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  1. Turtle

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Survivor Rick and Winter Zombie from TWD and the tracker from the Dark Tower have that scarf piece.
  2. Turtle

    Infinity War

    Ditto for the most part. I've been scoping out several of the Memphis stores. Nothing new, except that someone recently cleared out the store closest to my house of IW, Ragnarok, and BP mates. So now I know there's another collector in my neck of the woods, which is cool. I don't collect as much these days, but someone is picking up my slack.
  3. Turtle

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    It's almost like the recording quality and the playback quality make a difference to a listener's subjective interpretation. Which is just insane. But I heard yanny early this morning through phone speaker and Laurel through good head phones later.
  4. I can scope out too. If you're only interested in the Collector from that set, you can have mine for freesies.
  5. Turtle

    Infinity War

    Also his name is wrong. He'll always be black dwarf to me. Gamora's accessory is cool. A Cap/Falcon two-pack to me will always be a homerun. Does Hulkbuster have the appropriate head under the slip cover mask?
  6. Turtle

    Any more best of waves?

    I was just about to pay some similar thinking. The best of/greatest hits waves seem complete, but they are missing some of the more recent popularity surges and some holes from the earlier waves. Starlord/Rocket Invisible Woman/Human Torch Black Widow/Doctor Strange Thanos/Black Panther I could see those as evergreen characters at this point.
  7. Turtle

    Any more best of waves?

    Those are beautiful, heinous! Yeah, they wouldn't work at all in a best-of wave type thing, but a wave would really make my day.
  8. Turtle

    Any more best of waves?

    DnA or bust. We'll soon have three releases of the MCU team plus the animated versions. The 2008 would be killer. Dream list: Starlord/Mantis Rocket/Bug Moondragon/Phyla Vell Vance Astro/Jack Flag BAF Groot With Drax/Adam Warlock(with Magus head) and Gamora/Cosmo at Walgreens.
  9. Ha! I just picked up quite a few minimates, and they had the additional 10% off as well. Also, despite being in the "collectible" aisle where everything is 20% off, they got the action figure 30% discount. So good savings.
  10. That's rad. TRU Lego prices mean I only ever pick up exclusives from them.
  11. That discount was even on Lego?
  12. Turtle

    Infinity War

    I remember seeing you post that when it happened. It inspired to pull out the extra TFA Bucky I had. Those legs are nearly identical to the IW legs. Not at as detailed and cool looking as CW legs.
  13. Turtle

    Infinity War

    I just got my Infinity War boxset in the mail. My son and I excitedly sat down to open it up and finish off wave 1. We were both disappointed when Winter Soldier's leg stayed in the packaging when the rest came out. Thanos was missing the upper right-hand slip cover. Basic QC issues can be a real bummer.
  14. Turtle

    TRU 25

    I was pretty floored at the sheer number. I guess all of the sets that didn't end up in everyone else's stores ended up in mine.
  15. Turtle

    TRU 25

    If anyone needs anything from this wave, pm me. I just left one of the local TRUs. They had about 15 of each set. The only set I purchased (not one of these) was 4.58 after taxes.