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  1. I'm hoping that Rocket in his blue/red DnA comic inspired suit gets a minimate. It'll be cool if the rest of the GotG get matching suits when they're undusted.
  2. I was, like, there's literally no way this wave could be better until you said that. (Iceman is a great example of why changing looks is a good idea for marketability.) This wave really has me stoked! I've had a crappy week, but every time I see X-Factor in minimate form, I just smile.
  3. This is a great and glorious day. All shall rejoice and be glad. X-Factor cometh.
  4. Fingers crossed
  5. Turtle

    wave 77

    You don't think it's the same way that Falcon's goggles have worked? They just slide on. This is a neat wave. Miles is the kind of weak link in an otherwise killer assortment, and even that is kind of cool if you're a big fan of the character.
  6. IMO DST needs to develop a new chest block for larger characters. Like, if they could make a torso block just slightly scaled up. And then they could do the same things with arms, legs, heads, and crotch pieces. Like, if a regular minimate were, say, 2 inches tall, this slightly larger minimate could be, say, 2.5 inches tall. It wouldn't have such horrendous proportions. But I think the technology just doesn't exist. Not in the real world anyway.
  7. Turtle

    wave 77

    Wait, what? What is this? I've got like a million Rocket Raccoons it seems, but I didn't even know this Adam Warlock was on the horizon. Walgreens series 10?
  8. My Rogue had stiff knee joints, but after carefully bending them, they work fine. Gave it to a friend already otherwise I would offer her up here.
  9. Those three and Cassie and a big ant.
  10. Mine is already out for delivery. Color me impressed.
  11. Woot woot! Cyclops ordered! Shipping is a little pricey, but I'm not complaining. Now bring on Magik and Emma.
  12. Thanks for the update, Zach!
  13. So BC, animated 9, then TRU 26? All at Walgreens?
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