories. in this instance there is something on those pages which your websence settings block as its allegedly related to a blocked category. There's nothing we can do and its not blocking the site because its hacking you, its blocking it because keywords on the page trigger your blocking settings for that category.
  18. Buggered if I can find the cause. Going to rebuild attachment cache...
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