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  1. I've been out of the loop as far as Minimates goes for, oh, the past year and a half? Mainly because I haven't been interested in the design direction that they have taken and, well, what few Minimates I have still bought break within a day or so after I open them. (I'm not that rough on them! They just break! Honest! ) Anyway, I may try to take part in this Q&A. I've said since they were announced that Battle Beast Minimates would be the only thing that would get me back into collecting a full line of Minimates once again. Now here we are, what? Almost two years later and still nothing? I mean, kudos to all those fans that like the Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters, Back to the Future, KnightRider, Femme Fatales, Halo, and other video game titles that have been announced after Battle Beasts... But I just want my little animal dudes in armor!
  2. 6"? Damn. A mite bit too big for me to collect all of them. Maybe I'll just pick up a couple favorites.
  3. Squeee! I will be buying all of those! And therefore not buying Wave 36, since the only ones I had wanted were Stiltman and Silver Centurion.
  4. Awww...hell. This sucks that I'll probably never have a complete Minimate Battle Beast collection if they're making all the limited promos different. I love Minimates and Battle Beasts and was really looking forward to buying them all (since I know I'll never find all of those insanely rare Laser Beasts at a price I can afford, I wanted a Battle Beast collection I could finally call "complete"), but damn...
  5. Now these I will have to get all of! If there's a shred of truth to this. I already have the Time Squad figures (save the Master, bloody build-a-figures!), but actual Minimate Daleks....Mmmm.
  6. Alright, so I just got this set and was fairly satisfied with it. It sounds like I was extremely fortunate that my Doc Ock's arms stay in snuggly enough... But the upper arm pieces for Spidey and Black Cat are incredibly deformed at the elbow. It may not be something that sticks out visually, but it is definitely noticeable when you try to bend the elbow. It feels like the elbow is backwards (we've all dealt with that before ) even though it's not. In fact, the first time I tried bending Black Cat's left elbow, it just completely cracked due to the oddly distributed pressure. With this happening after my Mephisto's hip broke seconds after removing him from the package, and the time before that Scorpion's tail just about snapped off while removing him from package (it's on by a strand of plastic now), I'm seriously doubting buying Minimates in the future. My lack of interest in the next few waves doesn't help either... Just about the only thing that is going to bring back into Minimates the way I was in the beginning is Battle Beasts...Because I'm going to buy ALL of those
  7. I must admit that I never wanted the lab...for the lab.
  8. And here I got excited that this thread was revived to bring new GOOD news. Back to my corner I go to grumble at everyone who walks by...
  9. I would LOVE a Gator Guard in Gruesome's colors... ...And a Minimate Pirate Lion to fight him!
  10. I was looking for those at the Reprolabels site a couple days ago and couldn't find these being offered anymore. I know they periodically remove things from their site, so if they aren't there (and there is a fair chance that I'm just not seeing them), I hope that the new Battle Beast line will compel them to offer these up again. I would definitely buy some. If you scroll to the bottom of the Reprolabels homepage, there's a link to That's where Reprolabels has moved most of their non-Transformers labels, including Battle Beasts.
  11. Looks like there's going to be a new Battle Beast website coming from the webmasters that run - Their first content is a pretty nice gallery of Gator Guard. As for the rub symbols, I'm not worried. Mainly because I need to order more from anyway. I may as well just grab a few extra for when they finally start up this Minimates line.
  12. I know it's been said, but I HAVE to find a way to get that Battle Beast giveaway. Hopefully a little cheaper than the $25+ the ONE on eBay will be going for
  13. I have Wave 31 on pre-order with BBTS, but...I don't like the majority of 32. If the comic book store gets it in, I'll grab a Kree Soldier/Yellow Jacket. If not, it's not a huge loss for me
  14. I see...I wonder what the deal is with this red splatter Cylon then? As for the actual Red Stripe Cylon, I may just end up giving a red paint-sash to some of the Cylons I already have and avoid a vehicle I don't really care for.
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