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  1. Is there any app that any of you use to track down weekly sales on the characters and playsets?
  2. I appreciate the offer Hawk, but I'm going to have to pass. Dead broke and actually hoping the wife finds it
  3. I picked up my Odin Wave at HasbroToyshop with a code for about $122 and some change. I'm hoping the Thanos Wave hits there soon and I can find the same deal. Much easier than trying to do the hunt anymore. Kind of like shopping for Mates at Luke's site. Has anyone seen the SHIELD 3 packs in stores yet? I know they are available online, but I got burned by the site a couple of years ago.
  4. Old man Thompson updated his (sadly).
  5. I get that Mnemosis, it is definitely an acquired taste of comedy and acting. Which is probably why hellpop is right about it sinking if it was on network. Right now I'm watching The Blacklist, The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and to lighten the mood a bit, The Goldberg's, BBT and Fresh off the Boat.
  6. Anybody watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix? I stumbled on a commercial of this and have been watching it as much as possible. Some really funny stuff and zingers.
  7. Hey DST Zach, what happened with the Cable Select? I've seen some that look like he had a little shrinkage in the time stream?
  8. I'm actually getting the hang of things now Zak. I ended up creating GT and separate Infinity account to minimize some of my headaches. I wrapped up the game and have been playing with the INterior stuff. Played around a bit with the Toy Box and created a few things. Good game and I'm enjoying it. Has anyone liked their page on Facebook or any other social media? I was able to get some free Frozen toybox stuff onto my 360 recently. My son seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, just a heads up.
  9. I haven't picked him up yet, but I've really enjoyed the Avengers starter set. Still a lot to learn, so any tips would be appreciate when it comes to the toy box and interior stuff. I didn't realize this was here. I've been bugging poor Neo and Luke.
  10. Yep, woke up to one on my nightstand on Saturday. Helped a buddy who works too much today and going to go out tomorrow. I love the set, but I will say the Q/C on Ms. Marvel is a bit of a mixed bag. Someone on Facebook is saying they are going to be plentiful. Hopefully he's right so I can replace the one I have down the line. Has anyone heard of them releasing a classic Ms. Marvel? I'd love to make a Dark Avengers Ms. Marvel with the classic costume.
  11. Did you ever read the old Defenders comics MJ? I think that's where I fell in love with her and several other characters that didn't work in their own comics. It is kind of like Thor, he worked in The Avengers, but I didn't really like his books much. That isn't to say that I wouldn't enjoy them more now. I'd like to think my taste in comics have improved lol.
  12. I am looking for the Legends Storm, but don't get much Minimates at my local TRU. So if you can't make a trade hit me up and we'll see if we can work something out
  13. Does anyone need an Agent Venom? Send me a pm if you do, I just saw like 6-8 at a Walgreen's today.
  14. ^^Thanks HJ, but I'm looking for the arm and not necessarily the figure. I don't know enough about him to really care about him. I'm kind of hoping that I've been hooked up with the 2 right arms I need though. I'm waiting for confirmation though. Thanks for the offer though
  15. Thanks man, appreciate it. My little guy just started Pre-K, so I totally spaced on this when I went to a Target today. Debating on if I'm going to swing through one tomorrow while he is in class tomorrow. I guess I need to take a screenshot of this.
  16. Thanks MiniJames, for what Amazon is asking I could pay a little bit more and get 2 + shipping at the discount stores. Is that the DPCI or SKU for that? I'm dropping my son off for his first day of school and will be stopping by a Target tomorrow afterwards.
  17. Is anyone still finding the Fantomex figure at discount stores in their area? I'm honestly looking for just two right arms at this point to complete my Skull and Zola BAF. Also, has anyone spotted the Target exclusive 3 pack in their area yet? How are the paint applications? I've been on a vacation, so nothing new on my end.
  18. I hear you, I'm starting to lose my geek cred. I still haven't seen GotG and who knows when I will? I'm heading to Disneyland tomorrow for a week and by the time I get back it probaby won't be in theaters anymore Those are some nice figures minijames. I kind of skipped over the Puck wave, although I loved the old Alpha Flight series from the 80's.That Archangel is nice. Too bad they didn't do a unmasked head too. I've seen some nice customs of Warren though.
  19. Well, that's good to know. Looks like I need to take a count and see if I can order them then.
  20. Um, I prefer steller Seriously, I'll keep an eye out for you or you could try ordering it from your local comic shop. Yes, they are a bit over retail, but it is easier than trying to track one down. I'm trying to build a squad of escorts for M.O.D.O.K. Baron Von Strucker. So I'm keeping mine. Sorry.
  21. OK, now I'm going to bust your stones a bit TENIME...You might as well as for a Ares BAF at this point. Because both are incredibly sought after and hard to find without giving up a kings ransom. Especially now that Ronan was featured in GOTG. Might be best to wait a bit and see if the price or demand drops. Oh, and has anyone tried ordering the A.I.M. and Hydra soldiers throught their LCBS's? Might be worth a shot. I picked up 2 Hydra army builders today at a shop. I need to check my count and try and order them myself.
  22. I'm sorry Lokash, I know California can be rough for collecting, depending on the area you live in. My advice, talk to the manager or an employee. Most of them know about it, or saw them in the back storeroom. The last time I looked for them I approached the beauty counter associate. I had the picture (recommended) and SKU/UPC (6 30509 24771 4) on my phone. When I popped up the phone she remembered seeing it in the back. It comes in a shipper of 8 for those who don't know. She popped open the door and brought it out for me to find the two best paint applications. Which for me is the only downfall. The figure is great, but suffers from the same affliction that Boomerang had, poor paint job on the white sections. Don't just look at the symbol or the eyes, look at the leg stripes too. Other than that, a really fun character. I kind of wish they'd have thrown in a unmasked head into the mix, but I'll probably get a customizer to do that for me. Anyway, I'm actually heading out to do a little hunting while the mrs. and son go shoe shopping. So hit me up in the next hour if you need any assistance with anything.
  23. No, I've thought about it and then I keep going I've been fortunate and found a couple for myself, plus a few more for friends in the UK and a person down in Mexico. Ended up sending his to Texas to save him on shipping, but I think I'm done unless someone else needs my help. Where are you two located? I've heard they are slowly making it to the east coast and should be hitting this week. If you need any assistance hit me up before I leave for vacation on Friday.
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