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  1. No sir, this is my favorite movie, so these were the only ones in the works.
  2. 1/24 is the best match, but 1/25 works as well, you just need to check steering wheel to leg clearance. I can't remember the manufacturer, but it's $21 at Michaels Hobby Store I've also seen it at the Hobby Lobby
  3. I have a lot of die cast cars as well that I will post later tonight, I'm a big fan of scale friendly 'mate vehicles
  4. This was the only model in this scale, they had a 1/32 scaled tank that is close to working but I haven't checked it out yet. I'll post a few more photos of my jeep collection as well as two helicopters I've built that sale perfectly with the 'mates.
  5. If you dont put the black pegs on the handles, it fits in the 'mates hands like a glove. Thankfully there's a 'mate for The Texas Rattlesnake.
  6. The Jeep in the photos was purchased at a local Michael's Hobby Store. It's a 1/25 plastic scale model built from sratch. I have two additional Jeeps that i built. I recommend this model to anyone looking for military items to there 'mate collection. I updated a few photos of my 1/24 scale helicopters. They are plastic scaled models built from scratch, so these are for someone with patience and a week of free time, but the end result is priceless. Notice the custom Playboy Bunny Helo form the movie Apocalypse now.
  7. I have recently purchased a few of the desert sets. I must say MegaBloks nailed, but i had also recently purchased the AGR vehicle with the tracks, and in the set it gives you two sets of tracks for the sole reason that they break after about a couple of days, so im a little nervous about the durability of these tracks.
  8. Thanks brother!! I've found pretty much anything labeled 1:24 or 1:25 scale work (almost) always with minimates!
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