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  1. The movie was super good. I think DST was working with what they had. A lot of other companies focused on the Quantum suits, but, yeah, a lot of missed opportunities here. A lot. I would love to see screen accurate takes on Cap, Rocket, War Machine, and Thor.
  2. So... now that everyone knows how to use the spoiler tag, would someone mind posting the spoiler in a spoiler tag? At this point I'm just curious to see what the hubbub was about. Minimate, thanks for sharing that you have autism. Some may see it as an excuse, but it really does help us understand you a bit a better, and it helps us understand better how to communicate and respond.
  3. Not exactly a diorama, but this ASM 39 homage is probably my favorite minimate set. Not my favorite characters, not my favorite minimates, but the set works perfectly. I would love to see more sets like that.
  4. Thanks for the sneaky peaky. I think the only criticism I can make of the boxset is that maybe it should have included the Thor/Cap combo instead of War Machine, that way you could get two sets and not have extra 'mates left. Ah well, that ship has sailed, and I trust DST had some reason for doing it the way they did it. Interested to see what the companion wave ends up looking like.
  5. I'm hoping that Rocket in his blue/red DnA comic inspired suit gets a minimate. It'll be cool if the rest of the GotG get matching suits when they're undusted.
  6. I was, like, there's literally no way this wave could be better until you said that. (Iceman is a great example of why changing looks is a good idea for marketability.) This wave really has me stoked! I've had a crappy week, but every time I see X-Factor in minimate form, I just smile.
  7. This is a great and glorious day. All shall rejoice and be glad. X-Factor cometh.
  8. Fingers crossed
  9. Turtle

    wave 77

    You don't think it's the same way that Falcon's goggles have worked? They just slide on. This is a neat wave. Miles is the kind of weak link in an otherwise killer assortment, and even that is kind of cool if you're a big fan of the character.
  10. IMO DST needs to develop a new chest block for larger characters. Like, if they could make a torso block just slightly scaled up. And then they could do the same things with arms, legs, heads, and crotch pieces. Like, if a regular minimate were, say, 2 inches tall, this slightly larger minimate could be, say, 2.5 inches tall. It wouldn't have such horrendous proportions. But I think the technology just doesn't exist. Not in the real world anyway.
  11. Turtle

    wave 77

    Wait, what? What is this? I've got like a million Rocket Raccoons it seems, but I didn't even know this Adam Warlock was on the horizon. Walgreens series 10?
  12. My Rogue had stiff knee joints, but after carefully bending them, they work fine. Gave it to a friend already otherwise I would offer her up here.
  13. Those three and Cassie and a big ant.
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