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  1. Turtle

    wave 79

    Although I'm not really interested in the character, I've got to say, DST is doing way more than a half-way decent job on Cosmic Ghostrider. That I think will end up being a damn cool Minimate.
  2. With the 50th anniversary recently passing, why not necro an old thread? Anyone else pick up the Creator Lunar Lander? It's a fun set to complement the Saturn 5, and it can break apart for the ascent stage which is super cool. What about the mission to Mars city sets? They look pretty nifty, and they're based on real NASA stuff.
  3. If you were really trying to disappoint people, that's the Comic Starlord you would release. Another Angela? Moondragoon looks cool. Might grab her and Warlock. Another miss from DST. Which is sad.
  4. Totally rad. First time I've been tempted by marvel legends in a while.
  5. The answer to that will be no. The video game probably has a license to use the costumes in game, but not a license to merchandise those costumes.
  6. Agreed. This movie could have easily filled a wave. Spidey had four different costumed looks. Mysterio obviously. Final battle Mysterio and Stark drones would have been a super cool set. Happy and May. Peter, MJ, Ned. Fury and Maria Hill with alternate heads would be cool too. Oh, Molten Man, Hydro Man, Sandman, and Cyclone too. The idea that an MCU movie just introduced versions of 5 comic villains and we got zero of them is disappointing. I didn't buy any Endgame Minimates and don't feel like I missed out, but leaving this movie and not able to get anything? Bummer.
  7. What are the chances that we would want Minimates for Marvel's Avengers?
  8. Turtle

    wave 79

    I'm totally down for this idea. It's genius.
  9. Sounds like they are working hard to make it happen
  10. The end is nigh thread. So we can leave this thread to discussing the awesomeness of a 90s X-Factor wave.
  11. So in another thread people have been kind of discussing whether or not we are in the end times. I don't know. I consulted the Book of Minimates, but it was silent on this apocalyptic scenario. So what's everyone's thoughts? Are we in the end times? Are we in a lull? Where are Minimates sold these days and where are they marketed? If Minimates are circling the drain, is it the natural and probably consequence of TRU closing or is there more DST could be doing? With the rise of other similar designer/vinyl/deformed toys has the Minimates brand lost its footing in that niche? How has the rise of the MCU and its popularity affected the brand? Is DST doing enough to pursue new licenses and new retailer outlets? Has DST grown complacent? Discuss.
  12. Awesome exclusive! I preordered the wave and the Madrox set. I haven't been this excited for Minimates since I can't remember when.
  13. The movie was super good. I think DST was working with what they had. A lot of other companies focused on the Quantum suits, but, yeah, a lot of missed opportunities here. A lot. I would love to see screen accurate takes on Cap, Rocket, War Machine, and Thor.
  14. So... now that everyone knows how to use the spoiler tag, would someone mind posting the spoiler in a spoiler tag? At this point I'm just curious to see what the hubbub was about. Minimate, thanks for sharing that you have autism. Some may see it as an excuse, but it really does help us understand you a bit a better, and it helps us understand better how to communicate and respond.
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