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  1. I'm a brat and was lucky enough to pick up two one to open and one to leave on a shelf. Personally, I wouldn't open it because for display purposes you can basically get better versions of the team easily Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus. You can mix and merge to get a great Cyclops from 90's Cyclops take off the strap and use the chest piece, legs and face on a Dark Phoenix Cyclops crotch, cowl, and arms and I added new Muties boots and gloves. Original Storm and T-Bird are usually cheap on Ebay. You can also add on Giant Sized X-Men Colossus boots to Outback X-Men Pete if you want him to look larger. Giant SIzed Storm I have wanted to change her head piece for Capcom Storm but the flesh tones unfortunately don't match. Hope that helps. yes thanks so much. i already have a loose classic wolverine and nightcrawler, i guess ill just buy them all loose and keep the box mint for possible resale.
  2. Hey guys, I recently bought the giant sized x-men boxset on ebay (still debating on whether i should open it or not). I wanted to make a whole x-men team, using this boxset as the base. I really like the idea of making a "classic x-men" team so i really wanna do this. What other figures should i get to complete this team? Thanks.
  3. wow nice! i dont think you missed anyone haha
  4. I actually did that lol any other suggestions?
  5. Hey guys, I have a youtube channel where i unbox and review marvel minimates (if you wanna check it out my username is TheCecilTurtleTV). I was just wondering, what should i unbox on my channel? I have 2 videoes up with more on the way. Please comment your suggestions. Thanks.
  6. Top 10: * Iron Patriot * Angel * Jean Grey * Rogue * Gambit * Kingpin * Galactus * Sentinel * Peter Parker * Mary Jane Spider-Man/Wolverine Variants: * Spider-Man 2099 * Wave 2 black suit Spider-Man
  7. Hey so i have this 2 pack and heard it was pretty rare so i just wanted to clarify. How much would it be worth? Thanks.
  8. Missing the mystique and rogue 2 pack and the firestar and iceman 2 pack
  9. Thank you! Im amazed at how nice all you guys are lol
  10. How can you help? Im just curious
  11. You can find the giant sized xmen on ebay for a decent amout of money. i just got one for 25 buck plus 9 bucks shipping.
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