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  1. A true thing of beauty. I have it displayed with the Lander, the ISS and the Women of NASA set. Awesome stuff. The First is a TV series I think you might enjoy, CmdrShep. It's far from perfect, but it's a real world show set in the near future about preparations for the first trip to Mars. I enjoyed it. I also recommend the book series the Lady Astronaut. It is an alternate history/speculative fiction piece that is based in real world science. The supposition is that a massive meteor hits near DC in the 1950s, decimating the eastern seaboard and seriously altering humanity'
  2. So in another thread people have been kind of discussing whether or not we are in the end times. I don't know. I consulted the Book of Minimates, but it was silent on this apocalyptic scenario. So what's everyone's thoughts? Are we in the end times? Are we in a lull? Where are Minimates sold these days and where are they marketed? If Minimates are circling the drain, is it the natural and probably consequence of TRU closing or is there more DST could be doing? With the rise of other similar designer/vinyl/deformed toys has the Minimates brand lost its footing in that niche
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