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  1. MARVEL STUD10S: The First Ten Years

    I'm not collecting minimates, but I would totally buy that set.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok

    How forceful you are, Hulk. Such a perfect specimen of manhood. So... Dominant.
  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    I ran across these yesterday at Walgreens. I'm not collecting anymore, but these looked great and definitely had me tempted. Other than the Tommy Wiseau 'mate, they all look killer.
  4. Deadpool 2?

    His hair has been lightened, but it's never been what I would call blond, and it's gotten darker with every movie. That beard is certainly not blond in Infinity War images that have been released.
  5. Deadpool 2?

    When conversations like this come up, I wonder where the backlash was against Chris Evans as Cap. He's supposed to be blond, not brunette! Horrible casting choice? Uninspired? Lazy? Compromising the character? Domino is supposed to be visually striking. The movie version does that. Ok by me. I'm sure the film makers we're looking for someone that would bring the necessary attitude to the part, and that should be what matters most. And I'm sure Deadpool will have a forth-wall-breaking quip about it in the movie.
  6. Take Care, MMMV

    Hey man, hate to hear you'll be leaving, but I'm in the same boat.
  7. 1/6 Scale Action Figures

    I'm looking forward to the Justice League figures, especially the more vibrant colors on Superman. The Thor stuff looks great, but I'll probably go with Mezco's 1:12 Thor and Hulk instead. ROTJ Endor Luke. That's a conundrum. I'll probably get Jedi Luke and try to grab the helmet, poncho, and belt down the road. I don't know. I wish those two weren't on deck at the same time. The Endor gear seems like it could have been included as either a Deluxe or Exclusive version. Endor Leia looks great. It would be nice to see Endor and ESB variations of Han.
  8. wave 75

    Scorpion fits the bill too. (I wouldn't count DA Spiderman or TBolts Venom as Scorpion)
  9. Thor: Ragnarok

    I don't recall Hiroim wearing anything like that in the comics.
  10. Thor: Ragnarok

    My guess for bug dude is Miek, one of Hulk's Warbound buddies from Planet Hulk. I'm guessing Easter Island guy is Korg the Kronan.
  11. wave 74

    It's still pronounced "meery" regardless of what you say.
  12. wave 74

    He brought us up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set us upon a rock and established our goings. Book of Minimates 5:9
  13. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Fun fact: Stephen Merchant is actually a large bio-mechanical robot suit. That's why he's so... off-putting? awkward? The real Stephen Merchant is actually a small fur-ball my cat coughed up that somehow gained consciousness. It was a bit of inspired casting, really.
  14. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Yeah, that's the unused Caliban design.
  15. Wonder Woman Movie

    There's also the fact that WW needed to be inspired by the end of the war. Seeing a sacrifice to save the peace agreement (Peace at any cost!) gave her faith in humanity. I just can't see the end of WW2 having that same effect- holocaust, nuclear bombs (dropped by the "good" guys no less), birth of the Cold War- none of that really fits with the theme. And it was nice to get a different world war than the one we normally get.