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  1. That's what I'd recommend. Printing out multiple swatches at once will save you time, paper, and expensive toner. (Like having your own Pantone book.) Just make sure you identify your swatches for easy reference. (Like this .) great idea!
  2. thanks!! @TBT, yup I sculpted the head piece. yup, I'm actually looking for one from that line.
  3. thanks. take a break from my mignola set and decided to make a darth vader mini. I'm still looking for a lightsaber. a bit dusty after leaving it on my table for a few days.
  4. you are a super saiyan customizer! I like that goku very much!
  5. Custom Index ​Hellboy and B.P.R.D (Mignola Art) Customs - pg.1 Darth Vader - pg.2 Hellboy and B.P.R.D (Mignola Art) Customs I made this for my personal collection of anything Mignola related. I'm just looking for more fodders then I will start on my 2nd set (Liz, Prof Broom, Rasputin, Kroenen, and Kriegaffe).
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