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  1. I love GI Joe and got the FCBD set as soon as I could, suffering through the delays until I finally got them. But re-releasing half of them in the first two sets (with some new decos), and charging $40 for them has put me (and others?) off from buying them yet (keep looking for a sale.) I have no interest in this old timers stuff. More power to those who do! DST released some Predator minimates shortpacked in a case and that killed my interest in that line. Sometimes they make weird business decisions.
  2. I wish TRU was still around so we could stroll the aisles and see Minimates, like in the good old days. But I put my pre-orders in for Series 1 and the Bucks because that's how we do it now.
  3. I got Series 1, 2, and 3 for Xmas. They are pretty great. I don't know if I want the SDCC set because it's not that different, but the packing is quite cool. While GI Joe is my favorite 80s cartoon, I haven't picked up Series 1 yet because half of them are recolors of Mates I have for $40. But the Transformers get my full seal of approval!
  4. The humans would be SO TINY inside the little Minimates! Aren't Vinimates just statues, though? That's no fun.
  5. I know. That's why I haven't bought Wave 3 yet, and thus haven't bought Wave 4. It's also why it took me so long to get into the Alien line because of all the blind bag, one per case, rare garbage. I have no problem with any other Minimate lines - but they had no blind bags infecting them. Thankfully, hopefully, they are dead. (I always thought the one-per-case Marvel Minimates were annoying, too, I'm glad I gave up on Marvel years ago.)
  6. Just like MisterPL, I really know nothing about the book, but the movie trailer I saw the other day definitely piqued my interest. Probably not enough buy the Minimates or even see the movie in theatres, but it did look kinda cool.
  7. Luke's Toy Store HAD Keyes until just recently, I'm pretty sure. Must've just run out. The other two blind-bags, well, you're pretty much screwed. But so am I, so I feel your pain.
  8. I know Mac wasn't one per case, but he was more in demand that the guys from the other movies. And that goes double for Hawkins. What's happened is the stores get stuck with figures that nobody wants and the collectors miss out or "pay a premium" like you said. And that sucks for everybody. Who wins?
  9. Yup. Another short packed figure, one per case, while poor Luke's is selling the blind bag Preds from Series 2 for $2 because nobody wants them! Maybe they should have made more Mac/Hawkins/Anna and less of the redundant Predators? It's just a bummer trying to collect this line.
  10. I was also surprised my TRU had them up front after I couldn't find them in the side section. I just bought the shark 2-pack, though, because I bought a couple sets from Luke's and am interested in trying my hand at customizing with his stickers. Should be fun.
  11. No more blind bags is great news! They suck. I have lost interest in this line, haven't picked up Series 3 yet because I never got Hawkins and Mac from Series 2 and it left a sour taste in my mouth. When you announce a Mac/Hawkins 2-pack re-release and those blind bags can RIP, then I shall rejoice. Toy should be fun, not a mad scramble money grab scalpfest. IMO.
  12. Luke's Store has Series 3 in stock, if anybody still needs them. I'm glad I waited and never order from that Minimates Menagerie scalper on Ebay.
  13. I thought the movie was a lot of fun, not boring at all. If you only like the first out of the five, maybe you should find a new series to watch! I bought the Jakks figures they made for the last movie, sadly only lasted a couple of lines - they had a cool ship. The toys for this movie are mostly just little crummy baby toys, I don't get it. They have ships, but the figures look so dumb and cheap. So it's gonna be POTC Minimates for me!
  14. There are so many cool villains on this show, maybe we could get a villain pack? There are not many good guys/gals left - well, maybe Bruce in a mask with a cape! For the bad guys, we've got Fish (RIP twice), Butch, Falcone, Ivy, Jervis Tetch, Zsasz (who got a figure), Firefly, Jerome, and maybe even a Talon!
  15. I have never heard the term "alt-crotch" used before. I like it.
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