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  1. Teamwork makes the dream work. I really thought that at least one Expendable would be wearing a black tank top, but no dice.
  2. Mark I Iron Man? SWAT Sarah Connor may lack enough details to work
  3. Gotta take a minute to reiterate how much I appreciate Zach helping to make sure folks like myself ultimately get complete sets.
  4. That seems like it would be a pretty solid boxset. But add black suit Natasha and Iron Maiden and two generic bad guy soldiers, and you've got a wave.
  5. PM sent. I can't express how fortunate we are to have Zach as an active member here. Thanks so much for being awesome!
  6. Nothing. Very disappointing that DST doesn't care enough.
  7. Did you ever hear anything back? I still haven't heard anything.
  8. Archangel's wings attach to the harness by two tiny little pegs. They are very small, but they seemed to hold just fine for me. The wings are also a pretty soft plastic so they can be easily deformed, but that means they can be easily fixed with hot/cold water.
  9. Yeah, I tried both of those already. Thanks though!
  10. Does anyone have any contact info for DST customer service? I've tried contacting them about the missing pieces from the Polaris/Jean Grey set, but all I'm hearing is crickets. I have to say, I'm increasingly disappointed in the quality control of minimates and of the customer service. It's hard to support a line that is consistently selling incomplete items and ignoring pleas to customer service.
  11. Awesome images! As much as I love this wave, I'm a little bummed. My Guido has two left arms, and Polaris is missing a cuff. I'll email CS and see if they can help. Otherwise it's a great wave. These guys look great.
  12. Ah yes. Knew I was forgetting something
  13. Ah yes. Knew I was forgetting something
  14. Just got home to find this awesome package of fun waiting for me. I haven't had a chance to open them up and really feel the glory, but one think struck me: Is this the first time Luke's logo has appeared printed on a set? It's very cool to see it on there.
  15. Thanks for tip on the arms. It does look goofy when done wrong.
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