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  1. I found them a couple days before Endgame came out but only at one store in my area and haven’t seen a sniff of them elsewhere around me. Been looking to grab an extra cap/rocket set but no dice since about 4/24.
  2. Found the full Walgreens wave in Newton, MA just now. The boxes are bright white and easy to identify from previous waves. No need to peg dive, no white showing, no new wave. ?
  3. So Walgreens wave 2 doesn’t actually exist, right? I have been all over 3 states in New England this summer, to probably 50 different Walgreens stores and haven’t seen a sniff of wave 2. I’ve seen stores with full pegs and stores in desperate need of a restock and still nothing. eBay listings are virtually non-existent as well. He’ll i haven’t even seen any wave 1 restocks. What the heck is going on with these?
  4. I’ve stopped looking beyond stores in my daily driving radius until I see these show up a little more wide spread. Coming up with nothing fast.
  5. I’ve seen those awful full set listings as well. You’ve got the right idea keeping eyes on eBay though for a decent indicator of when and how thoroughly these hit stores.
  6. They probably weren’t made aware of his actual screen time at the time these were planned/solicited. I mean in the trailer they had him placed in Wakanda charging with the other heroes which was obviously a red herring. wouldve been happier with him if they gave him that surprised/scared look he had after a certain someone did something to him.
  7. Again I make my semi-annual plea... if you find the latest wave at Walgreens, please tell us the state and at least the approximate city. This helps other people by letting us know if the distribution is occurring anywhere close to where we live and shop. “Found these near me” or “found these at two of my stores” isn’t going to help anybody else out.
  8. Sounds like DST benefited from some good timing. TRU must not have taken delivery on this wave just yet. In my mind they were in containers or trucks and probably days away from delivery when the liquidation news broke. A lot of vendors are trying like hell to get TRU to return any unopened warehouse stock instead of being allowed to ship it to their stores to liquidate it. TRU owes vendors a whole lot of money. And those vendors know there’s a slim chance they’ll see any payout when the liquidations are over and the bankruptcy is settled, so they want their shit back. DST must’ve said screw it, pull them back, we’ll have a better chance of getting money for these elsewhere. Guessing TRU already owes them a boatload even without this shipment arriving. Anyway, I ordered from Luke.
  9. With the movie 6 weeks out I don’t think there’s any doubt TRU already took delivery on their stock from DST. The question is whether they started distributing that stock regionally or not. If they have there’s still a shot they push that stock out to stores and liquidate it themselves as they clear out the regional distribution centers. If they haven’t it’s more likely they just liquidate the entire lot to a wholesaler and we’ll see them show up in the TJ Maxx, 5 Below or Dollar General type stores. With the chaos of the last few weeks who knows where they’re at.
  10. eBay says no TRU sets are out yet. I found the Walgreens set today in central MA.
  11. Nothing in Massachusetts yet. Although the BP wave is around. And wave 24 restocks. Time now for my semi-annual pet peeve rant... if you find these please tell us which state at least. “Found these at my local TRU” helps no one.
  12. Found the Walgreens and tru sets today in south east Massachusetts. Also found the newest Walgreens animated wave. No signs of TRU 25.
  13. Thank you so much for the heads up. Glad to not have to chase these anymore. Pro tip: pick up a couple extra sets of mini mates to get your order to $30 and one of them will essentially be free because then the free shipping and kicks in
  14. Anyone in New England come across these? (If so, where?) Getting a bit tired of the hunt for these. So much Wolvie wave still out there everywhere. Some stores got Ragnarok, some got Homecoming restocks, none have received TRU24 though.
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